Can you Tackle these Football-themed Sex Positions?

Any excuse is a good excuse to try out a new sex position. To celebrate the women’s football Euro final on the 31st of July, we’ve created some football-themed sex positions to help spice up halftime and leave you in orgasmic celebration.

With 3 positions to choose from and plenty of fun to be had, which position will you choose to release all of your excitement?

1. Goalie for Gold

Ideal for those who like to get handsy, the goalie for gold is all about the hands. Penetrating from behind whilst being on your knees allows for you to thrust upwards without the use of your arms, leaving them free to roam other areas…

This position is also very versatile for those wanting to introduce a vibrator, as you can reach around to the front of your partner and stimulate the clitoris with a wand or bullet to give them extra levels of pleasure. If you and your goalie are more into kinkier gear, why not handcuff your partner’s hands with bondage tape? Bondage tape’s unique design means it will only stick to itself, so it’s quick and painless to remove if you need your hands free to reach for the remote and switch on the game. Plus- our tape comes in a variety of colours, so you can sport your team’s colour whilst getting down and dirty.


2. Left Field Lovers

For those needing to stretch a little during halftime after being sat on the edge of your seat, the left field lover’s position will certainly give your legs that much-needed stretch. This position is certainly more of a workout as the penetrator will have to hold their partner’s weight as they rock back and forth over you.

Best paired with a strap on or cock ring (depending on who’s on top), you’ll certainly be left out of breath after a few minutes in this position. Gazing into your partner’s eyes whilst you send them into a celebratory orgasm will almost make you forget about the match…almost.


3. Penalty Pleasure

Enjoy shower sex? The penalty pleasure is the perfect standing position for getting steamy in the shower after that nail-biting match. Make sure you have something to hold on to and a non-slippery surface, you wouldn’t want to tackle your partner in the heat of passion would you?

Leaning your partner back as you penetrate them (or sensually touch them) allows your mouth access to the most erotic parts of your partner’s body. Their neck, chest, and jaw will be yours for the taking in this hot standing sex position.