Sexy Essentials for Your Next Festival or Camping Trip

A spur of the moment quickie whilst out and about or three minutes of passion alfresco style, sex outside the home has always had a special appeal for both couples who can proudly tick it off their sexual bucket list and those who get horny from merely fantasizing about it.

One occasion that’s ripe with new and exciting opportunities for getting it on is during a camping trip, whether you’re attending a music festival or having a camping trip.

Not convinced? According to the Great Britain Tourism Survey, roughly 9.39 million camping and caravan trips were made in England in 2018 alone (Reference 1). Are we to believe that out of 9.39 million none of them felt frisky whilst basking under the warm glow of the sun, or lying dreamily beneath the stars?

Trust us; you won’t be the only campers trying to enjoy the outdoors whilst indulging in some incredible sex!


The benefits of having sex outdoors with your lover

As far as sexual experiences go, few will get the heart pounding (and other body-parts throbbing) more intensely than having sex outdoors.

With the exception of sleeping with a new partner for the first time, few things do a better job at sending libido levels through the roof than knowing you and your partner are up for trying a new sexual experience, especially if it’s something that you’ve fantasised about for a long time.

Many are drawn to the risqué thrill inherent in outdoor sex; the unlikely but remote chance of getting caught, the sheer taboo of doing something many consider private in a public space.

Put simply, there’s no sexual high quite like it.


How to plan a sexy camping trip

While camping per se might not be our area of expertise, we can offer you advice about camping trips that may involve a bit of as-and-when sex.

Sex essentials to pack for your camping trip


If there’s a penis or strap-on involved in this pants party, use a condom, even if you don’t use them at home. Not only do they make the post-ejaculation clean-up a lot easier, they also help to keep the strap-on clean (though we still advise giving it a clean afterward with toy cleaner, see below).

You generally can’t go wrong with an assorted pack as it contains a pic-n-mix of the bestsellers. We recommend the Skins Assorted Condoms 12 Pack (£7.95) as it contains 4 Natural, 4 Dots & Ribs and 4 Ultra-Thin. Also, these condoms give-off a slight vanilla scent so there will be no traditional latex smell stinking up your tent.



Along with condoms, lube is the most important part of your camping sex kit. Finger, penis, or toy; lube makes everything slide in-n-out a lot smoother, increasing pleasure. Some lube-users prefer silicone-based lube as it generally doesn’t dry up as quickly as water-based lube, however we’re going to recommend you use water-based lube as it’s compatible with all sex-toy materials (unlike silicone lube) and if you spill some on your sheets or clothing, water-based lube stains aren’t as stubborn as those caused by silicone-based lube.

Our travel-size bottle should do the trick, 100ml Love Lube Sensual Water Based Lubricant (£6.00).



A Small Vibrator

A small, simple vibrator can be just what you need to make outdoor sex extra intense. We advise you don’t take your favourite toy from your existing collection, nor that £100+ toy you got for xmas as this may be hard to transport.

Also, you’re already experimenting enough on this trip, so there’s no need to try a toy that functions differently from the toys you’re used to. Go for something that is simple to use, lightweight, small, quiet (don’t worry if it’s not ‘whisper quiet’, have the radio playing at a low volume) and battery operated (rechargeable toys are great but only if you have the means to charge them up).

A bullet vibrator is all of the above, we recommend you go with the reliable 10 Speed Vibrating Bullet (3.5 inch) £8.95 (was £14.95).


If you don’t get along with mini-bullets, preferring something small-to-medium in length then opt for the slim-line Hush G-Spot Vibrator (£34.95), a contender for the quietest vibrator we sell and yes, it can also be used for clitoral stimulation.


Sex Toy Cleaner

Just because you’re getting more in-tune with nature, toy hygiene is still a must. Before and after every use, make sure you clean your toy to eliminate the possibility of harmful bacteria.

If you feel our bottled Antibacterial Toy Cleaner (£7.00) is impractical to pack, then a space-saving 100% leak-proof alternative is these Sterile Wipes (£6.95); 10 in a pack, each wipe is individually packaged. Yes, they are usually used for cleaning electro sex-toys and medical instruments but they can be used to clean all sex toys.


Non-naughty goodies you must pack

If you’re new to camping or festivals, don’t forget to invest in the following (even if sex is not on the agenda, though funnily enough all the items listed can be used to make your outdoor sex more enjoyable).

Baby wipes: if you take one thing from this list, please make sure it’s these. Even if your campsite has showering facilities there will be times that only require you to quickly freshen up. These will also come in handy before and after sex.

Wellies: we all know British summers have unreliable weather. On the off chance it rains take a pair of wellies, soaked feet and soggy socks are a real buzz kill. Plus, you could discover that one of you finds the look a kinky turn-on, a newly discovered fetish perhaps?

Inflatable mattress (air bed): sleeping on hard ground is never fun. Invest in one of these and you’ll sleep like a baby, plus the mattress will lend itself to making the sex better.

It’s not a bad idea to choose a model that has a flocked top-lining, not only does the surface’s soft-touch make for a more comfortable night’s sleep but some users have discovered it reduces the amount of squeaking sounds non-flocked air beds can apparently make when the sex really gets going (source – anonymous tip).

Photo ID: if at a festival 18 – 25-year-olds will need it if they hope to get served at the beer tent.


Is Oral or Intercourse Best when Camping Outdoors?

Intercourse Outside

When it comes to positions, stick to the basics (more on that further down), it’s not really the ideal time to try a position you’ve seen in the Kama Sutra, or experiment with anal or anything bondage related.


Oral Outside

Whether to have oral sex or not depends on a number of factors: does the campsite have showering facilities (not all sites have them), is your tent close to them? And is it safe for you to have a shower after consuming all that alcohol, especially you festival reveler?

Other things to consider: is the weather mildly pleasant or sweltering? How much of an effect has the weather had on your bodily cleanliness? Will baby wipes suffice if taking a shower isn’t an option? Crucially, are you happy to go down on your partner even if their intimate bits are less desirable than usual?

Ultimately you both have to ask yourself; can you do without oral sex for a few days, or are you going to let its absence (or its possible absence) stop you both enjoying intercourse? Questions only you and your partner can answer.

Just as important as what sex acts are on and off the menu, you need to think about where the sex is going to take place …


… Should you have sex in a tent, in the car, or in a field?

Whilst a tent is the most common place for people to have sex during camping, all three locations have a unique x-factor, making them all appealing in their own special way.

However, because we don’t know where you’re vacationing we can’t offer you advice that’s tailored to your trip. Much like the oral sex question earlier only based on where you’re staying, the layout, the location’s busyness, families with small children, etc – you will have a better idea of what’s achievable and what might be too problematic.

What we can do though is give you the lo-down on the pros-n-cons of each location:


Top Tips for Having Sex in a Tent

The main advantage of tent-sex is you’re less likely to be seen, which means you can romp completely naked and let that summertime breeze raise your libido (with the entrance mostly zipped-up of course, giving you total privacy).

Another advantage to tent-sex in the daytime is the natural light means you avoid the rookie mistake many first-timers make if having tent-sex after dark: to avoid fumbling around in pitch black conditions many couples use a lantern or some other light-source, unfortunately the lovers end up giving everyone a free show due to the illumination allowing outsiders to see what they’re up to … albeit a silhouetted version.

If the mood does strike you in the night, you’ll have to simply rely on touch more than sight, we’re sure you’ll make it fun. Also, if you’re entering your tent after an evening out, before things get raunchy turn the light on for a few seconds just to make sure there are no creepy-crawlies.

If during the day you’ve applied bug-spray on to your body, before sex it’s advisable to remove the spray’s remnants from your body (certainly your hands) using baby wipes. This stops any of the chemicals used in these sprays getting on (or inside) your genitals (Reference 3).

Day or night, don’t forget that tents have zero sound proofing (Reference 4). To cancel out passers-by hearing any heavy breathing and the occasional faint audible moan, use a battery-operated radio to play some music at a low volume.

Also, if you’ve been camping before you will know a lot of 2-person tents don’t offer much wriggle room as they aren’t really designed with sex in mind. It’s advisable to get a 3 or 4-person tent (Reference 5), this way you’ll be having sex in less cramped conditions and will be able to stretch your limbs without restriction, even when you’re just stretching-out when you yawn.

Where are the tent-friendly sex positions you said you would recommend? We’ve not forgotten, don’t fear we’ve covered them further down.

Top Tips for Having Sex in a Car

If you have tinted windows then your car could well be the best place to not get caught having sex outside the home. Alternatively, you could use roll up/down sunshades to cover up all the windows but that might give the game away (certainly in the daytime, less so at night) …

… Or, on the provision that you’re visiting a location not used by families with small children, embrace the thrill-seeking element in outdoor sex and simply risk being caught in the act. It will either be a massive turn on, cause you both to stop and laugh hysterically, or prove to be a huge turn-off (if you are considering this, just bear in mind that not all passer-by’s will see the funny side, some might even be figures of authority).

With the above in mind, if having sex in a car with non-tinted windows, it might be a good idea not to strip down to your bare bum. So ladies, trans-women and cross dressers; wear a dress or a skirt.


Car-sex is easily achievable if you have an average size car, less so if you own a smart car or a mini. Even in an average size car most people will find it beneficial to put the back seats down and make use of the boot space, certainly if you’re doing a position that requires you to lie down. Car-sex is also easier if you aren’t as tall as your average professional basketball player.

Remember to store some thick blankets (or old jumpers) in the boot so the person on the bottom doesn’t get uncomfortable.

A lot of positions best suited to tent-sex also apply to car-sex (see further down); however, there is one quirky way that really lends itself to a car more than any tent or remote woodland.

‘If music be the food of love, play on’ (Reference 6)

As long as you have the windows shut, cars offer you vastly superior soundproofing and will cut out virtually all the noise you make, so if you tend to get loud during sex, go for it! And while you’re at it, crank up the music as the bass will really amp up the sex (Reference 7).

Because of the confined space the whole car will begin to ‘thump and vibrate’(Reference 8), sending the bass reverberating through the body of whoever is on the bottom (sound system dependent).


Top Tips for Having Sex in an Open Space

With the summer breeze working its lust-heavy magic, sex in an open space is definitely the most thrilling of the three options, but almost certainly the riskiest.

Finding a suitable spot for alfresco-sex may prove difficult, so definitely have tent-sex as your first option. If you’re fortunate enough to come across a secluded area of open space, consider it a bonus and don’t waste the opportunity.

You’ll probably have some bottled water on you to quench your first, make sure you have enough to wash off any bug-spray you’ve applied to your body (again, especially your hands) for reasons already explained when discussing tent-sex. Or better yet, use baby wipes and save all your water for drinking.

One instant upside to alfresco-sex is there are no height constraints stopping you from having sex standing up, so if there’s a tree nearby, use it.

If having sex on the ground, many prefer to lay down a thin blanket and use any clothing you’ve removed as make-shift pillows and padding for whoever is on the bottom, hard ground can be rough on the body and un-sexy. With or without a blanket between you and the ground, give your private areas another quick once-over with either water or baby wipes, just in case, any dirt has stuck to your nooks and crannies.

Finally, this valuable piece of advice from a North American park ranger: ‘if you’re in bear country; lube, condoms and baby wipes … need to be in your bear canister – even when they’re still sealed. (Reference 9)’ You’ve been warned.

The best Camping / Outdoor Sex Positions

A lot of the positions that work in a tent can also be used in a car as all the positions featured here have you either sitting or lying down.

Note: with gender fluidity in mind, wherever possible we have avoided using ‘him’ or ‘her’.


Sex Position One – Work the Angles

Fold or roll-up two or three sleeping bags and line them up next to each other. The person being penetrated lies on top of the bags; their partner then climbs on top making sure their knees are either side of the sleeping bags.


The great thing about this position is because the person being penetrated is elevated (due to the bags), their partner is able to penetrate them at an angle that is suited to deep penetration.

Sex Position Two – The Big Spoon

Both lie on your side facing the same way, so the person performing the penetration is looking at the back of their partner. Wrap your top leg around your partner and insert yourself.

Sex Position Three – The Wraparound

Again, both of you lie on your side but this time facing each other – reminiscent of all those vintage Hollywood movies that showed couples on the beach in a passionate embrace (just before the waves are about to crash against them).

Arms wrapped around each other, the person being penetrated wraps their leg around their partner’s hip, creating an opening for their partner to insert themselves. Next, you simply rock in unison until … boom.



Sex Position Four – The Wraparound or Backseat Boogie

The Wraparound – Both of you sit facing each other. The person being penetrated has their legs wrapped around their partner’s hips/lower back, so your bodies are pressed up against each other.


Backseat Boogie – If done in a car the person performing the penetration sits in the backseat (middle), as their partner plants a leg (technically a knee) either side of their hips (effectively straddling them).

Hint: or, the person being penetrated can simply turn around, sitting of their partner’s crutch, resting your hands on the front seats for support (if needed) as you both rock.



The following Sex Positions work best when Performed on an Airbed


Sex Position Five – ‘More Bounce to the Ounce’

Simple and satisfying in equal measure; the person performing the penetration lies on the bottom, their partner gets on top and mounts them with a leg positioned either side of their body. Using the ‘bounce’ of the airbed, go for it!

Hint: try it with the person on the bottom lying on top of two or three rolled-up sleeping bags, this may allow the person on top – with their knees poking into the airbed – to perform a deeper stroke, creating a real bouncy castle effect.


Sex Position Six – Kiss my Feet

In some respects this is similar to the previous position; the person being penetrated is on top, only instead of their legs either side of their partner, their legs are resting on their partner’s chest, possibly draped over their partner’s shoulders (if they have long legs). Remember to place both arms on the airbed for support.

Hint: you could alter this position by having the person being penetrated closing their legs once their partner is inside them. By not parting your legs, this tightens the vagina or anus, making every stroke more pleasurable for both of you.


And finally…

While sex outside the home can provide some of the most intense sex you’ll experience, the sort you can look back on, if, in need of inspiration during masturbation, it does divide opinion.

However, if both of you are game, happy camping and don’t forget your camping sex essentials! 





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