The Beginners Guide to Vibrators

What is a vibrator?

So, what are these vibrating gadgets that have been providing women and men worldwide with unlimited pleasure for so long? Vibrators are simply sex toys that vibrate, they can be used as a personal massager and for sexual stimulation. Vibrators come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, although often seen as sex toys for women, men can also get pleasure from vibrators.

Beginners guide to vibrators

Beginners guide to choosing your first vibrator

With so many different vibrators to choose from, here at Pulse and Cocktails we understand that finding the perfect vibrator can appear a daunting task. Doing your homework is essential, so that’s why we have created this user-friendly guide – vibrators for beginners, to help you pick your first vibrator with us (or if you’re already equipped with a vibrator or two, helping you delve further into new territory!). You can use this guide to help decide which shape, style, size and even girth will maximise your pleasure senses. With over half of all women worldwide now admitting to using a vibrator, there’s got to be something special about our favourite vibrating friends!

Buying for her

Purchasing for a partner? Buying your partner a vibrator is the perfect way to share your love in the bedroom, and it might even turn in to the best present you’ve ever bought. However, a sex toy isn’t something you should spring on your partner. It is important to have a conversation beforehand and clarify what your partner is comfortable with: the what’s, the wheres and maybe the where nots (oooh). So whether you’re looking for something she can ride solo or a vibrating toy you can use to have some fun with together, we’ve covered it all in our beginner’s guide…

For One or Two?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a vibrator primarily for solo use, or one both you and your partner can use together. Some sex toys are designed as couples toys whereas others perform best for masturbation. Remote control vibrators allow both you and your partner to experience some fun, giving your partner control of the vibration settings to drive you wild.

How to decide what stimulation you need from a Vibrator

Have a little play around with yourself next time your under the duvets or in the shower and decide what type of stimulation best suits you. Every woman is different, while some ladies prefer clitoral stimulation, others prefer internal penetration for the G-spot, and others just like a bit of everything. If you’re buying a vibrator for your partner and are unsure, next time you’re in the bedroom ask them a few questions about what sensations feel nice and what they prefer.

How to pick which style of Vibrator would be best for you

Shape, speed, colour and material are all important factors of a vibrator and can be the deciders to whether you’re going to be turned on or off. Whilst all our products are made from body friendly materials, at Pulse and Cocktails our top recommended sex toy material is silicone vibrators which are non-porous and have skin friendly properties.

How much power? All women have different levels of sensitivity, some women prefer soft gentle strokes while others use powerful pulsations to help them orgasm. The power and speed of your first sex toy is an important decision. That’s why we recommend visiting one of our many shops across the UK to test the look and feel of our vibrators on offer, our staff are always on hand to provide help and advice.

How powerful do you want your vibrator?

The luxury high-quality pleasure toys on the market are now all charged by the mains. Yes, that really means you can charge your vibrator up like you would your phone using a USB cable. The mains rechargeable toys offer the most powerful vibrations sex toys can offer whilst being extra quiet. Rechargeable toys may cost more initially, but they end up paying for themselves in pleasure and have no requirement for batteries! For a longer lasting, better quality product we recommend a mains rechargeable vibrator. If your price range is a little lower battery operated toys are a cheaper option that offer good quality and powerful vibrations.

The different types of vibrators

Small Clitoral Vibrators – The Bullet Vibrator

Small in size but big in power. A bullet vibrator is a perfect option to use as your first vibrator for clit (external) stimulation only. Due to its small size they are discrete and not intimidating. Although don’t let their little size fool you, re-chargeable bullets like our best selling my.toy wireless bullet have some of the most powerful vibrations on the market (if you prefer more power, always opt for a rechargeable bullet vibrator). We recommend only using for external stimulation, and they can be used to stimulate all areas across your body. You can start by stroking the bullet across your nipples and breasts then slowly work your way down to edges of your thighs. Then using some lube, run your powerful bullet across your clitoris and let the vibrations take you to cloud nine.

Powerful Bullet Vibrators are:

  • Small and portable
  • Offer powerful Vibrations (Especially rechargeable bullets)
  • Easy to use on your own and during sex

powerful pink my.toy rechargeable bullet vibrator

We recommend: My.toy rechargeable pink bullet vibrator, £49.95

The G-spot Stimulator Vibrator

The classic, full-size vibrator is for those ladies that prefer penetration and G-spot stimulation.  These multifunctional sex toys can also be used for clitoral stimulation or rubbed around the anus and perineum area. If you want to use a vibrator for anal stimulation, we advise a vibrating butt / anal plug vibrator as these toys are specifically designed for anal use. More about that later…

If you are aiming for vaginal G-spot stimulation it is important to choose a vibrator with a curved shaft or one that is flexible and bendy in order for it to hit the spot.

Internal vibrators feature:

  • Phallic-shaped for internal and G-spot massaging.
  • Come in a variety of sizes
  • Can be used both internally and externally

Olina luxury g-spot vibrator for women

We recommend: Olina Luxury G-Spot Curved Vibrator, £69.95

The Rabbit Vibrator

A top pick for a first vibrator, whether for solo use or coupling up…

Often viewed as the classic sex toy, rabbit vibrators offer both clitoral and internal stimulation, simultaneously creating a more intense all over orgasm. The shaft of the rabbit vibrator (similar to phallic shaped vibrators) is designed to be used internally, often offering rotation and thrusting sensations to mimic intercourse and reach that G-spot. The rabbit also features ‘rabbit ears’ which are positioned perfectly to sit on the clit, often pulsating and offering different levels of vibration to really take things to the next level. A rabbit vibrator is ideal for solo masturbation, or use with a partner who wants to provide her with a heightened orgasm she will never forget.

Rabbit Vibrators feature:

  • Dual-pleasure offering both internal vaginal stimulation and clit stimulation using ‘bunny ears’
  • G-spot stimulation from rotation and vibration functions in the shaft of the toy
  • Lots of shapes, sizes and colours for the perfect fit.

my amour pink rabbit vibrator with ears

We recommend: My Amour USB rechargeable rabbit vibrator, £119

The Magic Wand Vibrator

Although these vibrating wands aren’t really powered by magic, the orgasms you will get from them could lead one to assume it must be witchcraft. First used as a personal massager, ladies quickly realised another use for these little beauties, clitoral stimulation (of course!). Being one of the most powerful toys on the market, the magic wand vibrator offers vibrations that penetrate through your whole body like no other.  These magic toys can also be used as a body massager or on his balls and anus area too. Try a wireless wand for ease of use during sex with your partner or on the move. Detachable heads can also be fitted on top of your magic wand, turning this toy in to the most multi-functional versatile external vibrator out there.

The magic wand vibrator features:

  • All over body massager
  • Extremely powerful vibrations
  • Can be used solo for sensational clit stimulation
  • Couples can use during penetration for extra arousal (think nipples, clit, anus, balls etc.)

My wand Massage Vibrator with 3 pleasure heads

We recommend: My Wand Massage Vibrator with 3 Pleasure Heads, £99

Couples Vibrators – The Duo Vibe

Not shaped or as large as a traditional penis-sized vibrator, vibrating love eggs and toys like The Duo Vibe offer couples the perfect sex toy for joint stimulation.

Introducing the ultimate couples toy…  the Duo Vibe. The Duo Vibe can be used for her or for him and during penetration. She can use it on herself offering both clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time! Try using it during intercourse sending vibrations penetrating through both of your bodies, or cup it under his balls whilst giving head to give him the best orgasm he’s ever had. The Duo Vibes remote control makes it extra fun, whether you’re using it in the bedroom or secretly taking it on a saucy dinner date.

Vibrators for Couples Feature:

  • Multi-functional couples toy
  • Remote controlled
  • Can be used externally, internally and during penetration

Purple Duo Vibe for couples sex toy with remote control

We recommend: Duo Vibe Couple’s vibrator Toy with wireless remote control, £99

The Love Egg Vibrator

The love egg is a similar shape to traditional kegel balls. Its circular soft shape and edges make them a perfect beginners toy. You can use love egg vibrators externally by slowly running it across your nipples, clitoris or other areas of your body as you please. Another great quality of love eggs is that some are remotely controlled. Extra naughty! Extra fun! Give him the power and control how hard he wants to take you either inside the bedroom or out in public.

Love Egg vibrators feature:

  • External and internal vibrating stimulation
  • Lots have remote controls
  • Small and discrete

Elissa Rechargeable Love Vibrating Egg with remote

We recommend: Elissa Rechargeable Love Vibrating Egg, £69.95

Realistic Vibrators

If keeping it real is your kind of thing, the traditional, realistic looking dildo offers pleasure that feels like your being penetrated by a real penis. Realistic vibrators come in lots of different shapes and sizes offering a wide range of manhood types. Whether you’re just after a cheeky poke, or that feeling of being gently stretched and full of cock, there is something for you. Some realistic vibrators also come equipped with balls at the base, so as you gently slide down the toy you get the added feature of the balls brushing against you.

Similar to a real penis, some realistic vibrators are nice and bendy to help stimulate the G-spot. Some come with multi-function vibrations positioned at the shaft of the toy, making it the best penis you’ve ever had inside you.

Realistic Vibrators Feature:

  • Real veiny texture and feel to offer extra pleasure
  • Realistic balls at the base to provide added sensations
  • Non-vibrating and vibrating styles
  • Internal stimulation

7 Inch Realistic Flexible Vibrator

We recommend: 7″ Inch Real Feel Flexible Vibrator, (Was £29.95  NOW £19.95) 

Vibrating Magic Finger

Want something super quiet and discreet? Then this is the toy for you. With powerful vibrations at the tip of your finger, the magic finger vibrator offers a magic touch like you’ve never experienced before. Its size and shape make it simple to use for beginners. Try teasing yourself by stroking the tip of your finger around the inside of your vagina then slowly find yourself taking it further inside. The magic finger can be used for external clitoral stimulation or used internally to feel vibrations on your G-spot.

Magic vibrating finger features:

  • Small and discreet little toy that is easy to travel with
  • Good for beginners
  • Offers external and internal stimulation

pink vibrating magic finger small vibrator

We recommend: Magic Finger G-Spot Vibrator, £24.95

Anal Vibrators

If you’re into a little bit of bum fun or are wanting to experiment in this forbidden area, then anal vibrators are perfect for you. Anal vibrators come in different shapes and sizes, curved butt plugs are the perfect shape for massaging your prostate. If you are an anal novice we advise starting with a small anal toy such as small anal beads or a small vibrating butt plug. Remember, always use an anal lubrication with any anal toy for safety reasons and maximum pleasure!

Black rechargeable anal butt plug anal sex toy vibrator

We recommend: RechargeableVibrating Beaded Butt Plug with Wireless Remote Control, £69.95

Vibrator Essentials

1. Lubrication

We always recommend using an ample amount of lubricant to make things extra pleasurable. Using lube can make all the difference to your sex toy experience, extra silky and extra slippery. Lubricant on your sensitive areas can also prevent the risk of irritation or soreness when using a vibrator. We always recommend using a water-based lubricant on your sex toys.

2. Keep it clean with toy cleaner

Using Love Toys toy cleaner (£6.00) should be an essential part of your sex toy maintenance. Not only will it keep your toys hygienic, it will also ensure your favourite adult toys last longer – WIN, WIN!

For extra tips on how to clean and get the most life out of our beloved vibrator, read our How to clean your sex toys guide here.

We know you’ve come to the conclusion that you need a vibrator in your life…

So you’re thinking “this sounds like fun, I’d enjoy that! But how do I tell my partner?”. It’s OK, we’ve got that covered too. Check out our ‘How to introduce sex toys to your relationship’ guide.

We hope our easy guide has helped you on the path to finding your perfect vibrator. All you need to do now is go and experience the pleasure for yourself!

If you purchase online, remember all Pulse and Cocktails orders are delivered in discreet packaging so no one will know where your order is from. If you’d prefer to see all your vibrator options to test their power / feel the vibrators before buying, visit your local UK Pulse and Cocktails store – our friendly, expert staff will be happy to help.