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Customers who set up a VIP account with us will receive exclusive discounts, gain early access to the latest products and offers and, here comes the best part, earn reward points worth up to 10p each to cash-in against future purchases online.

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Rewards Scheme Terms & Conditions

Any customer who sets up a VIP account with us will now receive exclusive fixed discount privileges, gain early access to the latest products and offers and here comes the best part, earn Pulse Points worth up to 10p each to cash in against future purchases online.

Pulse & Cocktails VIP reward points have no monetary value. Points can only be redeemed against Pulse & Cocktails orders.  At no time will Points be available to be refunded or credited for any monetary value. We may from time to time adjust your Points account upwards or downwards as appropriate in respect of accounting errors, multiple accounts, refunds issued, products returned or suspected fraud, for which we have full authority. Points may only be used once. Points may only be earned and redeemed in accordance with these terms and conditions. If for any reason we make changes to these terms and conditions, we will give customers as much notice as we reasonably can. Earning or redeeming Points will constitute your acceptance of the revised terms and conditions.

How do I earn Reward Points?

  • Points are added to your account every time you place an order online or spend in-store.
  • For every £1 you spend with Pulse & Cocktails, you will earn 1 Pulse Point. You must be logged in to your account before you pay and check out in order to be allocated your accrued points.
  • Points are only be earned on full pounds spent, they are always rounded down to the nearest full pound, not up.
  • Please allow 24 hours for points to be added to your account after relevant rewarded customer activity.
  • Points cannot be used until at least 24 hours after they have been earned.
  • Points are not earned when you purchase Pulse & Cocktails gift vouchers/cards.
  • Points are earned when Pulse & Cocktails gift cards are redeemed on purchases.
  • Points are not earned on the value or portion of an order paid with Points.

How can I redeem Reward Points?

  • Points can be used on anything at Pulse & Cocktails against the full or partial value of an order, with the exception of Pulse & Cocktails gift vouchers/cards.
  • There are an initial 250 points minimum start threshold. Meaning as soon as you have earned 250 points you can start to redeem them against future purchases. You can redeem as many or as few points as you like.
  • To spend your points you need to be logged in to your account.
  • Once logged in to your account you can allocate the number of available points you wish to redeem.

Where can I see how many Pulse Points I have?

Log in to your account to view your available points. Or provide your login number at one of our stores and a member of our team will tell you how many points you have to spend.

What happens if I return an item that is fully/partially paid for with Points?

You will be credited or refunded for the relevant value of money spent and re-allocated the points redeemed for the items/s in question.

Can Points be used with other offers and discounts or sale items?

Yes, points can be used against any offers or discounted items.

How long do Points stay valid on my account?

All VIP Account Points will stay credited to your account for 12 months since your last point of activity, meaning points either redeemed or earned.

If your VIP Account is inactive for 12 Months (no points redeemed or earned) your account privilege will expire and your points will be deleted.

What happens when I reach a higher VIP Band?

Where a purchase crosses a threshold and the spend overlaps between two bands, the level of discount and accrued points will be based on the VIP Band at the time of purchase. Any increase in levels of discount or points value will be eligible 24 hours after purchase.