3 Hot Summer Sex Scenarios with Whips and Restraints

Summer sex is the best, with temperatures rising to the hottest on record making the British public sweat, in more ways than one.

Summer is often the season most associated with sex and getting down and dirty in the heat. Whether it’s because we show off more skin, spend more time with partners on holidays, or just generally feel more in the mood, summer is the season to spice things up in the bedroom, hotel room, tent, or caravan.

Summer is sexy

A 2021 survey found that summer is indeed the sexiest season, with almost a quarter of participants claiming July to be the sexiest month of the year. Why? Well, the main reason is thought to be due to the summer holidays, causing people to have more spare time and less stress.

Along with this, two-thirds stated they found it easier to get in the mood when away from home. The change of scenery and leaving home responsibilities…well…at home, mean that we become more open and experimental during sex.




3 Sex Scenarios for Summer

Roleplay is becoming more commonplace in the bedroom than ever. Trying out a new fantasy can be incredibly arousing and hot, especially when you’re away from home and in a new environment.

One option to introduce yourself and your partner to sex scenarios is with whips and restraints. A small element of the much larger kink of BDSM, bondage and dominance play is a great way dip your toe in and make your summer sex spicier.


1. Pitching the tent

Looking to make your next campsite visit a bit hotter? Why not try adding some light spanking and bondage play in your two-man tent?

bondage rope

Bondage Rope

The perfect choice for anyone looking to explore bondage, a rope can restrain your partner’s hands, legs, or entire body if you wish.

Not only is bondage rope great for restraining, but it also is discreet, and won’t look out of place in your rucksack amongst tent polls and a sleeping bag.

double ended tickler

Double-ended Tickler and Paddle

We know that packing for camping can mean you leave some non-essentials behind due to space. A double-ended toy however can help solve this packing issue.

This paddle is perfect for some light spanking while your partner is tied up and at your mercy. Then you can flip it around and try out some sensation play with the feather tickler, running it along your partner’s body to heighten their senses and get them squirming for more…




2. Caress and Cooldown

If you go all-out on holiday with a pool, hot tub, or fancy bath large enough for two, we highly recommend taking some bondage items with you to make the most of the experience.

black ribbon blindfold

Black Ribbon Blindfold

Sexy, romantic, and multi-functional, a ribbon blindfold like this one can cover your partner’s eyes while you wash them, caress them, and hold them in the water.

Use the ribbon to tie up their hands and keep them out of trouble while you have your way with them, plus, this ribbon can be hung out to dry, so there’s no need to worry about it getting wet.

black crop with wristlet

Double Flap Crop

If you want to bring the sting into the bedroom, lightly hitting your partner’s wet behind with this crop can be incredibly arousing. Bring out your inner Mr Grey and enjoy as your partner submits to their punishment.

This useful crop also has a wristlet on the handle, perfect for keeping hold of it if your hands are wet from the water.


3. Yes, Officer!

The officer and suspect in the handcuffs sex scenario is a well-known bedroom roleplay staple. And for good reason.

Having your partner ‘pat you down’ and handcuff you allows them to take dominance of the situation and try out a new bedroom persona. Add in some fun costumes and some sexy music and you’re in for an unforgettable night.

silver metal cuffs

Silver Metal Handcuffs

A must-have for any bedroom toy kit, these handcuffs allow you to lock up your partner’s hands. Put the key just out of reach, and your suspect will be offering themselves to you for a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

black night officer set

Sexy Night Officer Thong Set

Nothing is hotter than a person in uniform. Surprising your partner with an outfit which adds authority and puts you in control will send them wild. This outfit is a must-have for anyone looking to do this sexy summer scenario.

black hand paddle

Black Hand Paddle

Want to take their punishment a step further? Try adding a little spanking with our Black Hand Paddle.

With a wide surface area, this paddle gives the sensation of being spanked but without the sharp sting, perfect for leaving your suspect’s bum red as punishment for their crimes…