Discover the Magic with Different Types of Massage Wand Vibrators

The 1970s was a decade of great inventions, it was the decade of Queen, the mobile phone and McDonalds made its first-ever happy meal (Reference 1). However, in the sex toy industry, we class the 70’s as the decade the magic wand (also known as a massage wand) was invented.

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The magic wand is named magic for a good reason – it is possibly the most powerful sex toy on the market. Massage wands have a girthy straight shaft perfect for grabbing on to when you’re experiencing a whole-body orgasm, complete with a cushioned bulbous head that delivers intense vibrations.

 These magic sex toys contain extremely powerful motors that deliver unbeatable vibrations and lead to earth-shattering orgasms (Reference 2). Their big powerful motors make them the larger size stallion looking vibrators compared to teeny weeny bullets and pocket-sized pleasure toys. But don’t let their larger size put you off, these multi-functional vibrators are the best thing invented since sliced bread…move over Mr. Warburton.

Why You Should Be Using A Magic Wand Vibrator

  • The powerful stimulation and vibrations delivered by a magic wand lead to more orgasms.
  • Spice it up; a magic wand can be used during both intercourse and foreplay to keep you and your partner’s toes curling.
  • Magic wands are powerful and easy to use sex toys for masturbation.
  • The large, round, bulbous head means all bases of clit pleasure are covered.
  • Most women need some form of clitoral stimulation to orgasm and a magic wand delivers just that.
  • Don’t stop at the clit, run the wand across the nipples, shaft of the penis, ballsack and his gooch (the area between the balls and the anus) to discover new pleasure possibilities.
  • Multifunctions as a massager. Massage all over the body to help relieve stress and body aches.
  • Simple and easy to use. No mess, no-nonsense; meaning you don’t have to spend 10 minutes trying to figure out how to switch the toy on (as with some other modern sex toys).

How To Masturbate With A Magic Wand

Powerful, playful and despite their large appearance wireless wands are easily portable, but what are the best ways to use one? Using a magic wand vibrator for masturbation will open you up to orgasms so powerful they will make your legs buckle beneath you, so please make sure you are seated for this performance.

How To Masturbate With A Magic Wand For Her

Known by many as the ‘clit whisperer’, the magic wand is the favourite sex toy for thousands of women all over the world and for good reason (Reference 3). Its wide, circular-shaped head deliverers powerful vibrations making it the ultimate clit stimulating sex toy.

The first rule when masturbating with a magic wand is always to always use with a good quality lubricant. Squirt a palm-sized amount of lube onto the head of your wand to ensure your sex session stays insanely pleasurable. When first experimenting with your magic wand vibrator takes things slowly. Magic wand vibrators offer extremely powerful vibrations, so start on the lowest setting and get a feel for the toy. Make sure you are laid in a comfortable position, most women find masturbation easiest when laid on their backs with their legs spread apart. Begin by running the wand around your sensitive areas but don’t go directly to the clitoris (this will heighten your sex senses). Slowly tease yourself around the vagina. When you are ready, gently place the head of the wand on to your clitoris, sit back and enjoy magic wand orgasm nirvana.

If you’re looking for internal penetration and clit stimulation at the same time, we advise a rabbit vibrator which can provide both of these, however, some wands can be used for internal stimulation but mostly are designed for external stimulation.

How To Masturbate with a Magic Wand For Him

Not just for women, magic wands can provide hours of fun for men too. To enjoy male masturbation with a magic wand lie on your back, somewhere comfortable with your legs spread apart. After applying a generous amount of lubricant to the head of the wand, gently run the magic wand around the tip of the penis. For extra sensations, try playing with yourself using your free hand whilst stimulating the head of the penis with the magic wand. Feeling adventurous? Run the wand along the shaft of the penis towards the balls and down across the gooch to stimulate hidden areas. When pleasuring the gooch and the balls use the wand vibrator on a low setting as these areas are extra sensitive.

How To Use A Magic Wand With A Partner

Whilst the magic wand is the best thing to ever be invented for solo masturbation the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Did you know using a magic wand during sex with a partner can seriously benefit your sex life and intensify your orgasms?

How To Introduce Using A Magic Wand With A Partner

Magic wand Mythbusters: Using a magic wand in a relationship does not mean your partner isn’t pleasuring you well enough. Explain to your partner that it isn’t a competition for size or power. Using a magic wand is all about enhancing the experience for a woman or man, and considering over 75 percent of women can’t orgasm from intercourse alone sometimes they need a little bit of help (Reference 2). Look at it this way – when you pour golden, runny, gorgeously sweet custard on top of a moist piece of sticky toffee pudding, do you think the pudding gets annoyed with the custard for stealing its thunder? No, the two flavours enhance each other. Teamwork makes the dream work, or in this case, everybody climax.

A partner who is confident with their sexual performance should not be intimidated bring sex toys into the bedroom. However, we know it sometimes happens. In this instance try reassuring your partner how much you love them (and their genitalia) and explain the wand is there to boost your sex life, not compete with them. If you already use sex toys in the bedroom but your partner is put off by the sheer size of a magic wand, try explaining that the wand is very simple to use; one button does all kinds of things, compared to its fiddly, harder to use neighbors (Reference 2). Possibly the easiest way to turn your partner from a wandaphobic into a wand lover is to let them watch you use the magic wand or try using the wand on them!

How To Use A Magic Wand During Foreplay

The versatility of the magic wand means it is a perfect sex toy to use during foreplay with a partner. Not only can the massage wand easily deliver powerful sensations to all of the external erogenous zones on the body, when you use an attachment it can provide penetrative fun too! Simply slip an interchangeable head on to the top of your wand to turn it into whichever multifunctional sex toy you desire. With attachments to stimulate the, anus, and male the possibilities are endless.  A massage wand can also work as a…you guessed it, a massager. Treat your partner to a full body massage with the wand to help relieve stress after a hard day at the office.

Ever heard of edging? Edging is the act of bringing yourself or a partner right to the edge of orgasm and stopping just before you are about to climax. (Reference 4). When one partner is finally allowed to orgasm, the intensity of the pleasure they experience will be out of this world.

Magic wands make great edging toys to use during foreplay. Run the wand (on a low setting) along you or your partner’s most sensitive areas to send them into a sensation frenzy. The key technique is to never stay too long pleasuring one area until you decide it is time for them to climax.

Find the power of a magic wand a little too intense? Trust us it’s quite easy to orgasm using a magic wand through even the thickest pair of trousers. Mix things up and use the magic wand underneath different materials during foreplay to discover unique and exciting sensations. Try rubbing yourself or a partner with the wand over a satin pair of saucy undies or massaging the nipples over a cotton shirt.

How To Use A Wand Vibrator On Him

These versatile giants are not just for clit and nipple pleasing, they can bring ultimate delight to the penis too. Rubbing a little bit of lube on the head of the wand, place the toy just under the tip of the penis to make his legs weak. Then, run the head of the wand up and down his shaft, he won’t know what hit him. To really finish him off, stroke his penis with your free hand and use the wand to massage his gooch; sending him to orgasmic bliss (Reference 5).

Another great trick to try – Have him lie on his back with his legs spread apart and slowly massage his inner thighs with the wand working your way up north. Bring the wand towards his penis, so it’s massaging his gooch and balls. Then work the wand up the shaft of his penis, and finish by stimulating the penis tip with the wands powerful vibrations. Remember don’t forget the lube!

Top Tip: Pressing the wand against his gooch can activate the male which is every guy’s ticket to orgasm heaven. Always use the wand on a low setting when stimulating these sensitive areas.

Top Sex Positions To Try Using A Magic Wand

Doggy Style With a Twist

Using a magic wand during doggie style will make it even dirtier. Get into a normal doggie style position on your hands and knees and place a few pillows between your legs. Rest the wand on top of the pillows so it is stimulating the clitoris and have your partner enter you from behind with a dildo, penis or whatever you desire. A magic wand is great to use during doggie because both partners get the ride of their life.

Magic Wand Missionary 

Simple yet sexy, using a magic wand during missionary helps spice up this classic sex position. This position is easiest performed in the upright missionary pose. Lie on your back with your legs spread wide apart, and hold the shaft of the wand along the base of the tummy so it’s head is stimulating the clitoris. Get your partner to rest on their knees in between your legs and slide inside you either with a penis or wearing a strap-on.

The Tongue Twister 

This position is a twist on the age-old oral sex method and is fun for everyone but works especially well for same-sex couples. If the lucky receiver has lady parts, have her lay on her back while she pleasures her clitoris with the wand. Leaving her vagina open to be played with and pleasured by her partner. Lick her vagina opening up and down. If your feeling kinky penetrate her using a vibrator to send shock waves shooting up her entire body. If the sexy beneficiary has male genitalia, have him lay on his back and give him a lazy boy blow job to remember.  Run the magic wand around the head of the penis, eventually taking the wand south towards his ball sack. Then with the head of his penis in your mouth run the wand up and down his gooch paying particular attention to the opening of his anus. Remember to always use lubricant when using a magic wand.

Our Favourite Magic Wand Vibrators

The Powerful and Versatile Magic Wand – My Wand With Three Attachments



My Wand with three pleasure heads: £99

Make room for the Queen of the magic wands. The My Wand toy is rechargeable, made from high-quality silicone and offers seven modes of powerful pulsations and vibrations. The excitement doesn’t stop there, this dynamic toy comes included with three attachable pleasure heads. Turning this toy into a clit pleaser, stimulator and gentle anal prober all in one.

The Travel-Sized Magic Wand – Elegance Powerful Mini Vibrator 


Elegance Powerful Mini Wand Vibrator – Mint: £69.95 

With this pocket-sized powerful wand vibrator you will always be prepared to satisfy the twinge between your thighs. Perfect for beginner sex toy users wanting to experiment with more powerful sex toys. Or ideal for those expert sex toy users wanting a wand they can always carry on them. The elegance mini wands small and compact size allows it to be easily used in a whole variety of saucy sex positions.

The Splashproof Magic Wand – Elegance Powerful Dual Massage Wand Vibrator


Elegance Powerful Dual Massage Wand Vibrator: £89.95

This is the perfect magic wand for those who like to get wet and slippery… Delivering dual end vibrations this rechargeable wand can tease and tingle all of your external erogenous zones, while you have fun splashing around. Top Tip: Use with the attachment (sold separately) for internal penetration.

The Magic Wand Attachment For Men



Male Massage Wand Attachment: £19.95 

Add this attachment to the luxury massager to turn your magic wand into the ultimate vibrating penis stroker. The magic wand attachment for men is designed to work as a male masturbator ribbed inside for added pleasure; whilst the magic wand will send vibrations so powerful up the shaft of your penis your legs will turn to jelly.

Now you have discovered a massage wand is all you need to sprinkle the spark in your sex life all that’s left to do is choose the right one for you. Happy Buzzing.

Finally, our lasting words of wisdom; using lubricant is a must when playing with any sex toy, make sure you clean up any mess afterward with our specially formulated toy cleaner and don’t forget to keep your sex safe by wearing a condom.

Shop our full range of magic wand toys here. You can order online using our discreet delivery service, where our brandless parcel can be delivered to either your home or one of our 11,000 Royal Mail post offices or collection point locations.

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