Reasons You Should Use Lubricant During Sex

We know that the concept of using lubricant is a little bit lost on some couples. A lot of our customers often tell us that they think it isn’t something they should worry about and that maybe it’s something the older generation should worry about. Well – you’re wrong. Our love of lubes needs to rub off onto you – here’s 7 reasons you should try lube!

1.     It makes it easier to orgasm

Applying lube makes both men and women feel more aroused, making sex easier, increasing stimulation and creating a more intense and intimate experience. In fact, a study from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health determined that lube makes it 50% easier to orgasm for both men and women. That’s a 50% higher chance of reaching climax – who wouldn’t want that?

2.       It can help with the bigger penis size

Look, sometimes lube can be really helpful when you’re attempting to entertain a massive member. Why be prideful and tear your vaginal wall to shreds to prove a point? No woman wants that. And no man wants to experience that either. No one wins in that situation.

3.     Puts an end to sexual discomfort

If you or your partner are finding it a little painful during sex for whatever reason, applying a little bit of lube before sex will reduce the risk and help to maintain a smooth and controlled rhythm during sex.

4.     It speeds things up

By using lube, you’re ready for sex much faster than you are should you wait for your body to provide its natural lubricants. If you have trouble with vaginal dryness, or if you’re ready to get down and dirty but your body’s not quite there yet, lube is the answer. Equally, if you’re having sex in public places – it might be quite thrilling but there just isn’t enough time for your body to catch up! Lube helps.

5.     Prolong the pleasure

Some lube can delay climax using a desensitising agent which makes it easier to control your orgasm until your partner is ready. It also helps keep everything moistened for far longer, meaning you can make the fun last a lot longer!

6.     It makes sex naughtier

Using lube during foreplay, with sex toys, as well as using flavoured lube during oral sex can be an awesome little game changer in the bedroom! It’s an easy way of introducing a little excitement too.

7.     Hello, anal sex

Have you ever tried anal sex without lubricant? Well, don’t. It’s an absolute must for hassle-free anal sex and will make it much more enjoyable and be satisfying for everyone involved!

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