The benefits of sex toys for couples

Introducing a toy to your sex life can help you and your partner to stay interested, excited and involved in pleasing each other. Our For Couples section showcases some of our top selling couples toys, and offers an array of ways to perk up your sex life.

Sometimes a couple who have been together for a long time can become stuck in a rut, with the same routine every time they have sex and one or both partners feeling bored and unexcited. Adding a sex toy can bring a new lease of life to even the oldest relationship, and choosing a toy together or surprising your partner with something you know they will love is a great way to spice things up.

If you are in a new relationship, buying toys together can help you to really explore each others desires and find out what your new partner is really turned on by. Maybe you will get a nice surprise, or get involved in something you never expected to like! Try our Fetish Range for an exciting new hobby for grown ups.

There are many reasons why some couples don’t already own their own toys. Some people can feel threatened or bemused by sex toys, but most people will want to experiment once they have a toy and can feel the texture, shape and  turn on any vibration or function. Many people are embarrassed by the mention of vibrators or toys, but are actually privately very curious.


A lot of straight men feel anxious about their partner having a vibrator or dildo, because they are concerned that their partner will prefer it to them, and replace them. This perception that a wife or girlfriend will decide to use a toy from now on instead of wanting intercourse with their partner is often to do with size, and feelings of inadequacy by the man. Most men will come round to the idea if the partner asks them to help use the toy, and are aroused by the process of using it on their partner. Maybe in this situation a phallic shaped toy isn’t the ideal beginners item, and choosing something with a different shape altogether may open the door to future exploration. The Floating Mood Light Massager is a non threatening way to introduce a more reluctant partner to try new things. Simply add it to a romantic bath and see where the mood colours take you……