Price£0 - £20£20 - £40£40 - £60£60 - £80£80 - £100£120 - £140£140 - £160£160 - £180ColourBlack (6)Blue (2)Clear (4)Grey / Silver (1)Pale Flesh (35)Pink (1)Purple (1)Red (2)White (4)FeaturesRechargeable (2)Wireless (8)Remote Controlled (12)Waterproof (12)Vibrating (18)Non Vibrating (20)Thrusting (1)Pulsating (10)Quiet (14)Multi-speed (18)Phthalates Free (32)Parabens Free (4)StimulationClitoral (1)Male Pleasure (40)

Portable Masturbators

Discover our wide range of realistic portable male masturbators. From realistic vaginas to ass holes and lips, our portable range of strokers are designed for discreet storage, easy portability and the most incredible orgasms. Shop our full range of sex toys for men here.

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How to use a Portable Male Stroker

Always use a portable male stroker with a generous amount of lubricant. For simple non-vibrating male masturbators, simply grip around the masturbator harder for more friction on the penis. Always clean your masturbator after use (most can be removed from their casing). Start by rinsing with lukewarm water, then spray the masturbator with our specifically formulated sex toy cleaning spray, leaving for 2-3 minutes then rinse again. Always leave your male masturbator to fully air dry before placing back in its casing / putting it back into storage.

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