8 Extra Quiet Sex Toys You Need for Amazing Orgasms

Whether you’re visiting family for the weekend, living in a student flat with paper thin walls, or you don’t want to wake the kids, a silent vibrator is exactly what you need. It’s pretty hard to have an orgasm when you’re worried about waking everyone up, and trying to muffle the sounds of your moans into a pillow. That’s why in these situations super quiet vibrators are there to give you a helping hand.


Sadly, unless you’re dating a magician completely silent vibrators don’t really exist, but you can get ones that are extra quiet. Since discreetness is at the heart of what we do, here at Pulse and Cocktails HQ we have put our ears together to compile a list of our top seven quiet (but powerful) vibrating sex toys.

Quiet Vibrator Top Tips

When testing vibrators for quieter vibrations we found some interesting patterns and qualities of what makes a great sex toy quiet:

  • Silicone makes for the best material when producing a quiet and powerful toy. This is due to silicone being a top quality material that insulates the sex toy and muffles the sound of the motors.
  • USB rechargeable toys, on the whole, allowed for extremely powerful vibrations to be produced on a quieter scale than battery powered toys. Our conclusion: spending a bit more on a top quality vibe is a worthy investment in your sexual pleasure.
  • Your body does a good job of soundproofing any noise. A sex toy may be a little louder in the open, but once you’ve got it inside you and underneath the sheets, the motors will naturally be muffled.

8 Top Quiet + Most Powerful Vibrators

So where do we start? Here’s our list of eight quiet sex toys and we’ve rated them out of 10 for quietness and power.

1. My Wand Massager with three pleasure heads

Power Rating: 10/10

Quiet Rating: 5/10

the quiet and powerful vibrating my wand massager vibrator sex toy

When you want some hot clit foreplay but also fancy a back massage right after, this quiet wand massager is the toy for you. Peaceful but oh so powerful, the my wand vibrator is at the top end of the sex toy market for sheer power whilst still being quiet. The My Wand massager means you can orgasm the night away without ever disturbing a soul. Although not the quietest toy on this list of seven, it is quieter than most, especially in comparison to other toys on the market that match its power. This unique toy has three detachable pleasure heads, so you can satisfy every need of your body. Once you’ve closed your door and charged it up you will never want to leave your room again.

Buy the My Wand here for £99.


2. Small Clit and G-spot Vibrator – Our number 1 quiet clit vibrator

Power Rating: 9/10

Quiet Rating: 6/10

Small purple g spot vibrator

If you have a vagina and are wanting something portable, peaceful and pocket-sized this magic multi-functional vibe is for you. This vibrator is the perfect travel companion, powerful enough to knock your socks off but not wake the whole world up in the process. Designed to satisfy both the clitoris and the G-spot, whilst being small enough to fit in a handbag (every woman’s dream), this rechargeable vibe has a generously malleable shape allowing it to easily mould to fit the contours of a vagina.

This small Vibrator comes in two different shapes, one is pink and has a curved shape for the G-spot and one is green with a straight flat shape. Both are £59.95 and can be used for light internal penetration.

Buy the Green Small clit and G spot vibrator here & the Pink alternative here for £59.95.


3. Oh ring – Cock Ring

Power Rating: 6.5/10

Quiet rating: 9/10


Having great sex and want to spice it up even more? When you both want to experience earth-shattering orgasms but your Mum’s watching Eastenders next door it’s time to reach for the Oh ring. Not only does this magic USB rechargeable pleasure ring distribute the vibrations evenly across the toy, this quiet cock ring also features a sloped design to fit perfectly into the curved entrance of the clitoris. A cock ring can also keep a mans erection harder, stronger and firmer for longer whilst staying super silent! What more could you wish for?

Buy the Oh ring here for £39.95 in either black or purple.


4. Alfredo Vibrator

Power Rating: 6.5/10

Quiet Rating: 8/10


This super silent yet sleek and stylish vibrator is ideal to use when your feeling horny but don’t want to sound the horn. The Alfredo vibrator is made from skin soft silicone and has a curved and flexible shape, specially designed to stimulate the G-spot. This beautiful vibrator has 30 different settings, starting with soft and gentle murmurs all the way up to intense pulsations. It’s worth noting this toy is battery powered, but it’s power and quietness make it all worth the while.

Buy Alfredo here for £44.95.


5. The Hush Rabbit Vibrator

Power Rating: 5.5/10

Quiet Rating: 8.5/10


Fittingly named the hush rabbit, this vibrator is the perfect sex toy companion that is whisper quiet. Made from medical grade skin safe silicone it has two vibrating motors for dual stimulation on the clit and g-spot. Whilst not being the most powerful toy out of this selection, the hush rabbit is so quiet you actually have to strain yourself to hear the silent murmurs it’s motors create. The hush rabbit is smaller in size than some other rabbits on the market, but don’t let its size and silence fool you – it can certainly pack a punch in the pleasure department. With 30 different functions and a generously curved shaft that has been tailor-made to stroke your sweet g-spot. This toy is battery powered, but if you’re wanting a super quiet vibrator this is the toy to go for.

Buy the hush rabbit here for £39.95.


6. The Elissa Vibrating Love Egg

Power Rating: 8/10

Quiet Rating: 5.5/10


The Elissa egg is wireless and also whisper quiet making it your go-to buddy if you like to get naughty under the sheets. For those that like to kink things up on the sex-o-metre, you can take the Elissa love egg outside on an erotic adventure to a restaurant and give your partner the remote control – the waiter/ess will never hear a thing (if you can keep your moans muffled). Designed for those the vagina, the Elissa vibrating love egg can be worn inside to stimulate the G-spot or used externally around the clitoris. When popped inside you or her the egg is barely audible, so if there’s any background noise you won’t be able to hear it.

Buy the Elissa Love Egg her for £69.95.


7. Flexible Anal Bead Teaser

Power Rating: 7/10

Quiet Rating: 6.5/10


These rechargeable vibrating anal beads are perfect if you want to enjoy some anal action, but the neighbours might get curious as to why the TV is so loud at 10 pm. This toys generously beaded contours and curved shaft work to stroke that elusive P-spot, making it a must-have for both beginners to expert anal users alike. Made from sound silencing silicone and offering 10 modes of powerful vibrations, this toy will leave you free to orgasm your way to anal heaven.

Buy the flexible anal bead teaser here for £49.95.


8. Rechargable Lipstick Luva Vibrator

Power Rating: 6/10

Quiet Rating: 9/10


This Luva rechargeable lipstick isn’t only quiet, it’s also inconspicuous. If you require a concealed, quiet but relatively powerful toy this is the toy for you. Simple to use with 10 powerful settings activated at the base with a button, find a setting that suits you. Perfect for naughty getaways you may just need to worry about how much noise you’re making not your vibrator! The slender design means it is perfect for clitoral stimulation, as well as any other sensitive area on your body.

Buy the Rechargable Lipstick Luva Vibrator £49.95.


Sex Essentials for Quiet Vibrators

  1. Lubricant – You can’t have good fornication without an ample amount of lubrication. We always recommend lube and lots of it. Using an ample amount of lubricant prevents any dryness and friction that can occur from all the lovely rubbing that goes on during sex and masturbation, it also makes everything extra slippery and silky. To keep your toys in the best condition we always recommend using a water-based lubricant, silicone based lubricants should never be used on silicone toys. Check out our blog for top reasons you need to be using lube.
  2. Dragon Strong Tablets – These magic enhancer tablets will help you have the best sex you’ve ever have, you will never want to be without them again. Dragon strong tablets work to enhance both the male and female libido, whilst keeping him harder and firmer for longer. What more could you want?
  3. Toy Cleaner – To keep your toys in the best condition always clean up afterwards using love toy cleaner (£6.00). For tips on how best to clean your little piece of vibrating heaven check out our blog on how to clean your sex toys.

We hope our research into the quietest vibrators will help you have many worry-free and oh so quiet orgasms. We know you will find the perfect toy to help you orgasm the night away, without disturbing anyone.

When ordering online from us you don’t need to worry about how your parcel will look when it arrives, all of our products are delivered in discreet packing. So, your sensible neighbour Norris will never suspect a thing! If you would prefer to see and hear our toys first hand, pop into your local pulse and cocktails store where one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help.

Now all that’s left to do is go and enjoy all your secret and silent pleasure, you can thank us later.


Love the Pulse and Cocktails team.