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How long should sex last and how to last longer in bed

How long should you last in bed?

It’s the age-old question everyone wants to know, we’ve all heard about (and possibly experienced) the one-minute wonders and the stallion sex session, but how long should sex really last? Of course, our overall mood, how aroused we are and who our partner is makes a difference, but we can shed some light on averages for how long sex lasts before the grand finale.

How long should sex last? couples in bed

How long should sex last?

Some Canadian and American sex therapists conducted research in 2008 to answer this question.  Their research helped to define what is considered an adequate or desirable amount of time to have sex, and what people felt was too short or too long. A sexual encounter consists of much more than just penetrable sex (who doesn’t love being driven wild with some foreplay), but the numbers below refer to penetrative sex only.

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How to Clean Your Sex Toys with Toy Cleaner

It’s time to extend your spring clean to your favourite adult toys. With 48% of the UK’s population owning a sex toy, we’ve pulled together this complete guide to make sure your favourite adult toys are taken care of; after all, they take great care of us.

When you should clean your sex toys

You should clean your toys before and after use, it only takes a few minutes and not only will it help keep your toys hygienic, it’ll make sure you can enjoy your toys again and again.


The benefits of cleaning your sex toys

It is very important to keep your toys clean for a number of reasons:

1. It ensures your toys last for longer! Who doesn’t love that?

2. It removes the build-up of bacteria on the toy, reducing the risk of a yeast or bacterial infection making them safe to play with.

Woman holding pink dildo

How to clean and sanitise your sex toys

Invest in an antibacterial solution to clean your sex toys. We’ve formulated the perfect, gentle antibacterial solution called Love Toys Cleaner for all your beloved toys. Suitable for most types of sex toys including silicone, glass, hard plastic and metal, you should use this cleaner before and after using your toys. Using it will help to stop your toys from perishing and keep you safe.


Lovetoys Antibacterial Spray Cleaner (£6.00)

Lovetoys Antibacterial Cleaner Spray for Sex Toys

Spray directly on to your toy all over and leave for 2 minutes to work it’s magic. After 2 minutes gently wipe off with a clean, damp cloth or rinse with lukewarm water. For toys with ridges and other spectacular textures, use the damp cloth method and make sure you get in all the hard to reach places.

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Pulse and Cocktails Store in Essex

Our Essex adult superstore has plenty of car parking available and features a large selection of adult toys and sexy lingerie. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect sex toys, lingerie and fancy dress, so you can enjoy a relaxed shopping experience.

Sex toys for couples for valentine’s day!

Give the gift of better sex this valentines day!  💘

We’re all for romantic candlelit dinners or budget stay at home dates. But sometimes you’re looking for a non-cheesy gift. The gift of better sex is thee perfect valentine’s day gift! From couple’s toys to clitoral stimulators – we’ve asked our store managers from across our 20 stores for there favourite couple’s toy for valentine’s day!

Find your perfect sex toys as a couple this valentine’s day!

1.     The Oh! Ring

Oh ring! Sex toys couples valentine's day

This vibrating ring is one of our best-sellers. It’s used to stimulate both partners during intercourse. It distributes the vibrations evenly around the contours of the ring so the toy feels alive!

2.     Body Boudoir Intimate Messages Chalkboard Massage Candle with Pheromones

Candle - sex toys couples valentine's day

A simple candle – how can that help you be better at sex? It helps sets the mood. It’s one of our customer favourites. Its boutique-size comes with a useful blackboard and chalk to write a personalised message. It gives you everything a regular candle does and more. It liquefies into a sensuous massage oil, perfect for a skin body massage.

3.     Couples Duo

Duo Vibe - sex toys couples valentine's day

This is the best couple’s toy on offer! It’s USB rechargeable, comes with a wireless remote control, it’s multi-speed and it’s a play together toy. This means that you both get to come together, it’s designed for creative couples play. We’re pretty sure you won’t have to leave the house for a Valentine’s Date with this in your sex toy drawer!

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Reasons you should try: lubricant

We know that the concept of using lubricant is a little bit lost on some couples. A lot of our customers often tell us that they think it isn’t something they should worry about and that maybe it’s something the older generation should worry about. Well – you’re wrong. Our love of lubes needs to rub off onto you – here’s 7 reasons you should try lube!

1.     It makes it easier to orgasm


Applying lube makes both men and women feel more aroused, making sex easier, increasing stimulation and creating a more intense and intimate experience. In fact, a study from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health determined that lube makes it 50% easier to orgasm for both men and women. That’s a 50% higher chance of reaching climax – who wouldn’t want that?


2.       It can help with the bigger penis size


Look, sometimes lube can be really helpful when you’re attempting to entertain a massive member. Why be prideful and tear your vaginal wall to shreds to prove a point? No woman wants that. And no man wants to experience that either. No one wins in that situation.

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Choosing the right male masturbator

Choosing a male masturbator can seem like a difficult take. Often men think sex toys are just for women. We all know that’s wrong. We know that men enjoy a good adult movie and often masturbate during them. As the old adage goes “ninety percent of men admit to masturbating while the other ten percent are liars”.

When sex is not available guys will be guys and when they feel the need are not adverse to taking matters into our own hands, literally.  Women have their dildos. Guys now have their male masturbators. There arrival has been a total game changer in the art of male pleasure. They’re used by both straight and gay guys – you know, when they are in-between dates, as part of their sex play with a partner and often when working out of town and missing the “comforts” of home.

Who says women have all the fun?

The male masturbator is probably now as ubiquitous in the hotel room as a Corby trouser press! I kid you not, after you have read this article the first thing on your shopping list will be a male masturbator or one of its many derivatives.

What the heck is a male masturbator?

Basically, a male masturbator is a sleeve or tube of soft flexible material into which you insert your old man and away you go. Inside, this tube is a contoured, ribbed lining with bumps and nodules? Combined these create a very realistic feeling of slipping your cock into a vagina, arse or mouth.

To keep the linings’ shape and tightness it is fitted inside a rigid plastic case. This gives the whole unit the appearance of a torch or flashlight. A cunning way of keeping your sex toy discreetly hidden from prying eyes or accidental discovery. At each end of the plastic case is a screw cap. You remove the top end to reveal the orifice awaiting your eager member. There is a corresponding screw cap at the opposite, and usually, narrower end. By loosening or tightening this second cap you can adjust the sleeve’s resistance as you plunge.

Cool – so which one?

We know picking a sex toy poses many questions

Which do you choose? What size? What design?

All these are very common questions when it comes to picking the right male masturbator. After all, it isn’t just a piece of silicone to put your dick in. If chosen right, it can be the perfect travel or bedroom companion. It can add spice to the bedroom for both individual play and couple experimentation.

Male masturbators cover all aspects of male pleasure and leave your hungry for more.

The trick is choosing the right one to satisfy all your fantasies whether it be a full doll or just a specific part of the female anatomy that does it for you there is everything you can possibly think off to get your release. Whether working away or in the bedroom.

Our Top Picks

Super Smooth Portable Pussy

Lube up and get going, this travel sized vaginal masturbation sleeve is the perfect travel companion.  Most men using this toy use their imagination to add to the experience (some opt for an adult DVD from our stores too!) They are easy to clean and will last as long as they correctly looked after. There are numerous styles ready to be taken for a test drive.








Multi-Speed Blow Job Masturbator

Fancy something a little more heavy duty? Then why not try one of the various masturbators encased in a plastic container often designed to look like a torch, this portable pussy delivers the discreet pleasure your craving. This can be operated through its own vibration or just with hand motion. It’s ideal for those moments when you’re looking for porn-style deep throat loving.





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The Single Ladies Sex Toy Survival Guide

Our Brough store manager gives us the low down on the perfect night in for the single ladies!

Being a single lady in my 30s, I have found myself wondering what’s next? Mistletoe season is just around the corner. We have to brave the New Year’s countdown with champagne and grace. Sod that! There is no shame in being single.

No women will ever see a sex toy as a full replacement for a man. So, there is no reason for any guy to be intimidate by them. Most girls will tell you that it’s a fun way to spice things up in bed with a vibrator or a cock ring.

With the cold winter months coming up, here is a little survival guide for the perfect night. Embrace your singleness! This is all about treating yourself to some much needed “you” time.


1.       Chick Flicks

chick flicks - single ladies!

Look – I love a good love story and yes, I like to imagine I am the heroine in the film. So, put on your favourite chick flick, grab the chocolate and that glass of wine and enjoy getting in the mood. Almost like a date-night with yourself!

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A Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

The words ‘anal sex’ might have you cringing. Many people see it as a taboo. Others see it as an act of trust, love and closeness. Anal play has been having its moment of the last couple of years, we have seen the number of anal sex toys sold increase. More and more couples are trying it.

Think only gay men enjoy anal play? Then you’re a little bit behind the times. Whilst it’s true that men have the advantage of having a prostate, which feels incredible when stimulated, but many women enjoy anal play to. That’s because the anus is richly endowed with a body of nerve endings, these nerve endings are crying out to be teased and stimulated!


Safety always comes first

Everyone likes surprises and everyone likes sex – so you’re thinking of combining the two! DON’T. ‘Sticking it in’ is a sure-fire way to put people off anal for life. Talk about it first. It might be something new to the other person or maybe they’ve been thinking about asking you. Make sure you’re both in agreement that it’s something you want to try, and it’s not one person doing it to please the other!

Some people speak of a little pain and discomfort when first attempting anal sex, this discomfort is often quickly turned into pleasure once the person learns to utilise the vast array or anal sex toys, lubricants and desensitising creams available from us, but more importantly when they learn to relax.



  • Condoms should be worn to protect against STDs, which are transferable through the anus.
  • Rectal penetration always requires plenty of suitable lubricant, as the rectum is not self-lubricating, and dry friction is neither comfortable nor safe.
  • Foreplay and arousal are needed to relax the PC muscles.
  • The receiving partner takes charge of the pace and degree of penetration.
  • If it does not feel good, stop!
  • Clean you toy using our anti-bacterial toy cleaner.


The Risks 

There are of course some associated risks with anal sex which should always be taken into consideration before becoming involved with anal sex with your partner.

  • Sexually Transmitted infections (STI).
  • Damaging of the anus through vigorous sex or using incorrect toys for anal sex.
  • Spreading germs from the anus to the vagina.
  • Prolapsing of the anus.

The prep

One of the main questions we get asked about anal sex is “is it clean?”

The key thing we tell couples is to be prepared.  To make sure things don’t get messy, there is some minor prep work to be done.

In fact, the anus and the lower part of the rectum have very little faecal matter in them, which means they tend not be as dirty as expected.

However, having vaginal sex straight after anal sex isn’t desirable, because even microscopic faecal elements can cause vaginal infections. To safeguard against these concerns, a bowel movement prior to sex can give reassurance.

We know – it might be the most obvious thing, but it isn’t always. If you want to be super safe, you can wash. The use of a good quality douche which has spray emitted both vertically and horizontally does a great job of helping to remove any loose or smaller parts of faecal matter that may be present.


Mood setting


There is a very fine line between attempting and enjoying anal sex, and along with preparation, setting the mood is one of the major factors in determining this.

So, turn off those smartphones, light some candles and put some relaxing music on. Go slow. Why not have a couple’s massage and a nice bath? Think slow and sensual, your building up the arosuol. Not going for a quickie!

You can also use massage candles. They are perfect after a hot bath, a candle using pheromone really helps set the mood. The pheromone released relaxes the mind and heightens the senses. Once the candle is lit the pheromones start to release into the air, the wick burns the special wax which melts into a massage oil that’s warm but doesn’t burn the skin.

Add to that a massage tickling feather to explore all erogenous zones, really make sure your both relaxed and enjoying the moment.



If you’ve ever tried anal sex or explored your own bum you might notice that you naturally clench when something goes in. The more you gently play around the area, the more it will relax. This is why foreplay and exploration is extremely important!

Before penetration either penile or toy, gentle probing with a well lubricated finger is a must, not only to help lubricate the opening but also to accustom the body to stimulation there.


The Essentials


Using some of these essentials will help all the risks listed above.


  • Anal Lube, the anus is not self-lubricating like a vagina so it needs plenty of lubrication before commencing anal sex.
  • Condoms should be used to protect against STIs when having anal sex but aren’t necessarily essential when using your own personal toys for anal play.   NEVER use the same condom for both holes!
  • For beginners a relaxing desensitising spray or gel would be very useful indeed to help slightly numb down the nerve endings in the anus and sphincter.
  • Anal Douché to clean out and sanitise the anus prior to sex.
  • Anal plug– to help stretch the anus slightly before sex.
  • The receiving partner should always control the pace and degree of penetration during anal sex, at least until things become more easy and familiar with experience.
    Anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.


The Main Event


So now you should be ready to engage in some anal play so it’s important not to overlook one of the most crucial facets of anal sex/play and that is actually engaging in other sexual activity first which not only helps to relax and ease your mind but also helps to relax the sphincter and the pubococcygeus muscle (PC Muscle) which both assist in better anal sex/play when they are more relaxed.


Just make sure you’re ‘warmed up’. The giver should lube up their finger and start slow, one lubed finger at a time. Giving the sphincter muscles chance to become more relaxed. Once the muscles are warmed up and relaxed. You can take to the main event. Even if you’ve agreed to anal sex, don’t assume that it’s still going to happen. Make sure you’re both ready before taking it to the next level.


Apply more lubricant to the bum and surrounding area. And generously apply to the penis too. Go nice and slow and enjoy!


Some couples find it best to spread these activities over several nights, so there is time to get used to the sensations and how much lube to use!


The Toys


There is a plethora of anal toys on the market many of which are available in our stores, so here is a small overview of the different types of anal toys.


As mentioned earlier these are used for primarily for stretching of the opening however they do come in vibrating varieties for extra stimulation. Various shapes and sizes to suit all as well as various materials from silicone and latex, to medical grade glass and stainless steel which are a more hygienic choice as they are non-porous.


Anal beads are designed to be inserted fully, and when the moment of climax is reached they are to be pulled quickly from the anus as the orgasm is reached to help intensify and take your orgasm to the next level.


Prostate Stims

These are ergonomically shaped for men to penetrate the anus and reach and stimulate the prostate gland, as well as simultaneously stimulate the perineum, however they are just as good for a woman to use.


We stock some educational ‘Loving Sex’ DVD series which covers advanced techniques for intimate exploration.

Desensitising Gels 

Our calming gels and desensitising are suitable for anal sex lovers of all experience lovers but might be of particular interest to beginners still getting accustomed to the sensation of anal penetration. It is not a substitute for lubricant.

Anal Lube

We’ve made no secret that we’re fans of lube. Under no circumstances should you perform anal sex without anal lube. Why? Fissures, tearing, friction buttons and other horrible painful sensations and side effects can occur. Try our Anal Lube for any time you’re experimenting with butt plugs, anal beads, anal dildos or your hands!


Now that you have read this guide to anal sex you should be ready to have some sensual ‘bum fun’ with a little more knowledge on the subject which will hopefully help you relax and enjoy this aspect of your newly expanded sex life.

The Beginners Guide to Dildos

Whether you’re looking for something firm, squeezable, or outright floppy – there is a variety of dildos to pick from: jelly dildos, rubber dildos, latex dildos, silicone dildos, glass dildos, strap-on dildos; some realistic, others the invention of wishful thinking (I’m referring to size here, great big whoppers mainly).

The very fact that the dildo can come in virtually any colour, shape or size goes a long way to explaining why this old classic has never gone out of style, even after the vibrator came on the scene, and still manages to keep the most adventurous of toy users satisfied in 2017.

With so many options, you’d think someone by now would have published a guide book (similar to The Good Pub Guide), but sadly me and you are both still waiting.

In all seriousness, we understand that choosing a dildo, especially your first dildo can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’re here to help and we hope this brief ‘guide to …’ goes a long way to helping.


What is a Dildo?

A dildo is a sex toy that is almost always in the shape of a penis, used for vaginal and anal penetration.

As mentioned in the introduction, it can come in any colour, shape (to an extent, there does need to be a clearly definable shaft for penetration), material, size and style.

Dildos can be used for solo-play or with a partner (remember: couples that play together, stay together).

Lastly, dildos generally don’t vibrate. Of course you can get cock-shaped vibrators that were it not for the vibrating motor would be classified as a dildo but the hard and fast distinction is dildos don’t vibrate and vibrators (unsurprisingly) do.


Realistic Dildos


Realistic Dildos


These are just like the real thing! Unlike the real thing however, it’ll never get tired out and won’t complain when you’re working it too hard.

Not only do they look lifelike, they feel lifelike too; soft skin, thick, veiny and weighty. Lube up and you’ll struggle to tell the difference.

Just like the real thing, they are available in different colours, shapes and sizes. Great for toy users of all experience levels and are very easy to use (as are all dildo types).

Our best sellers: Dong 7.5 inch and 8″ Realistic Dong.

To get you started:  6″ Realistic Jelly-Feel Dong 


Anal Dildos

Anal Dildos


For many an anal dildo usually means a dildo that’s a bit on the small side (both length and girth).

However, just like vaginal sex everyone has a different idea of what is too big. Not only do people differ on what they consider a suitable size, they have different experience levels and want different experiences from their anal sex. Some anal-players are perfectly happy sticking to a dildo not much bigger than a small-to-medium butt plug, others seek more extreme thrills (10″, 12″ dongs, fists, etc).

What all this means is there isn’t really such a thing as an anal dildo, more a dildo that’s going to get used for anal. Just like the body part it’s modelled on, it’s designed for both forms of penetration.

What we do stress when it comes to using a dildo for anal sex is don’t make it your first anal toy, certainly don’t have it be your first anal experience. Start small, try a lubricated finger, or if you prefer, a toy no wider than your middle finger. If you feel compelled to explore more, buy a butt plug or a set of anal beads. If you still feel you can accommodate something larger, then go for a dildo. Take your time, as we said at the start; they predate the vibrator and we can’t imagine they’re going out of style anytime soon.

Our best sellers: Purple Jelly Dildo and King Size Realistic Dong 10 inch.

To get you started:  4.5” Realistic Jelly-Feel Dong


Strap-On Dildos

Strap-on Dildos

Strap-On Dildos have been a staple of many happy couples’ sex life for longer than we can remember and usually consist of a harness (worn round the wearers waist) with a dildo attached to it (to be inserted inside the receiver). If you’re planning on strap-on sex with your partner, one of these is what you need.

Strap-on’s are popular in BDSM (particularly when used on men) but aren’t limited to dungeon-esque kink and don’t have to involve submission of any kind. Having sex with a strap-on is just as intimate as having sex with nature’s joystick.

To get you started, you can get kits which are easy to use and come ready to wear (the plug ‘n’ play option).

Our best sellers: Realistic 7.5″” Silk Touch Strap-on with Balls

To get you started:  Dual Climax Strap-On with Harness


Hollow Strap-On Dildos

These days strap-on’s aren’t just worn by women. The hollow strap-on is just what it sounds like; a strap-on where the dildo is hollow, allowing a penis to snugly fit inside. Yes we’re well aware men already have a penis but that doesn’t negate the fact that hollow strap-on’s can be (sex) lifesavers in addition to being as fun to use as any other sex toy.

Hollow strap-on dildos are often used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction; erectile dysfunction can affect any man, of any age, for a variety of reasons. Since erections are deal-breakers for penetrative sex, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often shy away from sex altogether.

A hollow strap-on allows the man to insert his penis inside and have penetrative sex even if his penis is completely flaccid. This way, even if the man has a flair up during intercourse, there is no need to stop.

Not to mention the emotional satisfaction both halves of the couple will experience; the wearer joyed they’re still able to play a pivotal role in sexually pleasing the person they love, whilst the other person is not only happy for them but is elated in their own right as it means they’re still able to have enjoyable sex with their nearest and dearest.

To get you started: Hollow Strap-on 6.5 inches


Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating Dildos

Some people are just addicted to the vibe, that’s cool!

Vibrating dildos, just like their non-vibrating siblings, come in all sorts of colours, materials, shapes and sizes.

Our best sellers are: 7″ Vibrating Realistic Dong and 9″ Pink Dong Vibrator

To get you started:  7″ Vibrating Realistic “Smooth Touch” Dong


Double Ended Dildos

Double-ended Dildos

Two is usually better than one, right? If you think the way we do then you should definitely experiment with double-ended dildos as they’re all about maximising the pleasure for both of you.

We know they can look intimidating to the beginner but you have to remember that you will be sharing (we’ll assume that means a 50/50 split).

Just like all other dildo types, double-ended dildos come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, some even have one end that gradually widens out so one cock is girthier than the other (ideal if one of you is particularly more accommodating than the other).

Most of them tend to be pretty flexible too, this lends itself to experimenting with double-penetration (simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration).

Our best sellers: Pink Double-Ended Dildo and 14 Inch Double Dildo.

To get you started:  Purple Double-Ended Dildo


Glass Dildos

Glass Dildos

Our glass dildos are things of beauty! We think they could go on a display all by themselves and you could just look at them. Of course, the true magic comes when you touch them. Don’t worry – the glass is super tough!

Glass toys are ideal for what’s called ‘temperature-play’ where you either refrigerate the toy (or freeze it for a very short period of time) for the chilled effect or go the other way and heat it up, either sensation will be a new and exciting experience.

Glass does wonders for the G-spot and prostate.

Lastly, they are among the easiest toys to keep clean, ensuring hygiene levels are kept to the very highest of standards.

Our best sellers: Yellow Spiral Glass Dildo and Amber Spiral Textured Glass Dildo.

To get you started:  Glass Dildo with ring


How do I use a dildo?


Like with any new sex toys – we recommend you start small, especially if you’re using it for the first time. Don’t take more than you can handle or you risk ruining what could be an amazing experience.

Bear in mind that the average UK penis size is 5 – 6 inches. So, if you’re just getting started you’re best off starting with a dildo that size. Starting with a dildo that is too big will only cause pain and discomfort.

Start slowly, don’t race ahead. Before you do anything – see what the dildo feels like when you rub it on the outside of your body. Use it to massage and stimulate first. Think of it as foreplay!

Don’t forget the lubricant either, to highlight the importance of lubricant rub the un-lubricated dildo very briefly on the outside of your body. If the dildo is made of jelly, rubber, PVC or latex you will notice it doesn’t glide so well. Now imagine that inside your delicate’s. Precisely. Use lube.

(even if the dildo is made from silicone or glass, materials that are a lot smoother, we still recommend using lubricant)

Once you begin to penetrate yourself – go slowly. Take the time to see how it feels, discovering how it’s different to using your own or someone else’s body part.


How do I bring this up?

So you’re thinking “this sounds like fun, I’d enjoy that! But how do I tell my partner?”

It’s OK, we’ve got that covered too. Check out our ‘How to introduce sex toys to your relationship’ guide. Good luck and play-safe.

Penis Vacuum Pumps Guide

Over the years, many men have discovered that a penis pump is a great way to enhance their penis very quickly. Not only does it offer instant results, but it can also address problems involving erectile dysfunction.

A lot of the customers who come into our stores do so after NHS health professionals have advised them to try a penis pump.

We think penis pumps are just what’s needed to give you instant growth and are a great way to maintain a strong, prolonged erection regardless of whether you use it to build yourself up for sex or for solo play. We get asked a lot of questions in our stores about penis pumps, so welcome to our handy penis pump guide!

Safety always comes first

Safety isn’t something you should think about after an accident, so it’s important that you listen to the safety information before your ego gets deflated, not to mention all the tentative walking you’ll be doing due to your crown jewels being bandaged-up.

Stop immediately if you experience any pain or notice any discoloration, blisters or red spots.

Don’t over pump! It can have the opposite effect, in some cases it can desensitise the area in question. It can also damage tissue, cause oedema (accumulation of fluid just under the skin) and even affect circulation.

There’s no need to panic, just follow this advice and your pumping experience will be an enjoyable one.


  • Stop if you experience any pain or loss of sensation.
  • Trim any rouge hairs to avoid snagging and seal problems.
  • Rest for at least 24 hours

How do penis pumps work?

A pump works by creating a vacuum around the penis, drawing blood into all the empty cavities in the penis allowing the man to achieve the biggest erection he can attain without spending fortunes on surgery.

Most penis pumps have an airtight cylinder that is placed over the shaft of your penis – excluding your balls (unless the pump is designed for them!) – to create a vacuum/suction to enlarge your erection. When the pump is placed over the shaft of your penis it increases blood flow into the tissues that give you a strong erection.

Pumping causes air pressure inside the tube to decrease, increasing the suction inside the tube which gradually increases the blood flow to your penis. It’s OK, you’re in total control of how often you pump and the pressure applied to your penis.

Regular use of a pump exercises two tiny sphincter-like muscles at the base of the penis which regulate and control blood entering and leaving the penis. These muscles are responsible for allowing a man to achieve and/or maintain an erection, and just like any regular exercise these muscles will become stronger with regular use, allowing the man to ‘get back’ some of his ability and control to achieve and maintain an erection.

Penis pumps are safe to use, but you will put yourself at risk if you do not follow the instructions, limit yourself to short sessions (to begin with) and make sure that you are not applying too much pressure to your penis.

Benefits of a penis pump

By its design, a penis pump helps draw blood into the penis, not only producing an erection but making that erection as full and large as it can possibly be.

This second benefit (increased size) is the other main reason men purchase pumps. The slight increase in length and girth are what’s called ‘temporary gains’ as these effects will eventually wear off, however some men who implement pumps into their weekly routine (much like their gym workouts) have claimed pumps have helped them get a bigger penis, permanently.

A third, lesser known reason for using pumps is they can actually be quite pleasurable. The intense sucking sensation alone can turn this device from sex-aid to sex toy. Some pumps even come with an accessory to enhance this feature, often in the form of a vaginal-looking attachment (very similar to a lot of the male masturbators) that replaces the air-tight ring at the base of the cylinder.

To summarise, the benefits of using a penis pump regularly are:

  • Instant erections
  • Stronger erections
  • Improved blood flow to the penis
  • Improved sexual staying power
  • More length
  • More girth

Types of Pumps

There are various styles of pumps with different sized cylinders, and likewise different sized seals to accommodate all penis sizes. Don’t rush and buy the first pump you come across. The pump you buy should be tailored towards your needs and what you’re expecting to gain from using it.

DRY PUMPS: Products in this category use air only, they are simple vacuum cylinders and have been popular for many years.

ELECTRIC PUMPS:  These are the more popular pumps in our stores. Both battery operated and rechargeable, these modern pumps are easier to operate, don’t require any manual pumping and generally have a longer life-span.

We would always recommend purchasing a cock ring to go with your pump. Why? The pump achieves the erection, the ring maintains the erection.

How to use a penis pump

Before starting it’s vital to warm your penis up, after all you wouldn’t go running without stretching your legs or do weights without limbering up. The common way to do this is … there’s no delicate way to say it: have a 1/4 wank, you know, just a few strokes to wake it up. Then apply lubrication to both your penis and the pump’s ring, allowing for easy pain-free insertion, ample suction and easy withdrawal.

Unless you have a pump designed to include your scrotum, best to leave your balls out of this one! After that:

  1. Place your penis through the ring and inside the cylinder.
  2. Use either the hand pump or the electric pump attached to the cylinder to create a vacuum inside, drawing blood to the penis – whilst this is an unusual sensation, it shouldn’t hurt! Slightly uncomfortable maybe, but not pain.
  3. After several pumps, or whenever you reach a level of intensity you wish not to exceed (for pain reasons), stop pumping but don’t withdraw.
  4. Maintain this stretch for 3-5 minutes, occasionally doing a solitary pump if you feel the pressure slowly beginning to fade.
  5. Use the quick-release facility to kill the pressure, then slowly withdraw your penis from the pump.
  6. Have a 3-5 minute interval, towards the end it wouldn’t hurt to have another 1/4 wank.
  7. Repeat instruction’s 1 – 5 (apply more lubricant if needed).
  8. After your second set, kill the pressure and slowly withdraw your penis from the pump.

Many pump users time their sets, the above instructions are best suited to beginners (men who have used penis pumps for less than 3 months).

You should notice short term results immediately after using your pump. If you’re looking to make a long-term commitment you’ll need to use your pump regularly, you will see increases in girth and/or length over time, but we stress ‘time’ in the classic sense, not the modern-era notion where everything is achieved effortlessly in ten minutes.

If you decide to deviate from our above instructions don’t use your pump for longer than 20 minutes – this will avoid injury or complications!

Penis pumping techniques

If your aim is to increase the size of your penis using your newly acquired penis pump, you should apply some techniques that can help you gain the best results from your pump.

Milking the Tube

Milking is one of the most popular and efficient techniques that helps promote and maintain blood circulation and trains the internal penile chambers.

This is a similar process to masturbation, but you use your penis pump. Move the pump up and down during the pumping process. It’s recommended that you begin doing this a few minutes after you’ve started so your penis can get acclimated.

Do not apply force. Go at a slow and smooth pace. Avoid hard or long milking as it can lead to penis swelling.


This technique helps the user achieve the best results possible if the penis is erect during pumping.

Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain that maximum-sized erection, especially if the penis remains inside the cylinder due to longer sessions. Shakes technique is used to help maintain this erection level by stimulating the penis’s nerve endings and enhancing blood flow.

Shakes is done by shaking the pump’s cylinder tube in an up-down motion either by using your hand or through gently rocking the hips. One thing to remember, this technique should not be done in a forceful pace, but forceful enough to allow an increase in erection level.

Additionally, varying the intensity along with the range of motion produces a good stretch at the base of the penis.


This technique is very simple. The penis pump’s cylinder tube is wrapped with a heating device during the duration of the session. An electric heating pad is an excellent device to use for this activity.

This produces heat around the penis shaft. In fact, heat is a vital factor as a means of stimulating blood flow, a vital element in any penis enlargement routine.

However, keep in mind not to leave the wrap on for too long as it can cause blisters that can lead to severe penile injury or damage. Moreover, leaving the wrap for a long period makes the tube very hot very quick.

You don’t need something that is hot, just warm.

Tips to remember when penis pumping

Avoid over pumping

It can be very easy to over pump. If someone is going to incur a penis injury whilst using a penis pump it’s most likely down to over-pumping.

Therefore, as mentioned earlier, be very cautious and conscious about the pressure you exert and how long you exercise your penis for. It’s dangerous to over-work any body-part, the penis is no exception.

Beginners should not under any circumstances repeat the routines that are being stupidly bragged about by advanced penis pump users, normally online (the home of irresponsible behaviour these days). “Pumping marathon” simply means those who can pump for up to 5 hours every time. Even though the vast majority of these users have been pumping for many years, this routine is still considered extreme by most pump users and the only people impressed by such idiotic actions are the idiots themselves. Don’t join ’em.

Take Frequent Breaks

Again, mentioned in our mini set of instructions, take intervals. Not only necessary in the long-term they are helpful in stimulating blood flow.

Beginners should limit their penile pumping sessions to a maximum of 30 minutes per day, not exceeding 2 sessions per day.

Intermediate users; no longer than 1 to 1.5 hours, spread out over numerous sessions in the day.

Advanced users; no more than 2 to 3 hours spread out over numerous sessions in a day (though seriously, who has the time?).

So, if you have thought about using a pump and have wondered about the benefits that you can reap, or are perhaps just curious about how to use one and how it may improve your sex life, don’t hesitate to call into one of our stores and ask for some advice from one of our fully trained sales advisers.

We’re experts in sex & sex toys, this information is not intended to replace the advice of a trained medical professional, the health-related information, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Always seek the direct advice of your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.