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Blindfolds, Masks & Hoods

Want to know the easiest way to turn your sex life from boring to bondage? Put on a mask or pair of seductive gloves and learn why sensory deprivation is seriously sexy. For more ideas on how to get kinky read our blog on bondage and BDSM for beginners.

Best selling black eye mask blindfold for bondage fetish sex

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Why Wearing Masks and Gloves is Sexy

Eye masks and gloves aren’t just for bedtime or doing the washing up. The loss of your senses in these important areas will heighten sensations along the rest of your body and drive you wild.

How To Use a Bondage Blindfold, Mask or Hood

Once your partner is wearing their blindfold, mask or hood you can tease and torment them with different sensations all over their body. The anticipation will drive them wild.