Why you should listen to music whilst having sex

sex and music

Music is an incredibly powerful tool for expressing many emotions. Going through a rough time? Stick some James Blunt on and let it all out. Need to find a little motivation? Lizzo has got you sorted. Fancy getting steamy beneath the sheets and wanna get your partner in the mood? You know Marvin Gaye is going to get you there… Or maybe it’s The Weeknd for you? Perhaps some electronic hard house? whatever your taste, it often has the same effect.

That’s because music has been proven to flood your thinker with dopamine, which is the chemical that makes you feel good the same way as chocolate or sex does or even going to the gym… if you can peel yourself away from binge-watching Motherland that is!

Regardless of what kind of genre you’re into, music is a great way of enhancing your sex life. Though hearing the bed smash against the walls or the heavy breathlessness and deep moans of your lover may be enough to get you ticking, banging with some of your favourite music in the background is definitely something that everyone should try at least once… and we’re gonna convince you!

4 reasons you should listen to music whilst having sex


1. Helps you release your inhibitions

We can all sometimes feel a little nervous about doing the deed, whether you’re concerned about body image or performance, music can help curb the negative thoughts, thus allowing you to let go of your sexual inhibitions resulting in higher levels of arousal and pleasure. By ridding your worries, you can also be more spontaneous and adventurous when it comes to trying new things, plus a lot more present in the moment and focussed on your lover.

2. Inspires rhythm and movement

Following along to the beat of the music can inspire some fun rhythms in your movement whilst performing. Having good rhythm when thrusting can enhance performance and sexual satisfaction for all parties involved This can be a game-changer if awkward rhythm has been mentioned as part of some constructive criticism in the past (and remember to ask for feedback too, what they liked and what could go a miss next time!!)

3. Trigger happy memory and sensory experiences

As previously mentioned, music can be a very powerful tool that can help with relaxation and emotional healing, but music can also play an important part in recalling memories. A certain song or genre of music linked to a particular time in your life can trigger a fond memory or sensory experience which can be perfect for those who want to try out role-play or act out some of their fantasies or desires.

4. Brings you and your lover closer together

Listening to music with your loved one whilst in an intimate moment is a really good way of bonding. When you listen together, your neurons begin operating at the same rate which releases oxytocin also known as the love hormone. A study undertaken by Sonos revealed that 67% of couples who listen to music together seem to be having more sex than those couples who don’t! So an intimate moment, with a little bit of added dopamine and oxytocin is definitely the recipe for a good night!


So, just a handful of very good reasons to try a night of passion with some of your favourite tunes whispering sweetly in the background. Not sure what to listen to when doing a bit of bump and grind? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a passionate playlist of hot music to have sex to bangers for banging! You can also find it over to our YouTube channel