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Rabbit Vibrators

Perhaps the most easily recognisable sex toy, the rabbit vibrator is an extremely popular style due not only to its good looks but also the fact that it is so effective. The winning combination of a vibrating or thrusting shaft and the added bonus of the clitoral stimulation provided by an attached bullet vibe (complete with jelly ears) prove to be exactly what most women want. Many models now contain internal pearls or beads which rotate within the shaft to create an extra sensation inside the vagina. This winning combination has brought pleasure to millions. Searching for more stimulation? Discover our full range of vibrators here.

rabbit vibrator
rabbit vibrator
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How To Chose The Perfect Rabbit Vibrator For You

Rabbit Vibrators come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, so it is important to do some research to discover which rabbit vibrator would best suit you. We always recommend choosing a rabbit that is rechargeable, (these are often the most powerful) and made from bodily friendly silicone to ensure a top quality product.