The Single Ladies Sex Toy Survival Guide

Our Brough store manager gives us the low down on the perfect night in for the single ladies!

Being a single lady in my 30s, I have found myself wondering what’s next? Mistletoe season is just around the corner. We have to brave the New Year’s countdown with champagne and grace. Sod that! There is no shame in being single.

No women will ever see a sex toy as a full replacement for a man. So, there is no reason for any guy to be intimidate by them. Most girls will tell you that it’s a fun way to spice things up in bed with a vibrator or a cock ring.

With the cold winter months coming up, here is a little survival guide for the perfect night. Embrace your singleness! This is all about treating yourself to some much needed “you” time.


1.       Chick Flicks

chick flicks - single ladies!

Look – I love a good love story and yes, I like to imagine I am the heroine in the film. So, put on your favourite chick flick, grab the chocolate and that glass of wine and enjoy getting in the mood. Almost like a date-night with yourself!

2.       Chocolate

chocolate - single ladies!

You can’t watch a good old love story without some chocolate. Whilst enjoying your favourite movie you can’t say no to a good bar of chocolate and a glass of your choice beverage to wash it down with. Chocolate also possesses Phenylethylamine also known as “the love drug” because it arouses feelings similar to those when you are in love. It also has tryptophan which is known to release serotonin into the body which is said to be a mood-lifter. So chomping down on your chocolate will leave you feeling happy and relaxed.


3.       Bubble Bath

bubble bath - single ladies

There are so many benefits to having a little time alone after a movie of your choice, and yes I hear you all screaming a certain movie title at me. Not only does self-pleasure help you relax and relieve the days stress it will help you to feel more confident with your own body. Then go ahead and pop yourself into a hot bubble bath and soak away the day.


4.       My Wand

my wand - single ladies!

We live in a fast-paced world where things are constantly changing and updating. It’s important that some things can be counted on… to provide multiple orgasms! Reliability is important to us singles. We like to know we have something to come home to.

Much like the perfect guy who you thought about in secondary school, the My Wand will ruin you for all other clitoral vibrators, it’s ok, we’re ok with it!


5.       Seduction

seduction - single ladies!

The most popular sex toy on the market is the trusting Rabbit. Treat yourself to something familiar but a little bit different. Every girl needs a rabbit in her collection. This is one of the more unique out there! Why? What’s different about Seduction? Well, it’s done away with the conventional rabbit-ear clitoral stimulator and replaced with a suction cup that covers the clitoris. It sucks on the clit rather than vibrators against it. It’s also capable of 12 modes of suction!

It’s also USB rechargeable (hey, we live in modern times, right?)


6.       Lubricant

lube - single ladies

I know – not a sex toy. But it’s an absolute must in your single survival kit! Since your treating just yourself, you might as well really treat yourself. Test out all different types of lube to find out which would you like best – maybe it’s the tingling lube or the self-warming lube.

Hopefully they’ll provide some comfort to you as we navigate our way through coupling season.  Don’t worry – one of the most common statements I hear in-store is “I don’t own a toy!” No judgement here! Before I started working at Pulse & Cocktails I didn’t either.

It gives you a chance to explore your own turn on spots and mentally be able to let go. So, when you meet the right guy to explore with you, you already know which areas to direct him too!

Don’t worry single ladies – being single isn’t all that bad.