Arse Expanding Metal Chastity Plug

Arse Expanding Metal Chastity Plug


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Contender for the most extreme toy we sell.

Simply put, the Arse Expanding Chastity Plug is not for wimps or beginners.

Arse Expanding Metal Chastity Plug Key Features

  • A metal arse lock (or ass lock) that also functions as a metal butt plug for extreme unisex anal-play.
  • Starts life as a heavily weighted butt plug, then …
  • … the plug splits into 3 parts, expanding in 3 different directions becoming an intense anal expander, then …
  • … using the supplied padlock, turn it into a chastity device the wearer cannot remove. Their arse is locked up!
  • Comes with 3 keys (1 for usage, 2 spare).
  • Not recommended for solo-play.
  • Recommended for advanced anal-players, anal fetishists and chastity enthusiasts only.

For advanced anal fetishists, BDSM and chastity players only.

This sadistic contraption starts out as a heavyweight butt plug that would strain the average metal toy user’s back-passage, certainly if required to wear it for prolonged periods. All in all, if you’re someone who gets-off on the weighted sensation metal toys provide, you’re in for queen/king size treat.

For most toys that would be its ace-move, its top party trick. Not with this toy, here is where this plug begins to show its torturous streak:

Remove the black rubber band from the plug’s mid-section and you will instantly see the insertable portion of the plug separate into 3 even pieces where it splinters-off in 3 different directions, almost like a metal flower. And I think we can all agree that when fully bloomed it’s a big-arse flower!

The key-holder will have to press down on all 3 plug-parts to keep its shape during the initial stage of insertion, but once it’s inside the anus, even partially, they can let go as the wearer’s back passage will take over. Fully inserted, the plug will attempt to expand (it wants to expand!) but will be met with resistance by the wearer’s anal canal/rectum …

… hey, we’re not doubting the elasticity of your favourite arsehole in the world, we’re sure it’s a very gape-happy dwelling, but it will only stretch so much …

As the tussle between the irresistible force and the ‘somewhat’ immovable object takes place, giving the lucky wearer the shock of their lives (certainly if it’s a first-time wearer), take devilish delight in keeping them in this acutely uncomfortable state by completing the third and final stage; using this toy as a chastity device.

Using the supplied padlock, putting it through the hole located beneath the base of the plug (refer to photo(s)), turn this butt plug into an arse-lock!

Unable to remove the plug they will be 100% at your mercy. As the key-holder you own them, they’re your bitch. Saviour the moments … make that minutes … make that hours?

What humiliation will you put them through before releasing them? Once released, do you risk the tables being turned? Questions only the wearer and key-holder can answer.

What happens if the wearer needs the toilet whilst wearing it (and we’re not talking about needing a wee)? That’s something the wearer and key-holder will have to discuss.

Don’t panic if you lose your key, this chastity device comes with 3 keys; 1 for usage, 2 for spare.

Lastly, we know metal toys cost a bit more than most standard toys but after the initial outlay they can save you money in the medium/long-term. As long as you clean them after every use * and store them responsibly, metal toys should outlive your other toys. As the saying goes, “look after you toys and they will look after you”.

(* Toys made from metal and glass are the easiest to clean and, on average, hygienically superior than toys made from other materials, providing you clean and store them correctly.)

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don’t forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails’ specially formulated toy cleaner.

This toy is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.



Insertable length: 8.5cm approx.

Total length: 14.5cm approx.

Width (insertable portion only)

Diameter of plug before it expands (at widest point, middle of plug): 4.4cm approx.

Length of each plug-part after expanding into 3 separate parts: 7.7cm approx.

Distance between the tips of the plug-parts after they have fully expanded/folded-out (not inserted): 14.5cm approx.*

*Don’t fret, unless the wearer has the loosest or stretchiest anal canal/rectum in the world, this contraption will not expand that wide. Make no mistake, it will provide an extreme stretch but the anal muscles will hold firm(ish) and prevent it from fully expanding.

Material: body-safe metal.

Brass padlock supplied with 3 keys (1 for usage, 2 spare).

- Product code: 35762

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