How long should sex last and how to last longer in bed

How long should sex last?

It’s the age-old question everyone wants to know, we’ve all heard about (and possibly experienced) the one-minute wonders and the stallion sex session, but how long should sex really last? Of course, our overall mood, how aroused we are and who our partner is makes a difference, but we can shed some light on averages for how long sex lasts before the grand finale.

How long should sex last? couples in bed

How long should sex last?

Some Canadian and American sex therapists conducted research in 2008 to answer this question.  Their research helped to define what is considered an adequate or desirable amount of time to have sex, and what people felt was too short or too long. A sexual encounter consists of much more than just penetrable sex (who doesn’t love being driven wild with some foreplay), but the numbers below refer to penetrative sex only.

What the research found was that respondents said an adequate amount of sex lasts around 3-7 minutes, not too exhausting but not too short lived either. For an optimum ‘desirable’ length of time, sex can last between 7 and 13 minutes, and anything from 1-2 minutes is felt to be too short, or 10-30 minutes too long.

The average amount of time penetrable sex lasts for is around 5 minutes, phew, not too long but not too short either.

How long does the average man last in bed?

This all depends on the man and his state of arousal since no two sexual experiences are the same. Based on the research above generally a man lasts around five minutes, but this is just an average and of course, it could be either side of the spectrum. If five minutes feels like mission-impossible that’s fine, why not get to know your partner and if they take a little longer getting over the finish line, try teasing and arousing them so they can get up to speed. Equally, if you finish before your partner why not take some time out afterwards to make sure your lover is fulfilled just as much as you were. You could carry the fun on with a popular rabbit vibrator, a realistic dong for a skin on skin feel, or for a man you could finish him off with a realistic soft touch masturbator. Don’t forget to lube up with any toys to make them easy to use and twice as fun.

How long does the average woman last in bed?

There’s no absolute answer to how long a woman can last during sex, so finding out what your partner likes is paramount. A woman can have multiple orgasms during sex, so just because she’s climaxed doesn’t mean the show is over just yet unless she wants it to be. It’s important to get to know your partner and find out what makes their toes curl, foreplay with some lube and a powerful bullet vibrator could be a great way to get your partner aroused ready for intercourse.


How to last longer in bed

1.       Dragon Strong Male Enhancement Tablets

Why not try our best-selling, natural male enhancement capsules Dragon Strong. Dragon Strong works by helping to increase sexual stamina, potency, libido and overall sexual performance in men. It has an increasing effect on testosterone levels and is fast acting, simply take a pill and it will start taking effect within 45 minutes.

2.       Using a Cock Ring

There are many different types cock rings out there from basic silicone cock rings to ones with all kinds of sensational vibrations and clitoris stimulators. Why not start experimenting to find your favourite if you haven’t already? A cock ring works by restricting the blood flow to and from the penis to make an erect penis bigger, harder and ultimately this can help to delay the time it takes until a man climaxes. However, it’s important to use a cock ring correctly – it should feel tight but it should not be so tight that it causes any pain, makes your gentiles go cold/blue and it should not be worn for long periods of time.

3.       Distracting yourself

Sex is a physical and psychological experience, taming your mind can help you to last longer during the final act. Yes, this is when thinking about the shopping list or what’s in the fridge could come in handy.

4.       Foreplay

Sex is more than just penetration, everything leading up to penetration such as foreplay with your partner is part of sex. If you want to last longer why not tease your partner with everything but penetrative sex first. Perhaps tieing them to the bed with restraints and spanking them gently, or indulging them with a sensual massage using warm Soy massage candle oil would tip them to the edge ready for penetration. Great foreplay can make the experience and excitement last for much longer, satisfying both your needs.

5.       Stopping

This takes some self-control but stopping during sex can be a way to really hot things up and make sex last longer. Why not stop during penetrative sex, slow things down, blindfold your partner and gently run a feather all over their body from our butterfly bondage kit. You could then apply some tingle lube or warming lube to heighten sensations ready for the final showdown.

6. Use Prolong Spray or Prolong Gel

Use our prolong de-sensitising spray (30ml) or prolong gel (15ml) for a fast acting, unscented way to reduce sensitivity in the genital area. Both prolong spray and gel are sex toy and latex friendly. We advise wiping the penis once the spray or gel has taken effect with a warm, wet cloth as these products should not be used as a lubricant during penetrative sex.

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