International Women’s Day 2022: Sexual Exploration & Taking Charge in the Bedroom

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Join us on an exploration into women’s sexual exploration and how the International Women’s Day message is just as important in the bedroom as it is in other aspects of our lives…

When it started, International Women’s Day focused on the liberation of women and their empowerment within the workplace. Giving women the right to vote and have equal opportunities to their male counterparts were important to the development of the cause and has helped to shape our society as it is today.

‘But what does this have to do with sex?!’ I hear you cry!

Actually, a lot. International Women’s Day is all about female empowerment and celebration in all aspects of life, including sex. It’s important women explore their sexual desires and needs. Communicating these with their partners helps to improve romantic and physical relationships. However, this is easier said than done, so we’ve got some interesting insights and tips to help you take charge in the bedroom.





Let’s do some research on women’s sexual exploration


‘Did you know that more than 36% of women require clitoral stimulation to climax? ‘ Forbes Survey Study


As children, many women have been taught that penetration comes first and female foreplay is a luxury. Women’s sexual exploration and enjoyment are often seen as a secondary task, which can neglect your needs and prevent you from experiencing the mind-blowing orgasms and sex you deserve.

In addition to this, Forbes’ survey also found that 10.8% of their participants were indifferent to clitoral stimulation, showing that every woman is different in what they find feels good. This tells us once again that exploration is key! Sensing a theme?

As mentioned, clitoral stimulation can be an amazing sensation on its own and when partnered with penetration. Knowing how to do it in a way that feels good to you and gets your partner involved is a key aspect of sexual exploration and fulfilment. Often women find that a rhythmic and consistent sensation helps them to reach climax and enjoy clitoral stimulation. The best way to achieve this? Guide your partner or use a toy.

It can be difficult for a partner to consistently provide the stimulation you desire without a little help. Taking charge and guiding them with your hand on which areas to rub, how fast, and how hard can show them what you find feels good. Not only this, but your partner will appreciate their newfound knowledge on how to turn you on.

Want to introduce a toy? Bullet vibrators and wands can be amazing tools to help with sexual exploration. They can provide all the power and rhythm needed while your partner just holds it in place. Simple and effective.



Time to talk BDSM and roleplay…

Already introduced toys and want to explore deeper desires? Roleplay can be an amazing opportunity to take charge in the bedroom and unleash your inner dominant side. There’s no need to go full dominatrix on your first try unless you want to! we recommend speaking to your partner and discussing what elements of sex they’d be comfortable with you taking charge with.




Ever commanded your partner? As we talked about earlier, telling someone what to do to you sexually can be incredibly empowering. Although they are still involved, you’re the one calling the shots and you’re in control of your sexual stimulation. Use a blindfold to remove your lover’s sight and guide them with your words, or even tie up their hands and make them use only their mouth to please you. The possibilities are endless and help make your sexual exploration an enjoyable joint activity.

Get some ideas for roleplay exploration in our previous blog article: 8 Kinky BDSM Roleplay Ideas to Sink your Teeth into and Spice Up your Sex Life.


How do I bring up my sexual exploration with my partner?

Although we are led to believe men like to always be ‘the macho man’ during sex, a 2019 survey found that 30% of men prefer to be submissive during sex, and a further 28% like to switch. Much like the assumptions placed on women, men also get a stereotyped sexual role placed onto them in the bedroom. This is why communication is so important when starting your journey into sexual exploration, you may find your partner has been waiting for the same opportunity!

Starting slow and giving things a try which both of you are comfortable with might open up a whole new world of bedroom fun that you both have been desiring. It’s all about who speaks up first. Remember to withhold judgement and keep the conversation fun. It’s not about pointing out things that are missing in your sex life, it’s about presenting opportunities to make it more fun for both of you.


The take-away on International Women’s Day and Taking Charge in the Bedroom

Although International Women’s Day is all about female empowerment in all aspects of life, this doesn’t mean you have to be dominant during sex to take charge. Simply opening up the conversation with your partner about your sexual desires and needs is empowering in itself, and we shouldn’t feel required to withhold these feelings.

Next time you’re getting down and dirty in the bedroom or wherever the mood strikes you try opening up the conversation and taking charge of your sexual satisfaction. Your partner, and your orgasms, will thank you.