Behind Closed Doors: Sex in Lockdown Survey Results

Life as we know it has been turned upside down this past year, and we’ve all had to make changes and compromises, whether that’s becoming an overnight teacher or forcing yourselves out the door for your recommended daily walk. Though with nearly 40% of you saying you’ve had sex in the car or a park during Lockdown, it seems some people have been getting a little extra out of their ‘daily walks’.

It’s been a challenging time for couples especially, but amongst all this craziness, you lot have definitely still been making sure you’re having a good time. And since we can’t go out the front door, you lockdown lovers have just been getting creative behind the bedroom doors instead… and oh baby, we wanted to know all about it!  So, we decided to ask you saucy lot exactly what you’ve been getting up to during lockdown and you were very excited to tell us!

Fig 1: Based on all participants

Our recent Sex in Lockdown survey revealed that almost 90% of you are currently spending lockdown with your partner… and 79% are either married or in a long-term relationship. Well, you guys have definitely been embracing all this time together as 65% of couples said they had bought a sex toy whilst being in lockdown, which is slightly more than singles… surprisingly!

In fact, around 65% of singles said overall, they were having less sexy time during Lockdown, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but you guys know what you’re doing because over 60% of you cheered yourselves up with a sex toy!


Fig 2: Based on all participants

And honestly, we don’t blame you, I mean other than watching Netflix and trying extremely hard not to jump on the Tik Tok bandwagon, what else is there to do other than chain-wanking? and who’d have thought that single men are bigger wankers than single women…but only just, with 85% of single men admitting to masturbating much more since being in Lockdown, compared to 79% of single women, as presented in Fig.3.


biggest wankers
Fig 3: Based on single male & female participants

The single guys that participated also said that 49% of them are masturbating every single day whilst in lockdown… But aside from getting your fair share of “self-love” you singles have also been taking the time to get in touch with your more adventurous side.

Especially the lads, 53% of whom have taken a particular interest in anal sex and decided to give some back door action a try whilst being in lockdown and 34% said ‘up yours’ to the stigma and would be open to trying pegging or have already dabbled during Lockdown.

It’s great to see the nation embracing their time at home and finding out new ways to keep their love life spicy. Bondage is a great way to add a little bit of kink to the bedroom and 42% said you’re always up for trying new experiences. So when it comes to bondage we asked you what kind of thing you’re into, from cuffs to strap-ons, here’s what you all said collectively:


bondage toys
Fig 4: Based on all participants

42% of you said you would be open to trying something new sexually during Lockdown and turns out nearly 45% of single ladies would describe their sexual behaviour as kinky and adventurous and half of all single women who participated said they love to be blindfolded, tied up and spanked hard, ooft.

Another trend that has obviously boomed is the number of people watching porn in to pass the time. Almost 80% of single survey-takers said they were watching porn more than ever whilst being in Lockdown. But we wanted to take a deeper look and see out of those who answered, whether it’s single men or women who are watching more porn in lockdown… 60% of single women said that they have been watching porn more than ever in lockdown but it’s no surprise that the guys take it with 79%!

masturbation graphic
Fig 5: Based on all participants

So though it’s been a tough year for all, there been as least one constant; sex (or self-loving). And it’s from what you guys have told us, you’ve been making the most of the lockdowns, wink wink. It’s definitely provided an interesting insight as to what the nation has been doing together in lockdown.

Thank you to all of those who took part in our lockdown survey, we hope to see you get involved in our next one! <3

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