We’re open with a few changes

We are delighted to be back open at most stores, please see our store page for full details and new opening times.

What we’re doing to help keep safe

We have made a few changes to the way things usually work around here for the safety and well-being of you, our greatly appreciated, loyal Pulse and Cocktails customers and our highly valued team members.

Safe, discreet & convenient ways to shop

What could be easier than having your order ready and waiting for when you arrive? Browse our website in private and at your own convenience, select your items and collect from your chosen store.

Reserve & Collect – Pulse & Cocktails store

Reserve online for free, collect & pay in-store.

Choose your item(s) online and select the reserve for free option and your chosen store. Fill in your email address to confirm you would like the item(s) reserving and we will get your order ready for you to collect and pay in-store. For details, see our information page on reserve & collect. Orders will be ready after 2 hours and there is no obligation to buy if you change your mind.

Click & Collect – Pulse & Cocktails store

Pay online, collect in-store for free.

Choose your item(s), pay online and select the click & collect option to collect from your chosen Pulse & Cocktails store for free. We will have your order ready and waiting for you in plain packing for you to collect in-store. For details, see our information page on click & collect. Orders will be ready to collect after 1-2 days.

Click & Collect – Post Office

Using the same service as above, you can choose to collect your order from a Royal Mail Post Office / Collection point. This is a completely discreet and convenient way to shop with us.

We respect your shopping privacy, therefore all online orders are packed in plain packaging with no reference to Pulse & Cocktails or the contents.
Safety & Hygiene
Protective Screens and Floor Markers

Each counter has been fitted with a protective perspex screen as a safety measure for customers and our team when paying at the counter. There is a small gap at the bottom, so cash, payment card pin-pad and receipts can be passed through safely. We understand the importance of discretion for shopping with us, which is why we will always accept payment by cash and all card payments will show on your bank statement as P&C Trading.

We have also marked out a 1m safety area around every counter. This is so that customers can place goods on the counter and then return to a safe distance (behind the line) until their purchase has been processed.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

All stores are being regularly cleaned to a high standard and will be maintained by our team member throughout the day. All staff are advised to keep to the government’s official guidelines of hygiene and cleanliness so they and you will “keep safe”.

Hand Sanitizer

All stores have hand sanitizer for customers and team members to use frequently and during every shopping visit. We kindly ask customers to use this when entering and leaving the store and before and after paying.

Social distancing and the 2m rule

Social distancing is being enforced at all stores, limiting the number of customers in store at any given time. We recommend customers only shop with one other person if not shopping alone.

Please allow a safe distance of 2 metres apart from our team members and other customers. Our friendly team will still able to provide a helpful customer service and in a discreet manner.


Our team members have been issued with protective masks, please be assured they have the same smiling faces as always.


Disposal latex gloves are available at all stores for use when handling products, demos and returns. These are not an alternative to hand washing or using hand sanitizer, they are purely an added safety measure.


Unfortunately, due to the current social distancing and safety regulations we cannot allow customers to try clothing on at this moment in time, so our changing room facilities are currently unavailable.

Any customer or team member experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 may not enter our premises at this time, please respect the guidelines to not knowingly spread the infection and cause harm to others.

The Benefits of Masturbation and Why You Should do it More

Benefits of masturbation Banana

We’ve all heard those stories about the consequences of having a quick tug or a little flick of the bean from time to time such as hairy palms, going blind and thinking that if your partner masturbates, then they must be unhappy with their current sexual relationship. But we’re here to set the record straight and fill you in on the reasons why it’s great to masturbate.

Though there has been no scientific evidence to indicate that masturbating causes any of these adverse effects, there has, however, been plenty of in-depth research to back up how fantastic masturbating is for an individual’s health and well-being. Self-care is extremely important, and self-pleasure is a fantastic way to blow off steam and forget about any stress or worries, plus it has some health benefits too, so there’s no arguing with that.

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We’re in this Together: COVID-19 Update 24/3/20


Dear Customers,

It is with heavy hearts that today on the 24th of March 2020 we will be closing all our sexy superstores including our online store. Whilst we stayed open for as long as we could, the safety of both our staff and customers will always be at the forefront of our decision making.

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Impact Play with Bondage Whips, Crops, Floggers and Canes



Impact play, what the heck is it and why is it getting you more aroused than a nun in a cucumber field? In simple terms, impact play is a form of BDSM activity where one partner (often called the dominant or top) spanks the other (submissive or bottom) partner for sexual gratification – kinky and we love it (Reference 1). Believe us, when you get down to the nitty-gritty of impact play there is so much more to discover. Impact play can range from playful taps to full-on ass-whooping and can involve whips, crops, paddles, floggers and lots more exciting tools.

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Discover the Magic with Different Types of Massage Wand Vibrators

The 1970s was a decade of great inventions, it was the decade of Queen, the mobile phone and McDonalds made its first-ever happy meal (Reference 1). However, in the sex toy industry, we class the 70’s as the decade the magic wand (also known as a massage wand) was invented.

massage wand vibrators image

The magic wand is named magic for a good reason – it is possibly the most powerful sex toy on the market. Massage wands have a girthy straight shaft perfect for grabbing on to when you’re experiencing a whole-body orgasm, complete with a cushioned bulbous head that delivers intense vibrations.

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The Benefits of Male Masturbation and 7 Types of Male Masturbators

Male masturbation is a perfectly normal, healthy and pleasurable part of life. Some studies suggest as many as 98% of people have masturbated at least once in their lives (and we think the other 2% are lying) (Reference 1).

Male masturbators blog and why its good for you Pulse and cocktails main image

So what acts are classed as male masturbation anyway? To put it simply, male masturbation describes any act of a man sexually pleasuring himself by stimulating any of his erogenous zones (more often than not, the penis) (Reference 2). With a huge range of exciting male masturbators sex toys, tools and techniques on offer to help you reach pleasure land, there has never been a better time to masturbate! So, whether you’ve got a date booked in with PALMela HANDerson or fancy a night in ‘jherkin’ the ghkerin’ (sorry, we can’t help ourselves!), then keep your eyes glued to this blog to discover new masturbation techniques for the man to ensure that your next solo sex session is a steamy one.

Addressing the Stigma Around Male Masturbation

Despite masturbation being one of the most common sexual activities (Reference 2), there sadly is still a huge heap of shame and stigma surrounding it.

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Throuple Meaning and Interview with a Real Throuple Relationship

What does being in a Throuple mean?

Throuple: you’ve heard it on the internet, you’ve heard it in the media and now you want to know what the heck one is? Well, we are here to set the story straight on all things throuple and what does being in a throuple mean? A throuple is the term used to describe a romantic and sexual relationship between three people. Throuples don’t have any set boundaries on how they are made up or who can be involved in them. Any person, of any gender and any sexuality can be happily involved in a throuple. That in mind, according to top psychologists most throuples involve one person joining an already happy couple (Reference 1). Being in a throuple does not necessarily mean you are in an open relationship, some throuples are open and some are closed. So what’s the difference between an open and a closed throuple (also known as a triad)?

Throuple pictured below (from left to right) Dan, Gemma, Lauren.


Open Triad: In an open triad all partners are polyamorous and happy with all members of the triad having an open and romantic relationship with other people outside of the triad.

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Funniest Sex Toy Searches of 2019 + Who’s Been Bonding over Bondage

As 2019 draws to a close we look back nostalgically on what a fun and flirtatious year it has been in the world of Pulse and Cocktails. We wonder what all our lovely and loyal customers have been getting up to this year, and after analyzing our statistics one thing we do know is this kinky nation has been spending the past year getting freaky in the bedroom!

bonding-over-bondage-blog-thumbnail-funny searches from 2019

This year has been booming around all things bondage as more people open their eyes (and legs) to the wonderful world of fetish, bondage and all things kink. We love keeping the UK population stocked up on their favorite fetish wear, bondage and sex essentials but most of all we love making sure everyone’s sex stays exciting!

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How to Start Introducing Anal Sex to your Relationship

Anal Sex – Virtually everyone’s heard of it, even people who are disinterested in sex, and yet this glorious form of fornication is still so misunderstood. Something we at Pulse and Cocktails are hoping to change.

As more people become open-minded about trying something new in the bedroom, open and frank discussions about anal sex in the public eye are on the rise. Whether it’s about what anal sex toys to use in the bedroom or how big are the best butt plugs, the public are discussing it. According to many kinky social media and magazine spreads – ‘anal is the new vaginal’ (and we have to agree). That said, there are still many mistruths and misunderstandings about anal sex, so we are here to put a few of them right.

the ultimate guide to anal sex pulse and cocktails

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What It’s Like to be a Real Life Dominatrix

Thanks to the likes of E.L James and her albeit some-what tame fifty shades novels, the UK is waking up and exploring the wonderful world of bondage, fetish, and BDSM play embracing all it’s deepest darkest desires.

One area we find particularly exhilarating is the life of a Dominatrix. From erotic humiliation to latex suits, it seems we are hooked on the professional Domme, so here at Pulse and Cocktails, we have interviewed two real-life dominatrix’s to get a sneak peek into their world to share with you. But first of all, let’s take a look at what a dominatrix and submissive actually is…

what its like to be a dominatrix pulse and cocktails interview main image


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