How to play with balls during sex

how to play with balls during sex

It’s pretty much common knowledge that the crown jewels residing in the southern hemisphere are extremely sensitive. Whether you’ve got a pair or not, we all know that this particular area is off-limits most of the time… but not all of the time *wink wink*

Initiating a few ball games during foreplay is a wonderful way of giving your partner sensational pleasure, but like we previously mentioned the area is very sensitive filled with nerve endings that, with the right touch, can result in some incredible sensations. So you need to be smart and use that to your advantage but don’t sweat, we’re going to explain exactly how to blow your lover’s mind by simply fondling his cajones!

5 Ways to Pleasure Testicles During Sex


1. Lubes and Lotions! 

Due to the sensitive nature of the old meat and 2 veg, it is imperative that you do not go in with dry hands, we repeat DO NOT USE DRY HANDS! Whether it’s just a cheeky hand job or light foreplay before sex, the statement still stands the wetter the better!

Lube is perfect for getting the area nice and slippery for a massage, plus you’re good to hop on for some penetrative sex, but if you’d prefer to use body lotion for a tickle, then we’d recommend not having penetrative sex afterwards as; A) the majority of body lotions are not safe for internal use and B) If you’re using protection, lotions or anything other than condom safe lube can mess with the integrity of the condom and there’s nothing quite like a condom breaking to completely murder the mood.

2. Light touches and tickles 

Going in rough and ready with all guns blazing can definitely bring the ‘ball loving experience to a grinding halt, though being too coy can have the same effect too. Don’t be scared of the wrinkly little fellas, get your hands in there but, gently. Utilise your entire hand too, if you’ve lubed up then your warm palms should glide and slide over the balls nice and easily and your tips should softly dance across the skin.

A good method is ball cupping, this is where you hold both balls in your hand and add a gentle amount of pressure, a bit like you’re trying to keep a frantic frog from jumping out of your hand (now there’s a picture for you!). The warmth and pressure is a great combo for relaxing your partner as well as getting them all excited. Keep an eye on their reaction and let them guide your grip, they’ll let you know whether you need to ease up or double down on the pressure! Needless to say, any delicate touching of the gonads will have your lover on the brink or explosion.

3. Tongues BABY

If you really want to drive your partner crazy, then tongues is the way to go baby. Firstly, make sure your mouth is nice and hydrated, because there’s nothing worse than being struck by cotton-mouth and then trying to sexily muster up a mouth full of saliva during oral, plus the experience for both of you will be a lot better wetter.

Begin slowly, use your tongue to swirl and twirl around the contours of the balls, gently work your way into soft kisses and when you’re feeling comfortable, you can softly suck on one ball (or two if you can!) The pressure from the suction along with the warmth from your mouth will definitely get them to where they want to be!

4. P-spot Pleasure Please 

Ok, so not specifically testicle fun, but a bit of non-penetrative butt fun that is definitely worth a try whilst you’re down there already. The perineum, or more commonly known as the ‘Gooch’ ‘Taint’ or ‘Grundel’ is a small patch of skin that lays between the anus and the balls and ohhhh lord is it sensitive!

Just a little tickle on this spot, partnered with all of the above can lead your lover into the best orgasm of their life! But why you ask? Well, from that one little area, you can directly massage the P-Spot (which is the male equivalent to a G-spot) but WITHOUT PENETRATION. That’s right, all the fun of p-spot pleasuring, without the penetration!


Sex toys are great at providing pleasure without having to think too much or to help pick up the slack whilst you’re focussing on a particular area. For testicle pleasure, cock rings are ideal. Vibrating cock rings can be a lot of fun, you can turn the ring around so the bullet stimulator rests on the testicles, providing a brilliant buzz for the balls. Silicone rings also great as they are soft and stretchy so you can pull it over the shaft and, if they’re willing, pop the balls through the ring too, not only will they be more sensitive, get harder and last longer from the normal function of the cock ring but with the balls being pulled through, the blood flow will be restricted and they will feel all those fantastic sensations in their testies too!

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Happy fondling!!