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If you're looking for an extra-large dildo, then you've come to the right place. Perfect for those free-spirited souls who put no limitations on what constitutes pleasure, our range of extreme dildos offers the ultimate stretch.
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Ass Snake Beaded Dildo 19 Inch


Ass Snake Extreme Dildo 39 Inch


Ass Snake Textured Dildo 20 Inch


Big Ass Bumper 7.5 Inch


Big Fist Dildo 10 Inch


Black Squirting Dildo 9 Inch


Bullet Shaped Butt Plug 9.5 Inch


Crystal Clear Purple Realistic Dildo 10 Inch


Devins Cock Realistic Extreme Large Dildo with Suction Cup


Double Dildo 14 Inch


Double Ended Realistic Dildo 18.25 Inch- Flesh


Dylan's Cock flesh cock 13 Inch


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ElectraStim Silicone Electra G-spot Dildo 5 Inch


ElectraStim Wave Electra Dildo 5.5 Inch


Extra Large Butt Plug Curved Design 9 Inch - Black


Extra Large Cone Shape Extreme Butt Plug 10 Inch - Black


Extreme Dildo Butt Plug - Black


Extreme Double Fist Dildo 14 Inch


Extreme Heavy Butt Plug with Suction Cup 9 Inch- Black


Extreme Large Bullet Butt Plug with Bulbous End 9 Inch- Black


Extreme Large Fist Butt Plug Dildo 8 Inch - Black


Extreme Large Pointed Hand Dildo 13 Inch


Extreme Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 15 Inch - Flesh


Extreme Realistic Dildo With Suction Cup 17 Inch - Black


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Extreme Smooth Dildo and Balls with Suction Cup 11.5 Inch - Black


Extreme Textured Dildo with Suction Cup 9 Inch - Black


Extreme Thickness Large Realistic Adam's Cock Dildo 10 Inch


Flesh Double Fist


Harry's Cock Dildo 12 Inch - Black


Harry's Cock Extreme Dildo Suction Cup 12 Inch


Huge Double Dick Dildo Realistic Veins 11 Inch


Huge Dragon Dildo 7.5 Inch


Huge Extreme Butt Plug 10 Inch - Black


Hunter's Cock Dildo 17 Inch - Pale Flesh


Hunters Cock Extreme Realistic 9 Inch Dildo Flesh


Jacobs Cock Extreme Large Black Veined Huge Dildo 15 Inch

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Tips for using Extreme Dildos

Using large dildos is not for the beginner and sex essentials such as lubricant is a must. Always build up the size of your dildo and use foreplay to heighten your arousal to help you to relax before attempting to use an extreme dildo.

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