5 things you need to know before trying anal sex

how to have anal sex

Whether playing solo or with your partner, the key to enjoying anal sex is being relaxed. For most beginners, this is easier said than done. Up until now, the anus will have been used to one-way traffic, so it is likely to clench up tightly when it suddenly feels something trying to enter rather than exit.

Don’t be discouraged, even longtime anal adventurers will tell you they also experienced a brief acclimatisation period. Training the anus to get used to penetration takes time, but eventually, it will feel as comfortable (or almost as comfortable) with this action as it currently is with releasing digestive waste.

1. The wetter the better! 

The first rule of anal, is lube, and PLENTY of it! Stick to water-based lubricant, it’s the most versatile lube on the market. Not only is water-based lube safe to use with every toy material it’s also safe to use with condoms. Avoid oil-based lubricant, lotion, moisturiser, Vaseline, everything that is oil-based! Not only will it ruin some toys (depending on what material the toy is made from), it will also damage your condom and heighten the chances of you catching a sexually transmitted infection. Silicone-based lube is condom friendly but is only compatible with certain toy materials.

2. Start small!

After applying a generous amount of lubricant to one of your fingers and smearing some around the anus; gently and slowly rub around the entrance. It won’t happen straight away but you will notice the sphincter muscles relaxing as it becomes accustomed to being touched this way. Now, gently insert your lubricated finger into your anus; not the entire finger, just a half-finger to begin with. Once inserted, if you feel comfortable performing some slow mild movements try these; shallow penetration, a very faint twirling of your finger or a stroking “cum hither” movement with your finger.

3. Wrap it up!

Always use a condom when having anal sex (penis penetrating the anus). The risk of you catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI) dramatically increases if the person performing the penetration neglects to wear a condom. Ignore what you may have seen in porn films, before filming all performers have to produce a recent STI test result showing a negative result (meaning no STI found, they’re clean). Even then, this stringent system hasn’t always stopped the occasional porn performer from catching an STI from on-set sex. Wrap up!

Also, just a quick one – never use the same toy for both vaginal penetration and anal penetration. Even if you now douche like a pro it’s unhygienic and you’re risking your vaginal health.

4. Clean up afterwards 

Once you’ve had your 5 mins enjoying your ‘afterglow moment’, it’s important to ensure that you clean your anus thoroughly after an anal session, as well as the toy/penis/body part that was used to penetrate you. Our sex toy cleaner is perfect for cleaning up your toys whilst making sure they stay in tip-top condition, but the best way to clean up after a steamy anal sesh is a hot shower with your lover.

5. The student becomes the master 

When you feel you have become more of a pro in the anal region, try warming up your anus half an hour before sex with a medium-sized butt plug. Simply, insert the butt plug into your bottom and keep it in until you are about to be penetrated by a larger dildo or penis. This is called anal stretching and allows the back-passage to smoothly accommodate the larger toy or penis. This little trick is what porn performers do prior to shooting an anal scene (ahh, so that’s how they make it look so easy!).

It may sound bizarre but some experienced anal players have discovered that pushing out their butt muscles (as if they are going to the toilet) makes insertion easier. This technique can also assist during penetration … fear not, you’ve douched.