How to Plan a Dirty Weekend Away

If you haven’t had a dirty weekend away recently (or ever) – you need to, so we’ve pulled together our top tips for instigating one. Let’s be honest, there is nothing less sexy than emails, dirty dishes and 7 am wake-up calls. Whilst we all love the weekend, it’s important to remove distractions and truly indulge in your partner. So, the sex doctor has ordered a good old fashioned dirty weekend away filled with mischief, debauchery, and seduction, for you and your partner to improve your sex life. Whether you’re in a new relationship, or you’re wanting to add some va va voom back into the bedroom with your long-term lover, everybody deserves a dirty weekend away.

How to plan a dirty weekend away

Planning your sexy weekend away may seem a bit daunting, but when you’re strolling into work on Monday (still beaming with your after sex glow), we guarantee you’ll be eager to plan your next trip. That’s why we’ve composed a catalog of all our best sex tips to make sure you have the perfect couples retreat.

Romantic Weekend Ideas

Whoever said romance is dead is clearly not getting enough sex! When it comes to the perfect naughty weekend getaway, romance is key, so let’s go back to basics – rose petals, candles, and massages. Treat your partner to a full body massage, explore all the creases of their body and the sensation of their skin underneath your oily hands. A full body massage is an ultimate way to indulge your partner in relaxation and start to tease them about what’s coming next.

How to set the scene

The environment you have sex in plays a key role in whether you are turned on or turned off. It is important to pick the right sights, sounds and smells for your sexy environment. No one has ever had an orgasm fantasizing over their pile of dirty laundry, so why not book a hotel room with a luxurious bathroom suite and spend some one-on-one time together. Que the romance – Spread some rose petals across the floor, dim the lights and light some scented candles around the room (checking there are no fire hazards), then pleasure your partner in the most romantic bath they’ve ever had.

Bring Along the Sex Toys

Don’t buy her flowers – buy her sex toys.

Make sure you pack the essentials for your couples retreat, and by essentials, we mean sex toys! Nothing says I love you more than a powerful 30-speed vibrator to make your partner orgasm the night away. Sex toys are a brilliant way to spice things up in the bedroom, from rabbit vibrators to strap on’s, there’s something available to suit everyone’s needs. Treating yourself to a collection of different toys for your weekend away is a sure way to make sure your sex session stays steamy all night long – vibrating bullets and butt plugs are anything but boring. Wireless remote control toys are the perfect way to spice up a couples sex life. Hand the remote control over to your partner and let them tease as they please. If you’re planning a romantic meal out, why not slip the Elissa wireless love egg vibrator inside yourself, and let your partner drive you wild before you even have a chance to make it back to the hotel room. Top end remote control vibrators such as The Couples Duo Vibe have a range of 5m, so give your partner the controls on your city break and they can make you orgasm your way around the city.

Try New Sex Positions

A dirty weekend is an ideal time to experiment with new sex positions you’ve always wanted to attempt. While missionary can be great, monotony is never sexy and is a sure ticket on the train to boredomville. There are lots of different sex positions that offer deeper penetration, or more intense clitoral stimulation. During your dirty weekend, use the time to explore sex outside the bedroom, whether, in the bathroom, kitchen, or on the floor – a change of scenery can really hot things up. Try getting the furniture in on the fun – chairs, desks or stairs all make ideal substitutes for the bed. Or better yet, why not invest in your own sex swing or chair… if you have somewhere to put it, sex furniture is a game changer.

Wear Sexy Lingerie

Dress up for the occasion! Whether you’re into lace or latex, investing in some sexy lingerie will make you feel ultra confident – and there is nothing sexier than confidence. Ladies, drive your partner wild in a tantalizing body stocking (one size fits most sizes) and if you don’t fancy undressing, choose a crotchless style.

Who will you become? Try some role play

Why not forget about all the stress and strain of everyday life, and test out your role-playing skills for the night. Role play can seem intimidating for beginners, but a weekend escape from real life is the perfect opportunity to experience your inner sex character. The question is, who will you become? Perhaps a naughty maid, sexy dominatrix, or enforcement officer? Discover our fancy dress and role play outfits here.

Bondage and blindfolds

Whether you’re a hardcore BDSM fan or simply thinking of trying something new, a naughty pair of handcuffs or restraints is an essential item for your weekend packing. The world of bondage doesn’t have to be scary! Get kinky and gently spank your partner with a paddle, or try a limiting their senses with a blindfold and give them the best oral they’ve ever had.

Sexy Adult Board Games

Crack open a bottle of wine and play a sexy board game with your partner. We recommend our top-selling board game, Monogamy. Whether you end up licking your lover’s earlobes or confessing your naughtiest fantasy, this board game is guaranteed to excite.

Switch Off and Focus on your partner

Switch off to switch each other on. Yes, your emails and Instagram accounts will survive 48 hours without your attention, and we promise they will still be there when your weekend is over. No phones, laptops or pagers. Forget about the stress you are leaving behind and just focus on each other. Give your partner your complete attention, notice their breathing, reactions, the feel of their skin and their smell. Soak your senses up with your partner’s scent, absorb their bodies with your eyes and appreciate the sensations of their skin underneath your fingers.

Can’t do a whole weekend? Arrange a Date Night

If you can’t commit to a whole weekend away, date night could be the perfect solution for you and your partner until other commitments let up.

If you and your partner have been together for a long time, plan a date night similar to something you did when first dating – and when the sexual chemistry between you was electric. Then on your date each share your best sexual encounters with each other, delve into erotic details of how they made you tingle, twitch and moan. One condition, however, you have to share your sexy stories without touching each other, tease your partner with just the movement of your tongue and lips or slowly caress yourself, but no touching.

If you’re in a new relationship and sexual tension is sky high, why not go on a date somewhere new and exciting, like rock climbing. While your natural endorphins are flowing discuss with your partner new sexual experiences you would like to try, and uncover their secret sexual fantasy. Wear some racy underwear underneath your clothes to make you feel extra sexy.

Now you know a dirty weekend is just what you and your partner need!

We know you’re dying to book your saucy getaway! All that’s left to do is pack up your sex toys and pick out your sexiest lingerie. Don’t worry if you don’t have a vibrator yet, read our beginners guide to vibrators to find your perfect vibrating partner.

Sexy Weekend Packing List:

We hope our guide has inspired you to plan a dirty weekend. No matter what obstacles you need to overcome to make this happen – we’re sure it’ll be everything you hoped for and more.

Have a great weekend, love the Pulse and Cocktails team (you can thank us on Monday).