The Beginners Guide to Dildos

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Whether you’re looking for something firm, squeezable, or outright floppy – there is a huge variety of dildos to pick from: jelly dildos, rubber dildos, vibrating dildos, silicone dildos, glass dildos, strap-on dildos; some realistic, others the invention of wishful thinking (we’re referring to size here, great big whoppers mainly!)

The very fact that the dildo can come in virtually any colour, shape or size goes a long way to explaining why this old classic has never gone out of style, even after the vibrator came on the scene, and still manages to keep the most adventurous of toy users satisfied. With so many options, we’ve pulled together this must-read beginners guide to finding your perfect dildo (even if you’re well versed in the world of dildos it’s worth a read just to see what else is out there)!

We understand that choosing a dildo, especially your first dildo can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’re here to help and we hope this brief ‘guide to …’ goes a long way to helping.


So, what exactly is a Dildo?

A dildo is a sex toy that is almost always phallic in shape and typically used for vaginal and anal penetration.

As mentioned in the introduction, dildos can come in any colour, shape (to an extent, there does need to be a clearly definable shaft for penetration), material, size and style, and there are definitely some wild ones out there!

Dildos can be used for solo play or with a partner… couples that play together, stay together after all!

Lastly, dildos generally don’t vibrate (that’s a vibrator!). But, of course, you can get cock-shaped vibrators that were it not for the vibrating motor would be classified as a dildo but the hard and fast distinction is dildos don’t vibrate and vibrators (unsurprisingly) do.


Realistic Dildos

These are just like the real thing! Unlike the real thing, however, it’ll never get tired out and won’t complain when you’re working it too hard.

Not only do they look lifelike, they feel lifelike too; soft skin, thick, veiny and weighty. Lube up and you’ll struggle to tell the difference.

Just like the real thing, they are available in different colours, shapes and sizes. Great for toy users of all experience levels and are very easy to use (as are all dildo types). Some of our best sellers also feature a suction cup base so you can attach it to a smooth flat surface if you wish to. We advise never attaching a suction cup dildo on a glass surface (if the glass breaks, “ouch!”, or to an object that can easily be moved.

Our best sellers:

Real Lover 7.5 Inch Realistic Brown Vibrating Dildo with Suction Cup

Blue Jelly Double-ended Dildo

First timer? We’d recommend this soft and meaty 8.8-inch dong: 

medium sized dildo realistic

Anal Dildos

For many an anal dildo usually means a dildo that’s a bit on the small side (both length and girth).

However, just like vaginal sex, everyone has a different idea of what is too big. Not only do people differ on what they consider a suitable size, people have different experience levels and want different experiences from their anal sex. Some anal-players are perfectly happy sticking to a dildo not much bigger than a small-to-medium butt plug, others seek more extreme thrills (10 inch, 12 inch dongs, fists, etc).

Anal Dildos

What all this means is there isn’t really such a thing as an anal dildo, more a dildo that’s going to get used for anal. Just like the body part it’s modelled on, it’s designed for both forms of penetration.

What we do stress when it comes to using a dildo for anal sex is don’t make it your first anal toy, certainly don’t have it be your first anal experience. Start small, try a lubricated finger, or if you prefer, a toy no wider than your middle finger. If you feel compelled to explore more, buy a butt plug or a set of anal beads. If you still feel you can accommodate something larger, then go for a dildo. Take your time, as we said at the start; they predate the vibrator and we can’t imagine they’re going out of style anytime soon. Always use a lubricant with any anal sex toy to ensure maximum comfort and pleasure.

Our best sellers:

Purple Swirl Jelly Butt Plug / Anal Dildo £12.95

Purple anal jelly dildo butt plug

Pink 5″ Inch Jelly Dildo £19.95

pink 5 inch anal dildo with balls

To get you started:

3.5″ Inch Vibrating Pink Dildo £29.95

pink small anal dildo vibrator

Strap-On Dildos

Strap-On Dildos have been a staple of many happy couples’ sex life for longer than we can remember and usually consist of a harness (worn around the wearer’s waist) with a dildo attached to it (to be inserted inside the receiver). If you’re planning on strap-on sex with your partner, one of these is what you need.

Strap-on Dildos

Strap-ons are popular in BDSM (particularly when used on men) but aren’t limited to dungeon-esque kink and don’t have to involve submission of any kind. Having sex with a strap-on is just as intimate as having sex with nature’s joystick.

You can get kits which are easy to use and come ready to wear (the plug ‘n’ play option).

To get you started:

Dual Climax Strap-On with Harness £39.95

Red double strap on dildo with harness

Hollow Strap-On Dildos

These days strap-on’s aren’t just worn by women. The hollow strap-on is just what it sounds like; a strap-on where the dildo is hollow, allowing a penis to snugly fit inside. Yes, we’re well aware men already have a penis but that doesn’t negate the fact that hollow strap-ons can be (sex) lifesavers in addition to being as fun to use as any other sex toy.

Hollow strap-on dildos are often used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction; erectile dysfunction can affect any man, of any age, for a variety of reasons. Since erections are deal-breakers for penetrative sex, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often shy away from sex altogether.

A hollow strap-on allows the man to insert his penis inside and have penetrative sex even if his penis is completely flaccid. This way, even if the man has a flair up during intercourse, there is no need to stop.

Not to mention the emotional satisfaction both halves of the couple will experience; the wearer joyed they’re still able to play a pivotal role in sexually pleasing the person they love, whilst the other person is not only happy for them but is elated in their own right as it means they’re still able to have enjoyable sex with their nearest and dearest.

To get you started:

Hollow Strap-on 6.5 inches £34.95

hollow strap on dildo sex toy

Vibrating Dildos

Some people are just addicted to the vibe, that’s cool!

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating dildos, just like their non-vibrating siblings, come in all sorts of colours, materials, shapes and sizes.

Our best sellers:

7″ Vibrating Realistic Dong (was £44.95) NOW £27.95

7 inch vibrating realistic dildo flesh coloured

To get you started:

7″ Inch Real Feel Flexible Dildo Vibrator (was £29.95) NOW £19.95

7 inch real feel bendy dildo vibrator realistic

Double Ended Dildos

Two is usually better than one, right? If you think the way we do then you should definitely experiment with double-ended dildos as they’re all about maximising the pleasure for both of you.

We know they can look intimidating to the beginner but you have to remember that you will be sharing (we’ll assume that means a 50/50 split).

Double-ended Dildos

Just like all other dildo types, double-ended dildos come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, some even have one end that gradually widens out so one cock is girthier than the other (ideal if one of you is particularly more accommodating than the other).

Most of them tend to be pretty flexible too, this lends itself to experimenting with double-penetration (simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration).

Our best sellers:

Pink Double-Ended Dildo £24.95

Pink jelly double ended dildo

14″ Inch Double Dildo £29.95

Black double ended dildo

To get you started:

Purple Double-Ended Dildo £14.95

Purple double ended dildo

Glass Dildos

Our glass dildos are things of beauty! We think they could go on a display all by themselves and you could just look at them. Of course, the true magic comes when you touch them. Don’t worry – the glass is super tough!

Glass Dildos

Glass toys are ideal for what’s called ‘temperature-play’ where you either refrigerate the toy (or freeze it for a very short period of time) for the chilled effect or go the other way and heat it up, either sensation will be a new and exciting experience.

Glass does wonders for the G-spot and prostate.

Lastly, they are among the easiest toys to keep clean, ensuring hygiene levels are kept to the very highest of standards.

Our best seller:

Yellow Spiral Glass Dildo £24.95

yellow gold glass dildo

To get you started:

6″ Inch Clear Glass Dildo £24.95

Clear glass dildo with ring handle

How do I use a dildo?

Like with any new sex toys – we recommend you start small, especially if you’re using it for the first time. Don’t take more than you can handle or you risk ruining what could be an amazing experience.

Bear in mind that the average UK penis size is 5 – 6 inches. So, if you’re just getting started you’re best off starting with a dildo that size. Starting with a dildo that is too big will only cause pain and discomfort.

Start slowly, don’t race ahead. Before you do anything – see what the dildo feels like when you rub it on the outside of your body. Use it to massage and stimulate first. Think of it as foreplay!

Don’t forget the lubricant either, to highlight the importance of lubricant rub the un-lubricated dildo very briefly on the outside of your body. If the dildo is made of jelly, rubber, PVC or latex you will notice it doesn’t glide so well. Now imagine that inside your delicate’s. Precisely. Use lube.

(even if the dildo is made from silicone or glass, materials that are a lot smoother, we still recommend using lubricant)

Once you begin to penetrate yourself – go slowly. Take the time to see how it feels, discovering how it’s different to using your own or someone else’s body part.

How do I bring this up?

So you’re thinking “this sounds like fun, I’d enjoy that! But how do I tell my partner?”. It’s OK, we’ve got that covered too. Check out our ‘How to introduce sex toys to your relationship’ guide.

We hope you’ve managed to find your perfect beginner’s dildo, all that’s left to do now is enjoy!