Choosing the right male masturbator

Choosing a male masturbator can seem like a difficult take. Often men think sex toys are just for women. We all know that’s wrong. We know that men enjoy a good adult movie and often masturbate during them. As the old adage goes “ninety percent of men admit to masturbating while the other ten percent are liars”.

When sex is not available guys will be guys and when they feel the need are not adverse to taking matters into our own hands, literally.  Women have their dildos. Guys now have their male masturbators. There arrival has been a total game changer in the art of male pleasure. They’re used by both straight and gay guys – you know, when they are in-between dates, as part of their sex play with a partner and often when working out of town and missing the “comforts” of home.

Who says women have all the fun?

The male masturbator is probably now as ubiquitous in the hotel room as a Corby trouser press! I kid you not, after you have read this article the first thing on your shopping list will be a male masturbator or one of its many derivatives.

What the heck is a male masturbator?

Basically, a male masturbator is a sleeve or tube of soft flexible material into which you insert your old man and away you go. Inside, this tube is a contoured, ribbed lining with bumps and nodules? Combined these create a very realistic feeling of slipping your cock into a vagina, arse or mouth.

To keep the linings’ shape and tightness it is fitted inside a rigid plastic case. This gives the whole unit the appearance of a torch or flashlight. A cunning way of keeping your sex toy discreetly hidden from prying eyes or accidental discovery. At each end of the plastic case is a screw cap. You remove the top end to reveal the orifice awaiting your eager member. There is a corresponding screw cap at the opposite, and usually, narrower end. By loosening or tightening this second cap you can adjust the sleeve’s resistance as you plunge.

Cool – so which one?

We know picking a sex toy poses many questions

Which do you choose? What size? What design?

All these are very common questions when it comes to picking the right male masturbator. After all, it isn’t just a piece of silicone to put your dick in. If chosen right, it can be the perfect travel or bedroom companion. It can add spice to the bedroom for both individual play and couple experimentation.

Male masturbators cover all aspects of male pleasure and leave your hungry for more.

The trick is choosing the right one to satisfy all your fantasies whether it be a full doll or just a specific part of the female anatomy that does it for you there is everything you can possibly think off to get your release. Whether working away or in the bedroom.

Our Top Picks

Super Smooth Portable Pussy

Lube up and get going, this travel sized vaginal masturbation sleeve is the perfect travel companion.  Most men using this toy use their imagination to add to the experience (some opt for an adult DVD from our stores too!) They are easy to clean and will last as long as they correctly looked after. There are numerous styles ready to be taken for a test drive.








Multi-Speed Blow Job Masturbator

Fancy something a little more heavy duty? Then why not try one of the various masturbators encased in a plastic container often designed to look like a torch, this portable pussy delivers the discreet pleasure your craving. This can be operated through its own vibration or just with hand motion. It’s ideal for those moments when you’re looking for porn-style deep throat loving.






“Hands-Free” Male Rotation Masturbator

If you’re not too fussed on flesh imitation and prefer the feel of oral sex then this is one for you!

With a clear silicone skin and rechargeable rotation movements this hands-free rotation lover is the way forward. It can be placed on any hard surface for easy hands-free play.







Silicone Ribbed Male Masturbator (Grey)

If you prefer the stroking motion then this little star is the one for you, encasing your penis with ribbed detailing to provide a massaging feel resulting in the ultimate climax, with a small hole at the tip this toy expels excess fluid with a slit down the side for easy entry and exit, it screams simple pleasure.

Easy to clean and hide if needed, if cared for correctly can give endless pleasure.






The Hands-Free Pump Action Pleasure Cup

If you’re ready to take your pleasure to another level, then this hands-free piston cup is the top of the masturbator tree. This all singing all dancing device covers all bases with a rechargeable motor, for vibration, thrusting and pulsing stimulation this device will leave you wanting more. The clear silicone skin is soft with protruding bristles which provide added massage and stimulation just when you need it.  The skin is easy to remove for cleaning and once charged the motor will last hours.


The choice is yours, go out and play. Finding out which one is your favourite is half the fun.




How to use a male masturbator?

It might be tempting to just shove it in for a bit of a wham, bam, thank you ma’am. But that isn’t going to give you the best pleasure. It’s a good idea to apply water-based lubricate to the toy and your penis. It’ll limit the amount of friction, heighten your sensitive and improve the feeling.

Then the rest is up to you. You can use either one or two hands – which ever you find more comfortable. Alternatively, some of our male masturbators come with a suction come so you can secure it and go hands-free. Perfect for couple play.

The rest is up to you. The fun part is experimenting, finding which toy is your favourite and how to use it!

Keep it clean

After you have finished, and this may be sooner than you had planned due to the extreme pleasures the male masturbators produce, you should now clean your new-found friend. This will keep it in good condition and ready for your next encounter. Remove the sleeve from the plastic case, turn it inside out and wash gently in warm soapy water. A spray with an antibacterial toy cleaner to finish the job is best. Leave out on a towel to air dry completely. To keep the sleeve from becoming tacky to the touch a light dusting with corn flour or corn starch now and again.

There is such a wide variety of male masturbators to choose from. But, don’t worry, it’s difficult to be disappointed whatever you pick. There are many colours, sizes, orifices and lining textures available, some are moulded to replicate the vagina of your favourite pornstar. Choosing is all part of the fun. You can have them with vibrators or with a mechanical piston action so you can lie back and enjoy the fun.

After buying one, and you won’t regret it, don’t stop there, start a collection! As they say, variety is the spice of life.