Four Dildos to get your Pulse Racing!

There are quite a lot of choices for dildos in the market, and here we have chosen four great ones for you to explore, either for yourself or in a couple play.

Clone a Willy kitRealistic Penis styles are still popular, such as the 6″ Realistic Black Cock, or larger than life Bam 13″ Realistic Black Cock.

Glass Dildos are popular and are lovely to look at. Clear glass decorated with swirls or spots of colour make these dildos look more like an ornament or sculpture! They can last a lifetime and don’t need batteries. They wont break down as they have no mechanism and can be used underwater if desired. Glass can be heated or cooled by leaving in water for a few minutes and are very easy to clean. The Dotted Knight Glass Dildo is a beautiful toy which has raised spots for added stimulation. Perhaps the prettiest glass dildo is the Rainbow Twirl Glass Dildo, which has beautiful colours and a slight bend for your pleasure.

If you are looking for something to replace an absent partner, or even the perfect saucy gift, try the Clone-a-Willy Kit which offers the opportunity to make a copy of any mans penis for use when he is not around! The rubber moulding kit also contains a vibrator system to make the clone into a fully working vibrator.

If you are looking for a double ended dildo there are a few available, and come in flexible rubber, most at 18″ long. The Junior Double Header 12″ is the exception and is just £22.95, making it a cheaper option. Double ended dildos can be used either by two people simultaneously or by a woman for vaginal and anal penetration.

All of our dildos are top quality and available either online or in one of our sexy superstores.