AvailabilityHome Delivery AvailableHide Out of StockPrice£0 - £20£20 - £40£40 - £60£60 - £80£80 - £100£120 - £140£140 - £160ColourBlack (13)Blue (3)Green (2)Grey / Silver (1)Multi-coloured (1)Pale Flesh (3)Pink (37)Purple (23)Red (3)White (3)Yellow / Gold (2)FeaturesRechargeable (35)Wireless (32)Remote Controlled (7)Waterproof (25)Vibrating (49)Non Vibrating (14)Thrusting (1)Rotating (2)Pulsating (30)Quiet (27)Multi-speed (51)Phthalates Free (39)Parabens Free (6)Insertable LengthUnder 5 inch (25)5 – 6 inch (11)6 – 7 inch (1)Material / FeelLeather (1)Silicone (51)Rubber (4)Skin Feel (3)Metal (7)Plastic (6)Rigid (3)Flexible (16)StimulationG spot (22)Vaginal (35)Clitoral (41)Anal (14)Nipple & Breast (12)Male Pleasure (10)

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It’s ok, don’t be shy, discovery is the fun part and it’s all about trying something new. We know it can be bewildering choosing sex toys for the first time and we want to make things a little easier and help with your selection. With 25 years of experience with sex toys, we have listened to millions of our satisfied customers and found out what they like. Have a browse through our cherry picks!

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