Tips on how to be a good kisser

how to be a good kisser

First kisses can be incredibly daunting, even if you’ve done it a thousand times, we all get those butterflies when you’re locking eyes with your crush and slowly leaning in to lock lips. Kissing can be an aphrodisiac for the mind and body A good kiss can set off the metaphorical fireworks and be the start of something beautiful, but a bad, sloppy kiss can summon the ‘ick’ and that’s bad news for everyone involved, so it’s important that you’re well equipped with knowledge on what makes a great kiss.

When it comes to kissing, there’s always room for improvement, here are a few tips on how to be a good kisser

1. Consent is sexy

The first rule to becoming a good kisser is consent. Though you may think everyone wants their faces to be grabbed and smooched intensely, that is not the case. There’s nothing sexier (and respectful) than being posed the question “may I kiss you?”, trust us.


2. Don’t stress too much about breath!

Most people think that having minty breath is the most important thing before going in for a kiss, but most people are wrong. Let’s be honest, the best kisses are impromptu and passionate. Who’s got time to be obsessing over their breath? A couple of mints here and there sure, but don’t overdo it! Constantly having mints or chewing gum can come across as looking a little too eager, which can be a huge turn-off for the other person and it can make them feel insecure about their own breath!


2. Avoid ‘washing machine syndrome’

Ready to up the ante? Tongues are the way to go! But don’t go straight in and stick your tongue down their throat when it comes to kissing with tongues, it’s not a depth competition. Start off with small movements, let your tongue tip touch with your partners and let them gently “play” together. It’s all about the tease, but don’t stick it in and out of your partner’s mouth like an excited lizard. Take your time and keep it soft and sensual, that’s the method we’re going for here. Remember, a little goes a long way!


3. Remember to breathe!

It’s typical for people to literally forget to breath when in the middle of a passionate kiss, but eventually you’re going to need to come up for air and that’s when the heavy breathing starts which is exactly what your kissing partner doesn’t want when they’re nose to nose with you. Pull away for a second to get your breath back, use the moment to gaze into your lover’s eyes or offer your forehead to be kissed whilst you catch your breath. By taking this moment, it will also help set the pace and keep things at a slow, romantic pace, the slower the better.


4. Nibbles are sexy, hickeys are not

Turn up the heat during a passionate kiss by getting your teeth involved! And no we don’t mean when you’re actually kissing, because there’s nothing worse than banging teeth during a smooch but exploring the neck by nuzzling and kissing can be hot and some little, gentle nibbles can definitely set the fireworks off, the keyword being gentle. Love bites or hickeys are typically sported by excited teenagers who flaunt them like trophies, but in the real world, they’re unsightly bruises on your body that are almost impossible to cover. It might be what you’re into, but love bites are definitely something to discuss with your partner before going in like a vampire!!


5. Close your eyes

SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE AT THE BACK! Seriously though, keep them closed. Locking eyes with your partner whilst in the middle of a kiss can be extremely awkward, so best to keep the peepers shut!


6. Awkward hands?

Struggle with awkward hands? Not a problem, here are a few handy positions (no pun intended!) for when you’re not sure where to put those hands!