How to Clean Your Sex Toys with Toy Cleaner

It’s time to extend your spring clean to your favourite adult toys. With 48% of the UK’s population owning a sex toy, we’ve pulled together this complete guide to make sure your favourite adult toys are taken care of; after all, they take great care of us.

When you should clean your sex toys

You should clean your toys before and after use, it only takes a few minutes and not only will it help keep your toys hygienic, it’ll make sure you can enjoy your toys again and again.

The benefits of cleaning your sex toys

It is very important to keep your toys clean for a number of reasons:

1. It ensures your toys last for longer! Who doesn’t love that?

2. It removes the build-up of bacteria on the toy, reducing the risk of a yeast or bacterial infection making them safe to play with.

How to clean your vibrator sex toys

How to clean and sanitise your sex toys

Invest in an antibacterial solution to clean your sex toys. We’ve formulated the perfect, gentle antibacterial solution called Love Toys Cleaner for all your beloved toys. Suitable for most types of sex toys including silicone, glass, hard plastic and metal, you should use this cleaner before and after using your toys. Using it will help to stop your toys from perishing and keep you safe.


Lovetoys Antibacterial Spray Cleaner (£7.00)

Lovetoys Antibacterial Cleaner Spray for Sex Toys

Spray directly on to your toy all over and leave for 2 minutes to work it’s magic. After 2 minutes gently wipe off with a clean, damp cloth or rinse with lukewarm water. For toys with ridges and other spectacular textures, use the damp cloth method and make sure you get in all the hard to reach places.

Top Tip – Always remove batteries or unplug your sex toys before cleaning. For electrical toys such as vibrators, always avoid water around the battery / electrical compartment.


Not all toys are created equal

How to clean electro sex toys

Electro sex toys provide a different sensation to vibrating sex toys, they feel like an electrical current and provide a deeper, more intense sensation. Electro sex toys provide a truly unique sexual experience, and their cleaning regime should also be unique. We advise using sterile cleaning wipes


on electro sex toys to avoid water and ensure your toy is fit for round two.

Our sterile cleaning wipes (£6.95) are individually packaged for cleanliness and are super handy for a quick clean at home or on the go.

With 10 wipes in each pack you can make sure cleaning up is quick and easy. These single-use wipes will keep your toys free from bad bacteria, and they were originally created to keep medical equipment clean so you can trust they’ll get the job done.


How to clean realistic sex toys

Realistic 6 Inch White Dildo

Realistic sex toys can be hugely satisfying made from soft materials resulting in a flesh-like feel. Due to the range of materials these toys are made from we advise the normal Love Toys Antibacterial route, but it’s very important you let your realistic sex toys air dry after a clean, before placing away. Letting your realistic sex toy fully dry out after a clean will help stop any bacteria becoming an issue in the porous substance of the toy.


No No’s for Cleaning Your Sex Toys

1. A common misconception is to use baby wipes to clean your silicone vibrators or toys. The oils in baby wipes degrade the silicone substance of your toys and can leave an oily residue, which can lead to an infection.

2. Only rinsing your toys with water – this doesn’t kill all the bacteria on your toy. Rinsing your toy under lukewarm water can be a great idea (always read the care advice for an individual toy, as some toys are not suitable to be rinsed under water), but this process should include the use of an antibacterial cleaner before being rinsed.

3. Putting your toys in the dishwasher (yes, this really happens!). This can damage your toys and steam doesn’t have the same disinfecting properties as anti-bacterial solutions. It’s time to leave the dirty dishes in peace.

Remember to clean up your sex toys (not your act).