The Beginners Guide to Prostate Stimulation

how to do a prostate massage

For anyone, prostate stimulation for the first time can be a nervous ordeal and the thought can put most people off, but prostate stimulation is nothing to be scared of and can be a very satisfying experience leading to some great orgasms and sexual play whether alone or with a partner. 

Beginners looking to explore the wonders of prostate stimulation, toys such as the Beginner’s Prostate Stimulator and the Vibrating Prostate Stimulator are perfect to start off with, due to their small finger-like sizes as well as being made from smooth, slippery, body-safe silicone, making them very easy to slip inside.

If you’re totally new to prostate massage, it might be worth checking out our blog on prostate stimulation for more advice and why prostate stimulation is so effective, but if you’re ready for pleasure now, then here is our helpful guide on how to safely practice prostate stimulation.

Our 5-Step Beginners Guide to Prostate Massage


Step 1 – A clean bum is a happy bum! 

Firstly, when using any form of anal toy it is ideal to begin by cleaning the rectum is a good idea although not always necessary depending on the user’s diet, but we’d always recommend it. This can be done very easily with an anal douche or enema kit. It goes without saying but a clean and empty rectum is a happy rectum when playing with anal toys.

Plus, taking a nice soak in a warm bath will not only ensure you’re clean but it will also help you relax your first-time nerves and why not try warming yourself up with a cheeky little finger whilst you’re in there!


Step 2 – Lube it up, baby!

For easier insertion, we recommend you use a good water-based lube, not only is this better for prolonging the quality of your toy as it’s made from silicone, but it’s also a lot easier to clean off afterwards and doesn’t stay in the body, unlike most oil-based lubricants. We do sell a water-based lubricant that is specially designed for anal play, with an added relaxant agent in the lube itself or using a slightly thicker lube is also a good idea as this will stay on the toy for longer.

If this is your first time using an anal toy, we’d recommend you use the anal lube with the relaxant as this will help ease the experience and then when you are more confident in using anal toys or want to use bigger toys then to start using thicker lubricants.

Before working the lubricant into the toy, it is a good idea to apply a bit of lubricant onto the outside of the anus and in the rectum with a figure, this will help loosen you up a bit and make it easier to insert the toy afterwards.


Step 3 – Let’s get into position

If this is your first time then a good way to position yourself is to lay on your back with your head slightly elevated on a pillow or on your side with your knees up to your chest, as this will give you better access to securely explore the anus. The most important thing you can do is be as comfortable as possible to prevent any form of tension and long deep breathing is key!

When it comes to anal play, it’s best to always expect some level of mess, whether that be thick anal lube or some bodily fluids, but don’t be embarrassed, just pop a towel down on the bed and your worries will melt away!


Step 4 – Time to insert

You don’t have to rush, remember its a new, sensual experience so take every moment in. Rub your anus with lube, masturbate a little, watch some sexy content until you’re feeling relaxed and ready. With the shape of the beginner’s prostate stimulator, you can hold the toy almost any way, as long as the bulbous tip is aiming towards the rectum, just make sure you have a firm grasp of the toy and can hold it comfortably in one hand.

For the insertion, simply pull your legs and feet towards your chest so your knees are bent and if you’re on your back, keep your legs a shoulder-width apart, this will make it easier to insert the toy into the rectum.

Start slowly pushing the end of the bulb into the rectum easing into this, you will feel a slight bit of tension as the toy widens out. This is perfectly normal. If you find that the tension is becoming a little bit uncomfortable then slowly remove the toy and apply a little bit more lubricant. you can always use a finger as well before inserting the toy to work up to it. The key is to go slowly and at your own pace, keep working up to what you can handle and to remain relaxed and comfortable.


Step 5 – Let the fun begin!

Once you have the toy fully inserted into the rectum this is where the fun begins, work the toy around by moving the base of the toy up and down or around, for hitting the prostate the best thing to remember is you want to aim the tip of the toy towards your stomach or (aim for the belly button) the more times you move the toy over the prostate gland the more of the sensation you are going to feel. Some users even rock back and forth to achieve the best result whilst masturbating.


Don’t be afraid to play with other body parts whilst using the toy, you should have a hand free at this point, this will help to enhance the overall experience and achieving orgasm whilst using a prostate stimulator is one of the most intense orgasms you will feel.