The Best Adult Sex Toys for Couples

Do you love your partner but you’ve found your sex life has become boring and monotonous? It turns out you’re not alone, according to research couples (especially women) start to lose interest in sex after just one year into a relationship (Salakey, 2017). That’s why introducing sex toys into your relationship can add some much needed excitement and adventure.

The best sex toys for adult couples pulse and cocktails shopping

Sex with the same person can have so many amazing qualities, you have all the familiarity and openness that can make sex great but the same familiarity can also make sex a little boring! That’s why you need change – change is hot, change is sexy, change is exciting, change is having multiple orgasms and romping until the sun comes up. Even if sex with your partner is already amazing, adding sex toys into the mix can make it even better. Sex toys are not just for solo use, they can really enhance your sex life as a couple making amazing additions to your bedroom antics. Remember, couples who play together stay together. That’s why we’ve created an easy guide to help you navigate the wonderful world of sex toys.

How to Introduce Sex Toys into a Relationship

The introduction of sex toys into any relationship can be a daunting prospect. The key is communication, finding out which toys and ideas each partner would like to introduce into the bedroom. The first step on your road to sex toy discovery is sitting down with a nice cup of tea, (maybe with a shot of brandy in it), and have an open discussion to discover each others likes and dislikes. Discover what would turn you on or off and any boundaries you both have. The best way to explore your sexuality as a couple is through trial and error, numerous toys are available at your local Pulse and Cocktails store with knowledgeable staff on hand to advise which toy is the best one for you. We can assure you, you will have lots of fun and excitement on your voyage of exploration together.

How Can Sex Toys Improve a Relationship?

Sex toys can enhance your relationship in more ways than you could have ever imagined. Whether it is a stamina enhancing cock ring, a strap-on, a powerful vibrator, rabbit vibrator or bondage accessories, sex toys and accessories can enhance your sensual experience and make sex even more orgasmic.

The key is to enrich your sex life; sex toys can help you engage all of your erogenous zones during the physical act. The addition of a dildo to your lovemaking, for example, whether it be glass or real feel can provide extra penetration leaving your partner free to concentrate on other areas of your body.

The Benefits of Using Sex Toys as a Couple

  • They enhance physical pleasure which boosts your sexual enjoyment
  • Using toys means better sex and more orgasms.
  • They can take the pressure off both you and your partner to perform exceptionally in the bedroom
  • Toys make the perfect foreplay partners. Rather than rushing into penetrative sex they encourage you to take time teasing and tantalising areas of each other’s bodies.
  • They help spice up a sex life that has become a little boring
  • They can help provide women with more intense orgasms, especially if they struggle to orgasm from penetrative sex alone (as many women do).
  • They encourage you to get more open and adventurous in the bedroom as a couple.
  • Sex toys can improve sexual satisfaction and evidence shows there is a high correlation between satisfaction in your sex life and satisfaction in your relationship.

How to Choose the Right Sex Toy for you as a Couple

There are many types of vibrating and non-vibrating toys on the market. Ladies, there are penetrative toys, clitoral vibrators or anal toys available for you. Men can experience pleasure from vibrating toys on the balls, a prostate toy or a male masturbator; then there are many other ingenious sex toys that both partners can use together. The first step in choosing your sex toys is to sit down and have an open and honest conversation with each other and ask these three important questions:

  1. What types of toys do you want to sexplore? Are you interested in experimenting with bondage, would you prefer a straight forward vibrator, or would like to try something that involves anal fun? You don’t have to restrict yourselves to one category – it’s just good to have a basic idea.
  2. What areas of the body do you want to target? Are you looking for clit stimulation or are you wanting to focus on a penetrative sex toy? Some toys are specially designed for specific areas of the body such as anal toys, whereas others can be used to pleasure multiple erogenous zones around your body (yes please).
  3. What shape, size and design of toy do you want? Do you want it vibrating or non-vibrating and do you want a toy you can both use as a couple or to each have your own?

Sex Toys for Use on Her

Toys you can use as a couple specifically designed to pleasure her.

The Rabbit Vibrator 

If you have never had a sex toy before then a rabbit vibrator is always a safe choice to experiment with for both internal and external stimulation. There are so many rabbits on the market so let’s keep this simple, they come in various sizes and will either rotate, vibrate, thrust or have advanced suction technology. The rabbit vibrator can be used in foreplay, or during intercourse to add those extra sensations to the mix.

For a rabbit that uses revolutionary suction technology we recommend the luxury USB rechargeable Seduction Rabbit Vibrator, £119.

Or shop all other rabbits vibrators here.


Vibrators, whether they are penetrative or clitoral can add an extra ingredient to foreplay and sex. Let your imagination run wild with all the vibrators we have on offer, some offer gentle teasing while others deliver powerful and intense vibration. When choosing a vibrator it is important to decide whether you want to use it for clit stimulation or for the G-spot. If she is wanting a toy for her G-spot we advise buying a vibrator that is bendy and flexible with a curved shaft in order to stroke this delicate area, you can shop G-spot vibrators here.

For a penetrative vibrator that offers G-spot stimulation, we recommend the Olina G-spot Curved Vibrator at £69.95.

Or shop all other vibrators here.

Love Eggs

Love eggs may be small and discrete, but don’t underestimate their power – they can deliver wonderfully intense and orgasmic vibrations. A love egg is a perfect sex toy for beginners to start of with. Loved and adored by woman worldwide, it’s easy to see why when you look at their soft circular shape designed to fit easily into and around the contours of the body. Love eggs can be used internally or externally for clit stimulation, nipple stimulation or run them along your body to massage all areas.

For those who love gadgets, why not give the Irena love egg a try, perfect for long distance relationships this smart vibe egg is controlled by an app on your phone which your partner can control from anywhere in the world. To use the Irena love egg all you have to do is charge up the egg and download the app on your phone, once your partner has connected to your egg using the app, they are in control with;  voice control, individual vibration patterns and distance activation, meaning the Irena can get your juices flowing before you even enter the bedroom (or if you want to get kinky take it outside the home on an erotic adventure). Whether your partner is laid next to you or 1000 miles away, they can satisfy your every desire with this innovative love egg.

Buy the Irene love egg here for £89.95 .

Or shop all other love eggs here.

Powerful Vibrating Bullets

The bullet vibrator is a favourite toy for many, from sex toy novices to erotic experts due to its small size a bullet vibrator is discrete and portable. Small enough to slip in your handbag and take away with you, yet powerful enough to help you orgasm the night away. For a top quality, extremely powerful bullet we recommend the my toy bullet.  This is a brilliant toy for clitoral play as it is very easy to handle, offering 20 different functions this bullet is an essential present for that special lady in your life. It is rechargeable and made from skin friendly silicone, with a smooth yet sensual feel, the power of this toy is strong enough to satisfy her every desire.

Bullets are mainly designed for external stimulation. However, if you are wanting a toy that offers both external and internal stimulation we recommend this USB rechargable small clit and G-spot vibrator. Shaped and styled like a bullet (that’s eaten a few steroids), this toy offers extremely intense and powerful vibrations. It has a curved shaft meaning it can be used for light G-spot stimulation, whilst still remaining a small size perfect for clitoral play.

Buy the My toy bullet here for £49.95 available in three different colours pink, black or purple.

Buy the small clit and G-spot rechargeable vibrator for £59.95

Or shop all other bullet vibrators here.

Sex Toys for Couples

Toys where you can both experience pleasure at the same time!

A Cock Ring

A cock ring is the perfect couples toy to start off with. It’s small size makes it easy and simple to use without being too scary. A penis ring has two functions, it keeps the blood flow to the penis giving him harder, firmer and stronger erections (who can complain about that?), whilst stimulating the woman’s clitoris. With 80% of women needing clit stimulation to orgasm (Reid, 2017), a cock ring really is a must to your bedroom toy collection.  The ‘OH’ ring rechargeable cock ring is a great place to start, not only does the man wear it so its hands-free he also gets the feeling of restricted blood flow and intense vibration throughout his whole penis. The woman gets equal pleasure thanks to its sloped design, it fits easily into the curved entrance to her clitoris. Both parties will be pleasured and immersed in passion for longer each time this toy is used.

Buy the OH ring here for £39.95.

Buy all other cock rings here.

The Sex Machine

Ever thought about dabbling in some three-way fun? Are you wanting to add an extra element into your sex life but don’t want to introduce an actual person? Well, this toy is the answer you’ve been waiting for.  The sex machine comprises of a powerful unit which has numerous thrusting and vibration settings, one partner can literally be fucked by this machine while the other partner pleasures them in any other way they please. Women, do you get turned on by the thought of dual penetration? The sex machine offers just that, the man can penetrate her anus while the sex machine penetrates her vagina.  There are three choices of attachments to suit all fantasies. The sex machine comes in a variety of handbag style cases making it extremely discrete and even comes with added knee pads – safety first!

Buy the Sex Machine here for £249. 

The Dildo 

A dildo can be used for either anal or vaginal penetration, (we always advice choosing one end for your toy to be used on to keep play hygienic), switching between the two areas with the same dildo can transfer bacteria (this goes for any toy). There are endless shapes, sizes and styles of dildos available, whether they are glass, jelly or silicone, vibrating or non-vibrating each one has its own unique feel. If your after something a little different we recommend trying a glass dildo, they can be heated up or left in the fridge to cool down, using them warm or cold will offer new sensations to your body and heighten your senses. Glass dildos are also sleek and stylish enough to pass off as a funky piece of household art – only you know what kinky powers they really hold.

Our favourite is this blue and green dotted glass dildo at £24.95 or this red dotted and spiral double ended glass dildo at £24.95. Or buy all glass dildos here.

Or shop all dildos here. 

The duo Vibe Couples Toy

The duo vibe is a mains rechargeable couples sex toy which has an innovative slender shape making it wearable by the female for solo play, and also wearable during intercourse allowing the toy to pleasure both partners simultaneously. The duo vibe offers dual stimulation for the g-spot and clitoris, sending powerful vibrations to both areas at the same time, delivering a truly earth shattering orgasm. It can also be worn hands free during intercourse, providing extra pleasure and leaving your hands free for other sensual endeavours. This powerful couples toy also comes with a wireless remote so you don’t have to worry about any annoying wires getting in the way, especially if you chose to take it outside the bedroom to use on a kinky date.

Buy the duo vibe here for £99.

A Strap-on

Strap-ons come in different shapes, styles and sizes to suit all different couples. Some strap-ons are vibrating, some are hollow, some strap-ons are worn with a harness whereas some are worn strapless. Some strap-ons are double-ended and can be worn by the wearer anally or in the vagina providing extra pleasure. With a wide range of strap-ons available we always advise taking the time to read up on the different options that are out there. Come into one of our friendly stores to see the toys first hand where one of our knowledgeable and approachable staff will be happy to help you. The brilliant thing about a strap-on is they do not discriminate, anyone can use them whatever gender or sexual preference; so if you are looking for some hands-free penetrative sex a strap-on could suit you. For those blessed with strong pelvic floor muscles try the beau toy, originally designed as a rabbit this vibrator has a curved shape to stroke the g-spot. This toy has a hidden talent however, that is not on the label – if the small end is worn inside the wearer’s vagina it can be used as a strapless strap-on, delivering immense pleasure to both partners.

Buy all strap on’s here

Anal Toys 

Your bum has one of the biggest clusters of nerve endings in your entire body, so it seems silly to let this special area to go unloved, don’t you think? Anal plugs and beads are a great place to start if you’re wanting to experiment with some anal fun. When it comes to using anal toys slow and steady wins the race.  Whether you chose a small or a large anal toy, vibrating or non-vibrating, silicone, metal, glass or jelly make sure your toy has a flared base to render it safe for anal use – you don’t want to lose it inside you. Lots of couples say experimenting with anal toys helped them bring that much-needed spice back into the bedroom. Some key advice if you’re new to anal play is to start small and work your way up, we always advise starting with a beginner anal toy such as small anal beads or vibrating butt plug. Always start where you feel comfortable and build on the experience together.

As with all our toys, lube is essential to prevent any pain or soreness and enhance pleasure when using anal toys. Always use an anal lubricant that contains a special relaxant when using anal toys to help maximise your pleasure.

For those new to anal toys try this ribbed vibrating butt plug at £24.95 or this black mini butt plug at £9.95.

Anal beads are good toys for beginners to start with, buy anal beads here.

Or  shop all other anal toys here.

Sex Toys to use on Him

Toys you can use as a couple specifically designed to pleasure him.

Prostate Massagers

Welcome to the male P-spot, every guy has a p-spot in their prostate, it’s basically the equivalent to a woman’s G-spot.  Treat him to sensations he never thought possible with a prostate massager. These toys work by stimulating the prostate gland in a man’s anus which is usually difficult to find just using your fingers. Many partners say a prostate orgasm if the best feeling on earth. Like most toys P-massagers come in all different shapes and sizes, vibrating and non-vibrating and for beginners we always recommend starting of with a smaller toy. If you want to hit that elusive P-spot we recommend this rechargeable prostate pleaser, made from skin safe silicone this powerful toy has a curved shaft and 30 different functions to blow your mind. When experimenting with anal toys try using an anal relaxant calming gel that assists in calming the anal sphincter (a key factor for having enjoyable anal sex) to ensure your experience is pleasurable and comfortable.

We recommend this rechargeable silicone prostate pleaser at £29.95 – please note this product is available online only or for click and reserve in store.

Or try this Vibrating Prostate stimulator at £29.95.

Male Masturbators

Masturbators are a good starting point for the guys on their journey into the sex toy world, they can offer a unique interaction between partners. Male masturbators are a sleeve of imitation flesh with nodules and grooves which provide the illusion of penetrative, oral or anal sex. There are numerous ones to choose from, starting from a basic sleeve to an encased version which provides greater stability. There are vibrating and no vibrating masturbators all of which add that extra bit of spice to the proceedings. Male masturbators can add a whole new level to foreplay as a couple, making those blow jobs and hand jobs new and exciting.  Using a mastrubator in foreplay allows you to give your partner a unique and exciting stimulation which you can initiate to your own preference. If the idea of an imitation flesh toy isn’t for you try a silicone stroker instead, ribbed for your pleasure they are minimalist and discrete, yet offer extra orgasmic sensations making them an essential part of a mind-blowing hand job.

For more information on male masturbators and choosing the right one for both of you read our blog on choosing the right male masturbator.

We recommend this realistic vibrating pussy male masturbator at £49.95. Or buy this silicone ribbed stroker male masturbator at £17.95.

Or shop all male masturbators here. 

Now you’ve realised you need a sex toy in your relationship, all that’s left is buying the perfect one. 

Try our incredible dragon strong herbal enhancers tablets to experience the best sex you’ve ever had, dragon strong intensify every feel, stroke, and thrust. They work by enhancing you size and stamina whilst making you last longer and ready to go again quicker. For more information on these magic tablets read our blog dragon strong male sex enhancers. There are lotions and potions which will intensify the experience such as orgasm gels and stamina gels for the gents, no matter what you have in mind we have the products for you to get the most pleasure out of your encounters.

As with any development in the bedroom choosing the right sex toy can be a minefield, but talk it out and find which one is going to achieve all your sexual needs.

Sex Toy Essentials 

  • Lubricant – We always recommend using lots of lubricant to enhance your pleasure experience. Using lube can make a big difference to how using your sex toy feels, it makes things extra silky and extra slippery. Whether your 18 or 80 genital dryness can occur, when combined with lots of rubbing you can get friction and soreness on your private parts, using lube makes everything glide easier and prevents this from happening. We always recommend using a water-based lubricant on your toys to keep them in the best condition.
  • Toy Cleaner – Using Love Toys toy cleaner (£6.00) should be an essential part of your sex toy maintenance. Not only will it keep your toys hygienic, it will also ensure your favourite adult toys last longer – WIN, WIN!
  • Dragon strong herbal enhancers – These all herbal, all natural ingredients help increase you size, stamina and libido every time for better sex.

We hope this sex toy guide has helped you and your partner on the road to choosing the right sex toys for you. If you’re thinking a vibrator sounds like the right toy for you as a couple check out our beginners guide to vibrators.

If you are ordering online there is no need to be alarmed at the thought of your neighbours finding your kinky post, all of our products are delivered in discrete packing so no one will know where you parcel has come from. If you prefer to feel the power and materials of the vibrations before buying visit your local pulse and cocktails store, where one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Now all that’s left to do is go and enjoy all this pleasure yourself, you can thank us later.

Love the pulse and cocktails team. 



(Salakey, 2017) Referenced form


Author: Daniella Kidd    Date published: 16.01.2019