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Realistic Sex Dolls

SALE NOW ON – ENDING SOON! We offer a range of realistic sex dolls to suit your needs and budget. If the idea of a real sex doll has sparked your interest but you’re not quite ready to commit, why not come down to one of our UK stores and view our sex dolls up close? Choose your doll and we’ll deliver it to your store or your home in just a few days. Our full-sized sex dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes and your choice of hair colour. Each doll is stylised on real women with accurate proportions – browse online or view in-store today.

Types of Available Sex Dolls

At Pulse & Cocktails, we offer customers a range of sex dolls to suit all needs and budgets. For the customer who desires a hyper realistic sex doll with soft skin and visibly visibly enhanced breasts, we stock the Sexy X Lite Lover & De-Luxe Play Partner to fulfil your realistic requirements. We also offer a more fun take on these sex dolls which are perfect for the man (or woman!) who wants to try out a doll for the first time, without making the larger financial investment. There is also the option to buy just best bits – choose from the full torso which includes breasts, a vagina and anus, or opt for the hyper-realistic vagina which offers up the opportunity of doggy-style masturbation. Find out more details of the different types of dolls we offer below:

Luxury Realistic Sex Dolls

Our luxury sex dolls are ultra-realistic to give you the best experience possible. These dolls have been carefully made with attention to detail in all features, including daintily manicured fingernails and gorgeous fluttery eyelashes to gaze into.

The most impressive feature of these dolls is their supple skin. The luxury realistic sex dolls have dense yet soft skin which makes it feel incredibly lifelike to run your fingers over, giving you a spine-tinglingly real feeling!

If your type is a petite, slender, large-breasted lady, these are the dolls for you! Standing at around 5’3, these are petite ladies who are waiting to please you with their gorgeous breasts, pretty faces, and realistic feeling vaginas.

You will never have a dull moment with a high-end sex doll! To maneuver her into your preferred position, whether you want to see her on her back, front, doggy style or however else you wish to play, she moves into positions easily.

Do you have a thing for blondes, brunettes, or redheads? With our higher-end real sex dolls, you can choose your favourite hair colour so she arrives looking exactly like your dream. To complete your fantasy, why not treat her (and yourself) to some sexy lingerie? These are petite dolls so will take a clothing size 6-8 if you wish to dress her up!

Perfect for the traveling man, the luxury real sex dolls come with a detachable vagina which doubles up as a fantastic portable masturbator.

Affordable Inflatable Dolls

Inflatable dolls have come a long way and we are able to offer customers a budget-friendly yet visually appealing sex doll solution.

Our inflatable real sex doll comes with a free pump to get you started, so bringing her to life is quick and easy. Once she’s sprung to life, her bright green eyes and blonde hair will capture your attention first. Your gaze will quickly lower to her large breasts and erect nipples – they bring a new meaning to the term ‘fun bags’!

With the inflatable doll, you are able to penetrate both holes! Both are lined with small bumps and grooves to heighten the sensation, giving a realistic feel. The vagina is also removable, so you can take it with you to use. You can also use the vibrating bullet inside the vagina to give an even more pleasurable experience!

Realistic Sex Dolls are No Longer Taboo

In 2018, the talk of realistic sex dolls is in the mainstream media so it’s no surprise that the sales of these dolls are on the rise. If your curiosity has peaked thanks to the buzz about real sex dolls, there’s no need to be embarrassed! Our high-end dolls are available in-store only so that you can see the quality of her for yourself before you purchase from us. Our friendly staff are on hand to help you with your purchase and even encourage you to close your eyes and run a finger over her to see if you can tell she isn’t real! We don’t think you’ll be able to tell the difference!


Buying Your Realistic Sex Doll

Owning a real sex doll is quickly becoming a less scandalous subject and a more accepted and understood concept in the adult world. While sex toys are no longer a taboo subject, we understand that many customers prefer a subtle service when receiving their realistic sex doll order.

Pulse & Cocktails will always send your orders as inconspicuous parcels so only you will know what lies inside. The packaging itself is wrapped in plain, simple paper and the labels bear no reference to its contents. Even your bank statement will not reveal the adult nature of your purchase, as the reference to your order will simple be from “P and C Trading”.

As a Pulse & Cocktails customer, you can be confident that the only people who will know about your purchase will be you and us – unless you’re planning on sharing!