The Benefits of Male Masturbation and 7 Types of Male Masturbators

Male masturbation is a perfectly normal, healthy and pleasurable part of life. Some studies suggest as many as 98% of people have masturbated at least once in their lives (and we think the other 2% are lying) (Reference 1).

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So what acts are classed as male masturbation anyway? To put it simply, male masturbation describes any act of a man sexually pleasuring himself by stimulating any of his erogenous zones (more often than not, the penis) (Reference 2). With a huge range of exciting male masturbators sex toys, tools and techniques on offer to help you reach pleasure land, there has never been a better time to masturbate! So, whether you’ve got a date booked in with PALMela HANDerson or fancy a night in ‘jherkin’ the ghkerin’ (sorry, we can’t help ourselves!), then keep your eyes glued to this blog to discover new masturbation techniques for the man to ensure that your next solo sex session is a steamy one.

Addressing the Stigma Around Male Masturbation

Despite masturbation being one of the most common sexual activities (Reference 2), there sadly is still a huge heap of shame and stigma surrounding it.

This is especially true with male masturbation. There is an unfair bias surrounding male masturbation in our society, one that suggests it is ‘creepy’ or ‘pervy’ to masturbate as a man or use male sex toys. One article found many men reported feeling ‘creepy’ after purchasing a male masturbator online (Reference 3), and this shouldn’t be the case for what is a perfectly normal and natural behavior.

Sex toys for women are now openly discussed in the media (think back to that famous rabbit scene in Sex and the City), so why is there such shame around male sex toys? Society views female masturbation as a beautiful and joyous occasion to be celebrated. Now don’t get us wrong we love the female orgasm and strongly agree with this, however, we are fighting for masturbation equality. Male masturbation can be pretty too! So, we are here to celebrate boys’ toys and tell you why you should be using them (if you’re not already).

The Benefits of Male Masturbation

The benefits to male masturbation are endless and men masturbate for a whole host of reasons; because they can’t sleep, they feel horny, or simply want to pass some time whilst they eagerly wait for their latest Pulse and Cocktails parcel to arrive (we hope). Here is a list of benefits why both men and women like to masturbate:

  • Masturbating is a cheap and fun method to relieve stress and help clear your head.
  • Regular masturbation can help you learn to control your orgasms and increase your stamina in between the sheets (Reference 2).
  • Masturbating is a sex education lesson with yourself and your turn-ons are the main topic. Solo masturbation sessions enable you to discover what sensations you like and dislike.
  • Masturbating releases those happy hormones to benefit your mental health and well-being.
  • Can’t sleep? Try having some me time. Seriously, male masturbation relaxes the body, getting you prepared for sleep.
  • A Harvard study found that regular masturbation can lower the risk of developing prostate cancer in men (Reference 4).
  • Grabbing and caressing your dangly bits or breasts during masturbation is an easy and fun way to check for any lumps or bumps that shouldn’t be there.

These perks are just a handful of the many beneficial qualities masturbation has. So, if you weren’t convinced already we know you will be now.

How Male Masturbation Can Benefit Your Relationship

Masturbation is a healthy part of any sex life, whether involved in a relationship or not. Just because you are in a relationship, doesn’t mean you can’t book in for a solo date downstairs. Rather than seeing masturbation with either sex toys or a hand as a negative thing on a relationship; view it as relationship enhancement. The benefits of masturbation are endless, it can improve someone’s sexual self-confidence. It can also help you and your partner practice and learn some new tricks for the duo event. Masturbation can bring you closer together in a relationship, try masturbating together, it will be a huge turn on and let you into the world of your partner’s solo sex sessions.

Why Men Should Invest in Male Masturbation Sex Toys

Sex toys are not just for women! The male sex toy market is booming, there are so many fun and exciting sex toys for men just waiting to be stroked, sucked and penetrated. As technology advances, the male sex toy industry is not being left behind. You will feel spoilt for choice with the number of pleasure tools available for men to try. No matter what your age, size or sexual preference, there are male masturbators to tickle everyone’s turn on. With such a vast amount of choice available choosing the right male sex toy (or toys) can seem a daunting task. So, we have pulled together a list of just a few of our favourites to help you get started.

Realistic Vaginas for Masturbation

Realistic pussy and ass male masturbator pulse and cocktails UK

Modeled after you guessed it the female vagina, realistic vagina masturbators offer the real feel, real deal kind of thing, perfect for men wanting to experience a realistic sexual encounter. These sex toys have an imitation flesh look and feel, and often have a ribbed and textured sleeve for added pleasure and sensations. Realistic vaginas come in a wide range of sizes from pocket-sized and portable too life-size shapes. Certain realistic pussies offer intense vibrations, gyrations and some even rotate. So, in the world of male sex toys, the realistic vagina really is your oyster.

Our Top Pick: Realistic Pussy and Ass Male Masturbator £59.95

This lusciously tempting Pussy and Ass male masturbator is soft and smooth. Modeled on a realistic female figure bent over, this lifelike sex toy offers two ultra-tight penetrable holes, the anus, and vagina.


Portable Male Masturbators

Self thrusting male masturbator with audio hands free wanker pulse and cocktails uk fake pussy

Small yet sexy portable male masturbators are the essential pocket-sized companion that ensures you can experience intense orgasms wherever you are. Their discreet sizing allows them to be carefully hidden away from view either at home, or if you travel often a portable masturbator can easily fit in a small suitcase (no more lonely nights on the road). The beauty of portable masturbators is they come in a wide range of designs both vibrating and nonvibrating, so you can choose the design that best suits your desires. From small realistic vaginas, anus or mouths too portable masturbation cups, there is a portable masturbator to tickle every guy turn on. Always remember to use lots of lube with your male masturbator to achieve maximum pleasure and don’t forget to clean the toy afterward with our specially formulated toy cleaner.


Our Top Pick: The Ferrady, thrusting and warming male masturbation cup £129.

This small silicone realistic vagina cup is in the elite league of male masturbators. Self-heating to mimic the feel of real pussy, with female audio moans, this pocket-sized pussy can’t get much more like the real thing.


Cock Rings

OH Rechargeable cock ring powerful for stronger errections and lasting longer pulse and cocktails


The main function of a cock ring is to stop the flow of blood from leaving the penis, resulting in firmer, larger and longer-lasting erections. To use, once the penis is erect simply slide the love ring down the shaft towards the base of the penis (just above the balls); the cock ring should be tight but not uncomfortable. Thought extra hard erections were good enough? Try a vibrating cock ring, not only will you have a serious throb on, the vibrations around the bottom of the shaft and balls will send you into orgasmic bliss. Not only for male masturbation, but vibrating cock rings are also the perfect couples toy. Slide the love ring on before penetration to deliver deep pleasure to both your intimate areas. Using lubricant is essential when wearing a cock ring, we cannot stress that enough.


Our Top Pick: The Oh! Ring £39.95

This rechargeable, silicone cock ring offers 5 speeds of vibrations and pulsations. Providing a firm yet comfortable grip to keep you hard all night long.


Realistic Sex Dolls

red haired large torso male masturbator life size sex doll pulse and cockails

Realistic Sex dolls deliver the ultimate real woman experience (some guys even claim they are better than the real thing). Each doll is modeled from a real women’s physique, with lifelike design and proportions. All sex dolls have a vagina hole for penetration, with some beauty’s offering anal and mouth holes as well. If you are interested in being the proud owner of a sexy sex doll they don’t have to break the bank, as we stock a large selection of sex dolls that cater to a wide price range. However, we are firm believers in a sex doll being a worthy investment. After all, they will provide you with intense orgasms night after night, and who can put a price on that?


Our Top Pick: Large Realistic Sex Doll Masturbator with Red Hair Vagina and Anus Holes £599

This red-haired beauty has a lifelike design, ribbed inserts, and three extra tight penetrable holes. Her life-size shape will help her stay sturdy during even the most rampant sexual encounters.

Male Prostate Stimulators

Black male prostate massager for pleasure sex toy pulse and cocktails


If you haven’t already been acquainted it’s time to meet the male with an incredible male prostate stimulator. This is the pleasure point of a man’s body and is essentially the male equivalent to the female Prostate massagers work by stimulating the prostate gland ( in the bottom which is difficult to find using just your fingers. Prostate stimulators come in a range of styles and sizes, both vibrating and non-vibrating. Word on the grapevine is, tickling the is the best feeling on earth! As with any anal toys, the lubricant is a must with a prostate massager and lots of it.


Our Top Pick: Unisex Prostate Stimulator USB Rechargeable £49.95

This vibrating, rechargeable prostate massager is made from high-quality silicone and is designed to mimic the cum hither movement, allowing it to stroke the sweet

Penis Pumps for a Bigger Penis and Stronger Erection

Blue male cock penis pump for bigger penis


Penis pumps enhance the size of the penis, leaving the user with juicer more meaty erections. Not only do penis pumps deliver instant erections, but regular use can also increase the size of your penis over time. Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum that draws blood to the penis. The airtight cylinder is placed over the shaft of the penis which then increases blood flow to the cock and balls, giving you stronger, longer-lasting erections.

Our Top Pick: Power Penis Pump with Rubber Sleeve £24.95

This penis pump is perfect for beginners wanting to increase their penis size, the pump includes all the back to basic features that can be easily disassembled to make clean up easier. This simple to use pump also features a quick and easy pressure release button should you get carried away or begin to feel any discomfort. Incorporate pump use into a weekly routine to experience best results.

Want to be even bigger and stronger? Why not combine the use of a penis pump and our best-selling product, Dragon Strong herbal male enhancers. Read more about Dragon Strong and the benefits here.

Hands-Free Male Masturbators

Put a little bit of luxury into your masturbation routine.

The hands-free male masturbators are the King Kongs of all male sex toys, the creme de la creme of male masturbation. These top-quality male sex toys generally have a suction cup base, allowing the male masturbator to be placed anywhere you desire for some hands-free fun. Take it in the shower, in the bedroom, in the kitchen… wherever turns you on. The luxury male masturbators offer multi-speed vibrations with pulsing and thrusting stimulation to make it feel like real sex. The hardest part is choosing which one to masturbate with.

  1. Our Top Picks: For a hands-free real vagina try this realistic pussy masturbator with adjustable tightness £59.95
  2. Our Top Picks: If the idea of unlimited hands-free blow jobs get you going, you need this realistic juicy lips vibrating male masturbator £64.95
  3. Our Top Picks: Looking for a back door beauty? For a realistic anus experience try this hands free vibrating anus male masturbator £64.95

Male Masturbation Techniques and Tips

Think you know everything there is to know about masturbating? There is always more to learn about the art of solo sex. Read through these steps and techniques to become a professional masturbator.

Tip 1 Set The Scene before Masturbating

What’s all the rush about? Don’t bolt through your personal pleasure date, take your time and make an event of it. Make sure you are in a comfortable and relaxed position, where the lighting feels nice, the plumped cushions feel lovely brushing against your bare derriere and you really feel in utter bliss. This is the ideal environment for your solo sex session. Once you feel tranquil, slowly start to tease and caress your penis in preparation for a mammoth masturbation sesh.

Tip 2 Mix Up Your Masturbation Techniques

Routine is not sexy. To achieve mind-blowing orgasms you need to keep your penis on the edge. If you find yourself always doing the classic one hand up and down masturbation routine, try mixing it up a bit.

Thrusting is great fun, cupping the penis with either one or both hands try using your hips to thrust in and out of your hands. So, essentially you are penetrating the tunnel your hands have created, trust us this will feel delightful and mimic the feeling of real sex.

Something as simple as switching hands while you masturbate will spice the sensations up a notch. Masturbating with your non-dominant or regular masturbating hand will make the experience more unique. Try cupping your penis with both hands to experience double-fisted pleasure. This method will ensure every inch of your penis is pleasured. To really take your techniques to the next level, invest in multiple male sex toys such as a stroker you can use with your hand, and a realistic vagina that can be laid flat so you can really work on your thrusting technique.

Tip 3 Always Use Male Masturbation Sex Essentials

Don’t forget the male masturbation essentials on your next steamy night in for one. Lubricant is the bread and butter of a good masturbation session. Using it is essential to ensure the playdate with your penis is pleasurable. The penis does not provide as much natural lubrication as a vagina, therefore you must use lubricant when masturbating.

Lube helps everything glide and slide, whilst preventing any nasty friction occurring between the penis and the hand (or anything else the penis is penetrating). Lube also enhances the sensations felt when masturbating with a male sex toy. If you are using lube with a male masturbator (which you should be) it is important to check compatibility between materials, never use a silicone-based lubricant with a silicone sex toy as silicone reacts with itself. Our advice would be to always stick with water-based lubricants when using sex toys.

Shop lubricant for sex toys pulse and cocktails


Another sex essential to always keep in your masturbation cupboard is a bottle of our specially formulated toy cleaner. Masturbating with male sex toys feels so much better, and an important step is to make sure you thoroughly clean them with after use with toy cleaner. This will keep your toys hygienic and lasting longer.

Tip 4 Explore Other Pressure Points Of The Body

Don’t make it all about the penis. Yeah, it might be the star of the show, but there are so many other exciting acts and areas of your body just waiting to be activated. Stimulating other erogenous zones on the body such as the nipples, ears or neck can open you up to the experience of a full-body climax (Reference 5). Next time you are masturbating, try gently tugging and rubbing the nipples to enhance your orgasm.

Don’t neglect the testicles, they contain as many nerve endings as the penis (Reference 5). To experience more pleasure, gently caress, fondle and tug down on the balls next time you are stroking your shaft.

There is a holy area that exists on a man’s body between his balls and his anus, this is where you will find his golden jewels. In scientific terms, this area is labeled the perenimum, however, you may know it as the gooch. Hundreds of happy nerve endings live in this area and when stimulated will deliver super intense orgasms. Apply a small amount of lube to your finger and gently massage the gooch the next time you are masturbating.

Next stop, prostate station. The prostate is the equivalent of the male G-spot and is found about a finger width inside the anus. To experience mind-blowing orgasms gently rub your finger around the rim of the anus. If you feel comfortable, using lots of lube, try inserting your finger into the anus using a cum hither movement with your hands to stroke the prostate.

Tip 5 Use Male Sex Toys

Are you wanting to experience orgasms so intense they will quite literally blow your socks off? Hear Hear!

Then you need to start using male sex toys. Stigmas around using male sex toys are changing, and there is a huge variety of male sex toys to test out. Don’t let yourself miss out on all the pleasure available! Adding a toy or two to your steamy personal pleasure date creates new stimulation and vibrations that you can’t experience from just using your hands. Experiment with our favorite toys listed above to discover what sensations your body moves too, or shop the full range of male sex toys here to get an idea of what you might like to try.

Tip 6 Why Men Should Masturbate

With so many health benefits to male masturbation, there is really no excuse for not doing it! Stress buffering and lowering the risk of prostate cancer are just a few of the huge advantages masturbating has for your body. Don’t just stick to a monotonous masturbation routine, mix it up. Male sex toys are an essential component of any steamy solo session. Don’t just listen to us though, go and test a male masturbator out for yourself, trust us, once you’ve experienced the pure bliss that comes from using one masturbation will never be the same again. Always use lubricant whether using your hand or a toy to pleasure yourself. Male masturbation can get messy so clean your sex toys afterward with our specially formulated sex toy cleaner.

We hope you have enjoyed reading and discovered some top techniques to use next time you are having a solo party in your pants, or with your partner. Happy masturbating.


Are you looking to purchase the perfect male masturbator? Shop our full range of male sex toys here.

You can order online using our discreet delivery service, where our brandless parcel can be delivered to either your home or one of our 11,000 Royal Mail post offices or collection point locations. If you would prefer to touch and feel the toys yourself, come into one of our 20 sex stores across the UK where one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to help. Click here to find your nearest store.

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