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Titanium Tri-Ring 30 mm


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This Titanium Tri-Ring features three joined-up rings, each ring a different size (45 x 40 x 30, all measurements in millimetres):

a) Largest ring encircles both the penis and testicles (worn just behind the testicles).

b) Middle ring goes round the testicles.

c) Smallest ring goes round the base of the penis shaft.

Offering all the benefits of a standard cock ring; not only enabling the wearer to stay hard for longer, by preventing blood from leaving the penis the shaft is harder with enhanced length and thickness. Never has the cock looked more 'game-face'.

Just as crucial, with more and more people discovering they love the way smooth lubed-up metal toys look and feel against their skin (many rating it their favourite sex toy material), not only will the wearer look and feel sexier, their partner's arousal levels will also be raised, turned on by how trojan-like the cock-n-balls look when wrapped up in beautiful metal.

This particular tri-ring would suit the smaller wearer.

Need a bigger size? Check out this chrome-finish 50 x 45 x 38mm version here.

Tip: many users advise shaving your pubic area before putting it on, it just makes the "before-during-after" less hassle.

Made from body-safe metal (titanium), maintaining that multi-coloured hazy-rainbow effect that makes titanium so unique.

We know metal toys cost more than a non-metal toy of similar style and size, but after the initial outlay a metal toy will save you money in the medium/long-term. As long as you clean them after every use* and store them responsibly, metal toys should outlive your non-metal toys.

(*toys made from metal and glass are the easiest types of toy to clean and, on average, are hygienically superior than toys made from other materials, providing you clean and store them correctly)

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner.

This toy is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.

Product SKU: 35903
  • Titanium tri-ring for increased ? well, everything that’s cock related.
  • Three rings; one for the balls, one for the penis shaft with the largest ring encircling both cock and balls.
  • Offers the benefits of a regular cock ring with added BDSM bling.
  • Gives wearers a stronger erection; enhances length + girth, makes it look more stallion-esque and allows the wearer to stay hard for longer.
  • Many wearers say it makes them feel hornier (and their partners cannot resist giving their cock extra affection whenever they wear it).
  • Would suit the smaller wearer.

Largest ring inner diameter: 1.77 Inches / 4.5 cm / 45 mm Approx.

Middle ring inner diameter: 1.57 Inches / 4 cm / 4 mm Approx.

Smallest ring inner diameter: 1.2 Inches / 3 cm / 30 mm Approx.

Material: Body-safe metal (titanium).

Product SKU: 35903

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