Valentines Gift Guide: 7 Sex Toys for People with Vaginas

sex toys for people with vaginas

February 14th, the one day of the year where lovers all over the world prepare for a day filled with rainbows and romance and a night filled with naughtiness and nooky. It usually begins with breakfast in bed or if you’re fancy, eggs benedict at a classy restaurant, followed by gifts and thoughtful tokens of appreciation and then, of course, come the Instagram posts and lots of em...

But this year, well, this year is going to be different. There will be no fancy restaurants – CLOSED. No spa days – CLOSED. No couples wine tasting experiences – CLOSED. No cheeky nights away in a boujee hotel – CLOSED. Yep, all the fun things we love to do for Valentine’s Day are more than likely, closed.

So what are we to do? What are we going to get our lovers for vday? How can we really make them smile? Well, people, it’s actually very simple and I’m sure you won’t disagree with what we’re about to say…


Yes, orgasms. Plural. Not just the one. Many.


sex toys for people with vaginas


To indirectly quote American sex and health journalist, Michael Castleman “Intercourse is not the key to *most people with vaginas* sexual satisfaction” With only around 25% of those reaching climax through vaginal penetration. There are many variables as to why only a quarter of vagina-havers reliably experience orgasm during intercourse, with spacing between the vaginal opening and the clitoris being at the top of the list.

We’re all human and we’re all the same, but different. Most of us just need DIRECT clitoral stimulation and because it’s lacking during intercourse and that’s through no fault of the pleasure giver, actually it’s simply because the clit is located outside of the vagina and a few inches above it. Thus intercourse does not provide enough direct clitoral stimulation to allow some to become aroused enough to reach the big O. It’s nothing to be worried about or be embarrassed about, it’s just normal!


Ok, then how? How can I gift someone orgasms? Well, you’re reading this blog, so you’re halfway to finding out. You just keep reading and we’ll deal with the rest.

Here are our top 7 picks to give your lover the gift of never-ending orgasms.. well, that is until the batteries run out… oh, did we mention all but one of these are USB rechargeable toys? tehehehehe!


7 Sex Toys for People with Vaginas – Valentines Gift Guide


The Humming Bird 


This luxurious, versatile, double-ended couples vibrator is one of the most versatile vibrators in the sex toy market and will have you flying high with its 12 modes of exquisitely breathtaking vibrations and pulsations.

This unisex toy is ideal for couples; the larger bulbous end resembles a smooth shaped vibrating love egg that can be used for powerful external stimulation or light internal stimulation. Complemented by a dynamic vibrating antenna at the top of the vibrator, which can be used to pleasure every external erogenous zone to deliver full-body orgasms.

Our Humming Bird can be used as a nipple and clit stimulator, lube it up, spin it around and voila! you’ve got yourself a vaginal and anal vibrator… ALL IN ONE!

Offering 12 speeds of vibrations, this stimulator will not disappoint in the pleasure department. The antenna is perfect for nipple and clit stimulation for her or pleasuring his gooch (the area between his balls and anus), and teasing his balls (which have just as many nerve endings in as the penis).


The Toni Tickler 


Don’t forget the nipples! Why does everyone always forget the nipples? The Toni Tickler Clit & Nipple Stimulator is specially designed for the stimulation of the clitoris, but this versatile, little all-rounder can be used to stimulate any body part you feel the urge to tease… especially the nipples, amiright?

This compact and quiet orgasm-bringer is made from velvety smooth silicone, that rivals some silicones found on luxury toys often costing in excess of three-figures, Whuuuut? She features 12 modes of vibration, with multiple speeds, pulsations and escalations, that are easily operated via the simple-to-use wired remote control.

Toni’s play surface is covered with these bumpy little nodules that vibrate and titillate when wet with lube will take your me-time to dizzying new heights. (Quick reminder, you’ll need 2 x AAA batteries for Toni Tickler!)


Seduction Suction Rabbit Vibrator


Suction Vibrator Sex toy

Possibly the biggest game-changer in the sex toy industry since the rabbit vibrator pierced the public consciousness in the early noughties. Pulse & Cocktails’ very own USB rechargeable, multi-speed, high-quality silicone Seduction vibrator has done away with the conventional rabbit-ear clitoral stimulator and replaced it with a compact clit-pump/suction cup that creates knee-trembling ‘sucking’ sensations when the suction cup covers the clitoris. Put simply, it sucks on the clit rather than vibrates against it.

Want it to suck intensely, lightly, quickly, slowly? Not a problem, capable of 12 modes of suction (multiple speeds, pulsations, escalations: simple settings that deliver the basics – sucking at a steady, consistent pace – to more creative settings that start lightly and intensify or change rhythm as the pattern evolves, also settings that begin intensely and travel in the opposite direction). To sum up, plenty of choices to suit your mood.

You didn’t think we forgot about the G-spot, did you? An ample-sized curved shaft programmed with 12 modes of vibration (multiple speeds, constant, pulsations, escalations) with one of the smoothest silkiest silicone finishes you’ll ever touch – as is the entire toy from tip to base. Remember the water-based lube!


My Wand – 3 Pleasure Heads


my wand with pleasure heads

Why have 1 sex toy when you can have the My Wand?

Inspired by the legendary, discontinued, Hitachi Wand, this sleek, classic wand vibrator provides quiet, yet core-rumbling vibrations, without leaving your neighbours wondering where you got that extremely loud ‘electric toothbrush’ from…

The My Wand is a high quality, wireless, USB rechargeable wand massager/vibrator, made from soft and slippery (when wet) silicone and is equipped with 3 pleasure heads and 7 modes of vibrations, pulsations and escalations. Simply put, it’s one of the best toys we sell.

So those pleasure heads we mentioned yeah? Well, there’s 3 of them right. All completely interchangeable.  

See the beauty of these are that if you’re feeling a little bored with one, you’ve got 2 more to choose from! Or get back to basics and take the head off and use it as a standard massage wand. Now that’s magic. 


Blume Remote Controlled Love Egg


remote control love egg

This rechargeable love egg may look delicate and dainty but it is oh so very powerful in its pleasure providing. Delivering 12 modes of vibrations (multiple speeds, pulsations, escalations).

The pocket-sized love egg makes the perfect travel companion and can be used for both internal and external stimulation. Enjoy either anal or vaginal penetration from this vibrator. However, pick a hole either vagina or anus; never switch between the two areas with the same toy.

This small vibrator is operated by wireless remote control, allowing the toy to be used in a whole heap of sexy scenarios. Hands-free masturbation is made a lot easier. Simply, slide the love egg inside you, sit back and lose yourself in the vibrations (worry-free from any annoying wires getting in the way).  Enjoy power play? Let your partner take control of your pleasure by giving them the remote control while you wear the love egg inside. Make use of this love eggs’ long-range, and take the toy outside the bedroom on a naughty adventure.


G-Motion Licking, Rotating & Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator


thrusting vibrator

The G-motion Rabbit Vibrator is perfect for those who have never owned a Rabbit Vibrator and a must-have for those with a collection. Made from 100% body-safe smooth silicone, the G-motion has many exciting features including a self-warming core, thrusting & rotating shaft, 3 ‘tongues’ for clit stim, USB rechargeable, 7 modes of delicious thrusts, vibrations and licks, plus it’s waterproof!

Blessed with both clitoral and G-spot stimulation, the G-Motion prides itself on providing lovers with lip-biting orgasms. Oooft.

Using not one but three ‘tongues’ perfectly situated in the clitoral stimulator, it collaboratively stimulates the clitoris to really get you weak at the knees. The incredibly powerful G-Motion vibrator really is the Rolls Royce of rabbit vibrators.

Oh and don’t worry about leaving your toys in the boot of your car or in a cold drawer at the end of your bed – the self-warming core provides a body temperature feel, making it extra realistic as well as no cold shock when you use it!


U-Smile Couples Vibrator 

u smile vibrator

Our U-Smile vibrator is guaranteed to make you smile! This versatile unisex toy that can be used solo or with a partner (WOOO). Simply insert one end into the vagina or anus and enjoy clit stimulation or anus stimulation from the other end of the toy.

The wireless remote control can be used from up to 10 meters away, meaning the bedroom isn’t always where the magic happens anymore. Small and compact, you can fit the U-Smile in your bag with no trouble.

With 10 modes of dual vibrations, there’s plenty of ways to make your lover smile, and you by proxy! Not forgetting the Turbo mode which is easily accessed by double-clicking the on/off button! The body-safe silicone feels soft to touch and is silky smooth when using a water-based lube.


And there we have it, our top 7 toys for people with vaginas! Not doing it for you? Why not take a look at our pre-assembled gift sets, packed full of everything you need for an unforgettable Valentine’s NIGHT IN!