What Are Love Eggs and Jiggle Balls and How to Use Them

You’ve probably already noticed a lot of the tech you use in your everyday life is getting more slim-line and generally just a wee bit smaller. To a certain extent, sex toys are no different.

There will always be a huge demand for well-endowed cock shaped sex toys, but with the popularity of small, portable, more discreet toys on a seemingly unstoppable ascent – vibrating love eggs and jiggle balls being two of the main attractions – naturally, the selection for these two types of toys has expanded to cater for the ever-increasing variety of people discovering the joy to be had by these mini wonders of sexual delight.

If your knowledge on love eggs and jiggle balls is non-existent or sketchy at best, we hope by the end of this guide you will have all the intel needed to decide if you want to experiment with the sort of sex toys that you and your lover can get naughty with both inside and outside the home (should you be so daring).


What is a love egg sex toy?

A love egg is a generic name for any vibrator that is the same shape and size as an egg, roughly speaking.

Love eggs are also contenders for being the sexiest and most entertaining eggs you will ever encounter.

Are love eggs suitable for inexperienced sex toy users?

Yes, they most certainly are. Toy users of all experience levels enjoy love eggs. Along with vibrating bullets, love eggs are the smallest sex toys you will find. As a result, a beginner toy user (even a first-timer) is unlikely to find the idea of getting intimate with a love egg a daunting experience.

How do you use a love egg?


The love egg is pressed against the vaginal opening until it ever-so-gently slides inside, fully inserted apart from the removal cord. We recommend you lather the egg (and the vaginal opening) with water-based lubricant as this will help the egg slip inside without causing discomfort to the wearer. Once inside, either you or your partner turns on the remote control to start the vibrations. Game on.

Is a love egg just for internal stimulation?

Not necessarily. Yes, love eggs are designed for internal vaginal stimulation but we see no reason why vibrating love eggs cannot be used for external stimulation, particularly pleasuring the clit and nipples.

Is there more than one type of love egg?

Yes, there is. Here are the differences …

Shape and size

All love eggs will be small but not all love eggs are the exact same size and shape; whilst the differences will be slight you will find some variation in size, and yes, even shape (some eggs will be less oval-shaped and just a little bit more spherical than others).

Vibrations and intensity levels

Just like vibrating bullets and rabbits, there will be plenty of choices when it comes to vibrations. In addition to the original setting; plain ol’ simple non-stop vibrations, often with the option to increase the intensity level of the vibrations, some vibrating eggs also offer a variety of exhilarating rhythmic patterns (often called ‘pulsations’) and escalations where the intensity repeatedly rises and fades like a wave.

But the main difference is the remote control


Take a look to see if the remote control connects to the vibrating love egg by a wire, or is it wireless? In other words, do you have to be within arm’s reach to operate it, or can someone turn it on/off from a distance? For some, this makes all the difference.

Quite a few couples embrace being adventurous and sexually daring by using their love egg outside the home.

Hold on, outside?!?

We must stress, fully clothed (we assume).

But yes, one of the main reasons couples purchase love eggs is because they find the experience (even the mere thought) of being sexually risqué with their partner in public a huge turn on. Will a complete stranger realise what they’re up to, or will it forever be their naughty secret that took place in a jam-packed public space? All this and the love egg hasn’t even been switched on yet, the anticipation alone making the heart beat faster.

Do you have to use wireless love eggs outside the home?

No, just because you’ve purchased a sex toy with a wireless remote control doesn’t mean that you have to use it outside your home. Trust us; you can have plenty of fun with it in the bedroom. Some people just find that wires get in the way and don’t want any distractions as they build up to that big O.

Remember, if only one of you is attracted to the idea of being kinky outside the home, then it’s not a good idea.

Do all love eggs vibrate?

Yes. If it doesn’t vibrate then it might be a set of jiggle balls, some of which can be egg-shaped (more on that further down).

Can you use love eggs for anal-play?

We don’t recommend it. Not because it won’t feel pleasurable, it’s mainly because we don’t want you to pull too hard on the egg’s removal cord and break it, losing the egg inside your anus. When something is fully inserted inside the anus, the sphincter muscle closes-up completely. Unless you have a loose sphincter, its natural state is to remain in an almost air-tight clench.

Put simply, removing something from an anus is more difficult than removing something from a vagina. For safe anal play, always use specially designed anal sex toys.

Summary and recommendations for Vibrating Love Eggs

Even if someone’s sex toy collection is limited, there is a good chance at least one of the toys will be a mini vibrating stimulator, most likely a bullet or a love egg.

As more people realise these pocket-size sex toys often pack as much vibrational intensity as larger toys, not to mention they are easier to store between uses, their popularity and thus the selection of love eggs on offer is only set to increase.

Below is a selection of vibrating love eggs, each one equipped with features (or a particular feature) that will make it the most appropriate choice for any one of the wide variety of people we get walking into our stores and shopping with us online; from wired to wireless remote control, battery operated to rechargeable, some made of plastic, others made from silky silicone, and of course price – some love eggs appealing to shoppers on a tight budget to our higher quality luxury love eggs, perfect for those occasions when you feel like treating yourself or that special someone.


Powerful Vibrating Super Egg £29.95


Mini Purple Vibrating Love Egg £5.95


Elissa Rechargeable Egg £69.95

Lastly, technically it’s not a love egg but lots of couples use it like one …



Duo Vibe Rechargeable Couple’s Toy £99.95


love-egg-and kegal-ball-banner

What are jiggle balls?

Jiggle balls hold a unique place in the pleasure toy industry, bridging the gap between a sex toy and a legitimate piece of exercise equipment. A set of jiggle balls normally consists of two or three small balls on either a piece of string or a slightly thicker silicone cord, the string/cord makes removing them from the vagina a lot easier.

Inside each ball is a very light free-roaming weight that moves around the ball as the wearer moves around, creating the ‘jiggle’ effect. The more the wearer moves around, the more the weight moves around inside.

‘Normally consists of …’ you say, so they vary?

Free-roaming weights won’t feature in every set. Sometimes the balls will be hollow (without the weight), occasionally they will vibrate like a traditional sex toy, becoming vibrating jiggle balls.

Not all jiggle ball sets take the shape of perfectly rounded balls, much like the love eggs it’s not unusual for them to be egg/oval shaped. Very occasionally, they will be in the form of two small, lightly-weighted, solid metal balls with no free-roaming weight inside and no string or cord to help you remove them from the vagina, we don’t advise beginners to use this type of ball.

Why do people use jiggle balls?

Designed to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, jiggle balls (sometimes called Kegel balls) improve the overall health of a woman’s vagina – not only making sex better but helping to prevent incontinence by strengthening the bladder and vaginal muscles. (Reference 1)

Before we go any further, what are the Pelvic floor muscles?

The pelvic floor muscles are a ‘sling of muscles … woven around the vagina, urethra, and rectum’. (Reference 2) As shown in this diagram.



This vital muscle group’s purpose is two-fold:

1.      Controlling the release of urine; relaxing to release urine and tightening-up to stop the flow of urine. (Reference 4)

2.      Playing a crucial part in sexual arousal, heightened satisfaction during intercourse and enhancing the intensity of an orgasm. (Reference 5)

So how do jiggle balls improve sex?

One of the biggest benefits to having stronger pelvic floor muscles is this muscle group is responsible for the contractions a woman experiences when she orgasms. Kegel exercises not only make these muscles stronger, firmer and enhance their overall ability to function (much like any other muscle group that benefits from exercise), they also help to increase blood flow to the vagina (vital for more intense contractions).

Stronger pelvic floor muscles and increased blood flow = more intense contractions during orgasm.

Heightens arousal and pleasures the g-spot.

Many get turned on merely by having a set of jiggle balls inside them, whether performing Kegel exercises or not. Often, getting hot under the collar is not where the fun stops. Once inserted, jiggle balls are pressed up against the vagina’s anterior wall, home to the g-spot and an area choc-a-block with highly sensitive nerve-endings.

Whenever the person wearing the balls moves about, the free-roaming weights inside the balls also move, bouncing off the vagina’s inside walls. The result is even light everyday movements can often raise a woman’s arousal levels. When the activity is more strenuous, the jiggle balls response is more intense, providing full-on g-spot stimulation, explaining why many prefer to wear theirs when they know they will be physically active. (Reference 7)

If you like anal-play, you’ll love this:

Insert the jiggle balls into the vagina, then start having anal sex with your partner (penis or strap-on). You will find the penetration really pushes the balls against the g-spot and rubs against it in a way that single-penetration cannot match. (Reference 8) The anal penetration will also feel even better for both of you as what feels tight is now even tighter! If this is a solo endeavour, use another toy for the anal-part.

I’ve heard Kegel exercises can tighten the vagina, is this true?

Not really, but to those who perform Kegel exercises regularly, it can feel that way.

Let us explain …

Kegel exercises don’t tighten the vagina as such, but they can enhance sex. Stronger, firmer, more toned pelvic floor muscles give you the ability to grip onto your partner’s penis even tighter than before during intercourse.

If you’re in a same-sex relationship (no penis involved) and want to experience your/your partner’s awesome ‘vagina 2.0’, then slip a finger or two inside and marvel at the vice-like grip all the hard work has produced.

How do you use jiggle balls?

You insert jiggle balls the same way you insert a love egg; placed against the vaginal opening, a gentle push and the first ball slips inside. Tuck in any string/cord before inserting the next ball, remembering to leave the final bit of string/cord hanging out for easy removal.

Like with the love egg, we recommend putting a small amount of lubricant over the balls prior to inserting them, this ensures the user doesn’t experience any soreness.

Once inserted, it’s time to put them to good use by wearing them whilst performing pelvic floor muscle exercises, or ‘Kegel exercises’ for short.

Kegel exercises; what are they and how to do them

Kegel exercises are quite simply the tightening and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles, a set number of times with each repetition lasting a few seconds. Many people have already performed this action without even realising it whenever they have had to stop themselves peeing mid-stream.

Sounds simple, but many also fall into the habit of tightening/untightening their abdomen, buttock and thigh muscles at the same time. This incorrect technique will not result in strengthening your pelvic floor.

It’s very important to only tighten/relax the pelvic floor muscles, no other muscle group. It’s equally important to perform Kegel exercises on an empty bladder.

Perfecting the technique

We don’t advise you identifying your pelvic floor muscles by repeatedly stopping your urine mid-stream as not only can this weaken your pelvic floor muscles (as strange as that sounds), over time it can also damage the bladder and kidneys. (Reference 9)

But there are a couple of techniques you can use to help you perform the exercise correctly:

Technique one

1.      Put one hand on either your stomach, underneath your bum or on your leg.

2.      With the other hand, insert a finger into your vagina and contract your pelvic floor muscles around your finger. Your vagina should tighten and your pelvic floor should move upwards. When you’re squeezing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles if you feel your abdomen, butt or thigh muscles also move then you’re moving the wrong muscles. (Reference 10)

3.      Repeat, only move your hand to one of the other body parts to check other muscle groups don’t also move, still using the other hand to feel your pelvic floor muscles.

Technique two

1.      Imagine you’re trying to hold in a fart.

2.      Insert a finger into your vagina. ‘Tighten the muscles as if you are holding in urine, then let go. You should feel the muscles tighten and move up and down.’ (Reference 11)



Like with every other form of exercise, quality is more important than quantity.

Once you’ve identified the pelvic floor muscles and have mastered the art of only tightening/relaxing those particular muscles when doing the exercise, the great thing about Kegel exercises is they can be done discreetly in almost any position (standing up, sitting down, lying down).

How many repetitions should I perform?

There is a debate about the appropriate number of repetitions and how many seconds each repetition should last, especially when it comes to advising beginners.

Just like with any other exercise, we always stress not to overdo it otherwise you will cause a serious injury to the body part you’re overworking. In this case causing the pelvic floor muscles to tighten up too much, causing sex to be painful. (Reference 12)

The National Association for Continence, a non-profit organisation in Charleston, South Carolina (USA) advises:

·         5 repetitions on your first day, 3 times a day. After that, aim for 10 repetitions, 3 times a day.

·         Each repetition: tighten the pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds, then relax for 5 seconds (and repeat).

·         When you’re more confident, aim to make each repetition 10 seconds (tightening up for 10 seconds, then relaxing for 10 seconds).

·         Breathe normally throughout.


MedlinePlus (https://medlineplus.gov/); a website produced by the US National Library of Medicine for the National Institutes of Health advises:

·         10 repetitions, 3 times a day.

·         Each repetition: tighten the pelvic floor muscles for 8 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds (and repeat).

·         Breathe normally throughout.


If you find the above workout plans too intense, reduce the number of repetitions to a more manageable level and very gradually increase the number to something approaching the above workout plans. We would rather you did too little than too much to begin with (for reasons previously mentioned).

After a few months of performing Kegel exercises on a daily basis, you should start to notice the results. Do not stop; keep doing the exercises if you want to maintain your improved, stronger pelvic floor. However, if you begin to experience a pain you never felt prior to doing Kegel exercises, then stop immediately and seek professional medical advice.

Jiggle balls that aren’t too heavy

Kegel exercises are not meant to be high intensity and are only ever meant to put a very mild strain on the pelvic floor muscles. After insertion, if you find the jiggle balls fall out or you’re ‘clinging’ onto them for dear life, then clearly this set of jiggle balls is too heavy and unsuitable for you.

After insertion, if you are able to walk around normally for a minute, then a few minutes, and feel your vaginal muscles are able to bear the load comfortably then congratulations – you have found yourself a suitable set of jiggle balls.

More important health and safety stuff to consider

·         Remove the jiggle balls just as carefully as you inserted them and if necessary, prior to removal, apply some more lubricant to the vaginal entrance. (Reference 13)

·         ‘Sometimes those approaching menopause can have pain from thinning vaginal walls. In this case, we recommend using extra … lubricant for comfort.’ (Reference 14)

·         Whether wearing jiggle balls for Kegel exercises or for sexual stimulation, avoid leaving them in for too long as this can stress the pelvic floor muscles and put too much pressure on the urethra. Californian-based woman’s health expert Sheryl A. Ross M.D. (aka “Dr. Sherry”) says 6 hours maximum. Bear this in mind if you want to wear them whilst you’re out and about.

·         ‘If you start to smell an odour or get a discharge’ (Reference 15), remove the jiggle balls immediately and clean them.

Finally, to avoid vaginal infection, before and after every use you should clean the jiggle balls with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. The anti-bacterial qualities kill potentially harmful bacteria and minimise the risk of infection. Simply spray the love egg/jiggle balls with our specifically formulated sex toy cleaning spray (£6) and leave for 2-3 minutes. Then, rinse with lukewarm water and let the love eggs air dry.

Why jiggle balls are vital when performing pelvic floor exercises

Using jiggle balls to provide resistance against the muscle contractions not only gives the pelvic floor muscles a better quality workout, but they also produce beneficial results faster, dramatically cutting down workout time. (Reference 16)

Can you perform Kegel exercises without jiggle balls?

You can but you better have an awful lot of spare time, on a daily basis.

‘Without adding resistance into your workouts, it is difficult to make significant improvements unless you do 80-100 Kegels per day.’ (Reference 17)

Using the metal balls without the removal string/cord

Whatever you do, please do not put these up the bum. They have a history of travelling too far into the colon, making retrieval difficult.

Will Jiggle Balls get lost if inserted into a vagina?

No, ‘thanks to your cervix, the balls can’t migrate beyond your vagina.’ (Reference 18)

Having said that, make sure the removal cord is not inserted into the vagina, it does make retrieving your jiggle balls (or love egg) a lot easier.

Finally, Kegel balls, jiggle balls, Ben Wa balls, geisha balls; what’s the difference?

A lot of the time there is no difference. When you hear someone talking about Kegel balls they’re normally talking about jiggle balls and visa versa. However, there is one major distinction: all jiggle balls can be classified as Kegel balls, Ben Wa balls or geisha balls. But not all Kegal balls, Ben Wa balls and geisha balls have free-roaming weights inside them and therefore cannot be classified as jiggle balls.

Kegel Ball Product Recommendations


Vibrating Love Eggs / Kegel Balls £22.95

Purple Silicone Kegel Balls £19.95


Triple Love Eggs / Kegel Balls £16.95

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