Finding the right toy for you

If you are considering purchasing a sex toy, it is important to choose the right toy for you. So here’s a handy guide:

Do you have a fantasy? Or fetish? Think about what your ideal sexual scenario would be. Maybe you will be surprised!

Which erogenous zone do you want to be stimulated? Is it clitoral, penile, vaginal, anal or any other area? Also decide whether you are looking for a toy for penetration or external stimulation.

If you are looking for penetration, are you looking for a toy with a narrow or wide girth? And what sort of texture are you looking for? It helps to know that there are toys designed specifically for anal or vaginal use. Most toys for anal insertion tend to be slimmer and smoother, as this helps with easy insertion. Toys for vaginal stimulation are more likely to have a textured surface, with ridges, bumps or even spikes!

Consider whether you want a certain style of toy. Are you looking for a toy with modern super sophisticated looks? Do you want a replica of a realistic penis? It is important to feel at home with the toy, and not be distracted because you don’t like the way it looks.
What functions do you want the toy to have? A lot of vibrators have variable speed or different settings, but this can also mean the shape of the toy. Are you looking for something discreet to fit into a handbag, or something that performs a few jobs at once? What are your specific requirements? It is important to think of where the toy will be kept and consider the practicalities. Buying a huge dildo or life size masturbator will not be ideal if you need to store it in a shoebox.

Consider materials, do you have any allergies to rubber or latex? There is a large range of glass toys available if so. These could also be ideal for environmental reasons as they will last for a lifetime. Are you worried about harmful chemicals in sex toys? Glass sex toys would also be an ideal solution in this case.

Most toys have an indication of how noisy they are in the product description. Some people don’t care if their toys are heard by neighbours or flatmates, whilst others are embarrassed by the thought that other people may know what they are doing.


Careful planning is the best way to make a great choice that is right for you.