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Sex toys offer a great way to add excitement and passion to all your sexual endeavours. We offer a large selection of the best sex toys online in the UK that come in many different shapes and sizes, so whether you are purchasing for solo use or as a couple you're sure to find the perfect sex toy for you.

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What are Sex Toys?

Sex toys are devices that come in a range of different shapes, styles, and sizes to deliver sexual pleasure and gratification. They can be phallic shaped dildos, intense vibrating rabbits, handcuffs or pleasure providing male masturbators (and these are just a few of the many sex toys out there)! Sex toys can be vibrating or non-vibrating and come in a wide range of different materials, so you will be spoilt for choice. These pleasure devices dropped from heaven are specifically designed to target and stimulate one of the erogenous zones on the body, such as vagina, anus or nipple. Sex accessories such as handcuffs, bondage rope, sex games, and pleasure enhancers also help to set the scene and immerse the user to fully stimulate their mind and body.

How to Use Sex Toys

The first stage in discovering how to use sex toys is deciding what sex toy is right for you. There is a wide and wondrous rage of sex toys available on the market such as dildos, love eggs, rabbits, cock rings and so much more. To find your perfect sex toy you need to ask yourself these three key questions:

    • Do you want to use your sex toy for solo use or to spice up your sex life with a partner?
    • Are you looking for external or internal stimulation from a sex toy?
    • Do you want vibrating or non-vibrating sex toys?
Once you have selected your sexual satisfying tool, the next stage in discovering how to use a sex toy is testing it out (the fun bit!). Make sure you (and your partner if present) are in a comfortable space where you feel relaxed and at ease. Start off slow, don’t run before you can walk. First slowly insert or rub the toy aren't the intended area. See how this feels, then gradually increase pressure and insertion as feels pleasurable. If it is your first sex toy we recommend choosing a smaller size toy with gentle vibrations such as a bullet or cock ring. Set the mood and lather on that lube! Using lubricant, and lots of it, is essential when using any sex toys to experience ultimate pleasure. Remember to enjoy yourself, loosen up and discover your orgasm heaven. Last but not least, always clean up afterward with our antibacterial toy cleaner. Treat yourself to one of our many sex toys and follow these simple steps to discover first hand how to use a sex toy.

How Sex Toys Work

So how exactly do these magical little tools called sex toys work? Sex toys work by stimulating all those lovely little nerve endings we have on our bodies. For example, once inserted, a vibrator works by arousing the delightful nerve endings in and around the vagina and delivering mind-blowing pleasure (hallelujah). These beautiful little pleasure providers work to improve your sex life with their vibrations, penetrations, and pulsations. Introducing a sex toy into your sex life adds a whole new and exciting element of hanky panky. Sex toys can help increase:

  • The chance of reaching orgasm
  • Help release frustration
  • Enhance physical pleasure
  • Enhance stamina and sexual performance
  • Encourage you to get adventurous in the bedroom
So whether you choose a stamina enhancing cock ring, powerful rabbit or strap on these sex toys will tingle all your sensitive areas and take you all aboard the satisfaction train to pleasureville.

Are Sex Toys Safe to Use?

Yes, sex toys are safe to use if used sensibly and properly. Sex toys can open you up to a whole new world of pleasure you never knew existed if used correctly. Top Tips on how to use sex toys safely There is a wide variety of toys designed to stimulate different areas of the body, be sensible and don’t try and force a toy into somewhere it’s not meant to go… Always clean your sex toys before and after use with our specially formulated sex toy cleaner! We can’t stress this enough, stick to our sex toy cleaning regime and you will be left happily buzzing. Lubricant is a must and lots of it. Using lots of lubricants prevents any nasty friction occurring. Make sure to always use condoms if sharing sex toys to prevent transmitting STIs. Stick to some of the sex toy basic guidelines:

  • An anal toy should always have a flat bottom base to stop it from getting lost anywhere it shouldnt.. Woopsie.
  • Pick a hole; vagina or anus? Never switch between the two with the same toy as this can transfer bacteria.
  • If using sex toys with a partner always have an open and honest discussion with each other, setting any ground rules to make sure your sex play is consenting and enjoyable.
  • Never use your sex toys in the bath unless it's stated the toy is fully waterproof.
So, for people wondering if sex toys are safe? The answer is yes, providing they're cared for, cleaned properly and the proper care is taken when using different toys. Keep your play safe, sensible and stick to the rules above and you will be good to go. Happy moaning!

Why Do People Like Sex Toys?

With the sex toy market booming now more than ever, it is obvious people love sex toys. But why is it people just can’t get enough of our little vibrating friends? Here is a list of just a few of the reasons why people like sex toys. Sex toys offer additional stimulation that is not achievable from just sex alone. Sex toys help both men and women to achieve more powerful and intense orgasms more often!

  • Sex toys can spice up your sex life and make sex more fun!
  • Sex toys make the best masturbation friends.
  • Sex toys help people explore and discover their sexual desires and libido.
  • Sex toys are good for your health. People who experience more orgasms have been found to be both mentally and physically happier.
  • Sex toys take the pressure off partners to perform in sex.
  • Sex toys = Multiple orgasms.
But don’t just listen to us! The best way to discover what all the hype is about and why people like sex toys is to go and try them out for yourself!

How to Masturbate with a Sex Toy

How to masturbate with a male sex toy Everybody masturbates, it’s a fact. Sex toys are amazing little inventions that help us do this. If you are a masturbation novice then start simple. Try using a small bullet sex toy. After thoroughly lubricating your penis, the start of running the bullet around your balls, then slowly run it up and down along the shaft with one hand and gently stroke your penis with the other hand. Then when you feel you can’t take anymore run the bullet all around the tip of the penis (the most sensitive area) and you will have an ecstasy explosion. If you are more advanced at masturbation and want to step things up a notch try using a male masturbator. Lather your penis in lube and start by stroking the masturbator around the head of the penis, then when ready fully insert yourself into the masturbator and f*ck away. Top Tip: Don’t neglect the gooch. This is the area between your balls and anus that when stimulated is highly pleasurable. How to masturbate with a female sex toy For first-timers keep it simple with a clit stimulator such as a bullet or love egg. Most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone so clit stims are god's gift to women. Lube up your hand and lady parts, then using your three middle fingers gently rub your clitoris in circular motions. Once you are ready, turn on your clit vibrator to a low level and softly rub the vibrator around your clitoris in circular motions. You will eventually find a rhythm that feels good for you, but a circular motion generally makes sure all the clit is stimulated. You will be climbing the stairway to heaven in no time. If you are a more experienced female masturbator (good for you!) try using a rabbit vibrator. Using a rabbit means you can receive vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time, yes, please! Start off as you should any masturbation session, by gently massaging around the clit with a lubricated hand to get your orgasm senses tingling. Once ready rub an ample amount of lubricant all over the rabbit. Gently tickle your clitoris with the rabbit ears and around the nipples if you enjoy nipple stimulation. Once you can feel the flood of ecstasy, start to penetrate the vagina with the shaft of the rabbit. You will experience earth-shattering orgasms in no time. For more top tips on the female orgasms, read our blog on the 8 best ways to achieve female orgasm here.

Can You Use Sex Toys Whilst Pregnant?

Many expecting women are curious about whether you can use sex toys while pregnant. Fear not hot mommas it is perfectly safe to use sex toys while pregnant. Some women find they have an increased libido whilst pregnant so they need to use a dildo, vibrator or another sex toy of choice to satisfy their sexual hunger. We recommend always having a chat with your GP if you are unsure about using a sex toy whilst pregnant, just to be on the safe side. Tips for how to safely use sex toys while pregnant Choose your materials wisely. Go with phthalate-free sex toys as phthalates can be toxic to the developing baby. If you are the wearer of any sex toy material, simply stick a condom over the sex toy to prevent the toy from coming in direct contact with your body.

  • Always check and get advice from your doctor first if you have any concerns.
  • Always thoroughly clean your sex toys before and after use.
  • Go to the toilet after using sex toys every time to avoid a dreaded urinary tract (UTI) infections.
You could even be lucky enough to experience extra intense orgasms and multiple orgasms whilst pregnant - what are you waiting for?

How to Clean Sex Toys

The first rule of sex toy club - everyone should be cleaning their sex toys before and after using them. Not washing your sex toys properly can lead to perishing effects and nasty infections. What are the benefits of cleaning your sex toys? Learning how to clean your sex toys properly will make sure you get rid of any bacteria build up on the toy, making your sex toy safe to play with! Adopting a good cleaning routine will keep your sex toys lasting longer. How to Clean Your Sex Toys? We have developed a specially formulated toy cleaner called love toy cleaner, which is both gentle and antibacterial to keep your toys in mint condition. This mild cleaner can be used on most sex toy materials such as silicone, glass, PVC, plastics, and metal. To clean your sex toys simply spray 5-6 squirts all over the toy and leave for two minutes. Then gently wipe off with a clean damp cloth or rinse with clean lukewarm water. If using an electrical toy always remove the batteries before cleaning and avoid getting the electrical compartments wet. For more top tips, read our guide on how to clean your sex toys.

How to store your sex toys in a safe place

Whether you've just purchased your first of many sex toys, or you have racked up a sex toy collection that's worth bragging about; you're going to need to know how and where to store your sex toys safely and discreetly. We asked our lovely staff at Pulse and Cocktails and developed a list of the safest and efficient places to store your sex toys.

  • Cloth bag/ Soft pouch: A cloth bag will protect your toys from any excess dirt or dust whilst storing in a safe material. Never store your toys in a plastic carrier bag as this can leak into your toys over time.
  • Under the bed storage box: Chose a safe material such as wood, metal or fabric for your storage box. This is the most discreet way to store your toys whilst always making sure they are close to hand in the bedroom…
  • Bedside boxes: Why not have different boxes for different sex toys? You could have a bondage box, vibrating box, anal box, and even a lubricant box the possibilities are endless...
Always store your sex toys away from direct sunlight in a cool dry place to keep them in the best condition. It goes without saying, make sure your toys are properly cleaned, disinfected and dried before putting away and remove any batteries from your toys whilst you're not using them.

How to Discreetly Buy Sex Toys

Really want to treat yourself to some sex toys but worried about being caught? We know it can be hard to decide how to discreetly buy sex toys so we provide a discrete online delivery service. All of our products are delivered in brandless packaging so there is no risk of your noisy neighbors or delivery service finding out what kinky items you have been ordering! Discover one of our 19 sexy superstores across the UK. All our stores are in discrete locations away from busy town centers and shopping areas so, you can secretly shop without worrying about bumping into your auntie!

What are Sex Toys Made From?

Sex toys are made from a wide range of materials, you can rest assured that all the sex toys we stock are made from body-friendly materials. Although all our sex toys are skin safe to use, some materials are better to use than others. Therefore, we've compiled a list of our most popular sex toy materials to help you discover just what are sex toys made from. Jelly: Jelly sex toys are super bendy, squishy and flexible. Their squeezable texture feels great against your skin. However, jelly toys are porous and it can be difficult to clean all the bacteria from them. This is why jelly sex toys tend to be at the cheaper end of the sex toy market. Hard Plastics: Hard plastic sex toys have a smooth texture that feels delicious. Vibrations travel really well through plastic materials, so hello extra powerful vibezz yes, please! The drawbacks to plastic sex toys; they lack a luxury feel and style, the hard material also lacks the bendy squishy texture many people want. Silicone: One of our favorite sex toy materials is silicone! If you're after a high-quality sex toy material say hello to silicone. Unlike hard plastic sex toys, silicone has a soft squishy feel that is gentler on the skin. Silicone is extremely body-friendly and non-porous meaning it won't harbor any of that nasty bacteria. This will leave your toys lasting longer. Silicone sex toys are generally more expensive but the durability of this material means it will keep your toys buzzing for a long time to come, so it is worth parting with the extra dosh. Discover a wide range of silicone toys in our luxury sex toy range. Top Tip: Never use silicone lubricant with silicone toys as this can damage the sex toy. Glass: Stylish, sophisticated and sexy glass makes an ideal sex toy material. Not only are our glass toys extremely durable and made from shatterproof glass (meaning if you drop them they won't shatter). Glass sex toys also open you up to the world of temperature play. Glass toys can be heated up or cooled down to experience different sensations. As well as being easy to clean, all this makes glass a win-win material for us. Metal: Yet again another sexy and stylish sex toy material. Metal sex toys are hard and rigid and will feel cool against the skin. Similar to glass these metal toys can be used to engage in temperature play. Due to its heavy feel metal toys are generally designed for more advanced sex toy players. The extra weight will add pressure and more intense sensations to your play, perfect for if you are wanting to kick things up a notch. Always do some research before trying a new sex toy material. Come into one of our many stores across the UK where one of our staff will be happy to talk you through all the different types of sex toy materials we have on offer.