AvailabilityHome Delivery AvailableShow Out of StockPrice£20 - £40£40 - £60£60 - £80£80 - £100ColourBlack (35)Blue (14)Brown (12)Clear (22)Dark Flesh (11)Green (4)Grey / Silver (3)Multi-coloured (1)Pale Flesh (69)Pink (23)Purple (13)Red (2)White (3)Yellow / Gold (4)FeaturesRechargeable (11)Wireless (23)Remote Controlled (24)Waterproof (73)Vibrating (59)Non Vibrating (79)Thrusting (3)Rotating (3)Pulsating (17)Quiet (18)Multi-speed (55)Phthalates Free (89)Parabens Free (7)Insertable LengthUnder 5 inch (15)5 – 6 inch (41)6 – 7 inch (35)7 – 8 inch (23)8 – 10 inch (18)Over 10 inch (27)Material / FeelSilicone (33)Jelly (35)Rubber (33)Skin Feel (21)Glass (15)Metal (2)Plastic (14)Rigid (6)Flexible (39)StimulationG spot (30)Vaginal (147)Clitoral (6)Anal (81)Male Pleasure (33)


View our wide range of Dildos, including Classic, Vibrating, Double, Glass, Strap-on, Ejaculating, Jelly, Silicone, Weird and Extreme Dildos.

What is the best dildo? Well, that’s a good question and it depends on what kind of stimulation and size you’re after, but luckily here at Pulse and Cocktails, we have a vast range of dildos of all shapes and sizes, colours and features, so we’re certain you’ll be spoiled for choice!

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Finding your Perfect Dildo

It can be a little overwhelming searching for the best dildo for you. With all the choices of dildo we offer, it’s can be hard to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. Vibrating dildo? Non-vibrating? Self-warming? Glass dildos?

If you’re unsure on where to start when it comes to dildos, we suggest taking a quick look at our beginners guide to dildos filled with tips, advice and recommendations to help you on the road to dildo discovery.

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