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Sex toys offer a great way to add excitement and passion to all your sexual endeavours. We offer a large selection of the best sex toys online in the UK that come in many different shapes and sizes, so whether you are purchasing for solo use or as a couple you're sure to find the perfect sex toy for you.

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Here at Pulse & Cocktails, we have a wide range of products both online and in-store so you can find the perfect item to spice up your sex life.

Some of the products you can shop with us are:

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Yes, sex toys are safe to use if used sensibly and properly. Sex toys can open you up to a whole new world of pleasure you never knew existed if used correctly.

There is a wide variety of toys designed to stimulate different areas of the body, so be sensible and don’t try and force a toy into somewhere it’s not meant to go. Always clean your sex toys before and after use with our specially formulated sex toy cleaner! We can’t stress this enough, cleaning your sex toys not only helps to prevent bacteria from accumulating on your toys, it also helps to ensure they stay in the best condition possible for as long as possible.

When using a sex toy, lubricant is a must. And lots of it. Using lubricant prevents any nasty friction and discomfort from occurring. Make sure to always use condoms if sharing sex toys to prevent transmitting STIs.

Stick to some of the sex toy basic guidelines:

  • An anal toy should always have a flat bottom base to stop it from getting lost anywhere it shouldn’t.
  • Never use the same toy for multiple forms of stimulation. For example, using the same toy for both vaginal and anal penetration can spread harmful bacteria.
  • If using sex toys with a partner always have an open and honest discussion with each other, setting any ground rules to make sure your sex play is consenting and enjoyable.
  • Never use your sex toys in the bath unless it’s stated the toy is fully waterproof.
  • Always read any included instructions that come with your sex toy.

So, for people wondering if sex toys are safe? The answer is yes, providing they’re cared for, cleaned properly and the proper care is taken when using different toys. Keep your play safe, sensible and stick to the rules above and you will be good to go

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