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Power Penis Pump with Vaginal Sleeve


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Identical to the other cock pumps in the Penis Power Pump series (one has a silicone sleeve, the other has a rubber sleeve) but for one key feature ? this pump isn't just for pumping, it can also be used as a male masturbator. This pump comes with a vagina-looking sleeve/O-ring that looks and feels like many of the lower-priced male masturbators (albeit this sleeve isn't as long as a standalone masturbator), made from inviting soft squishy material to tempt you into stroking your cock when you're not in the mood for pumping it up. Just like the other Power Pumps, the cylinder is made from clear body-safe plastic and has a ruler etched into its design, allowing you to measure and track your erections progress regardless of whether you're pumping for the following reasons: You often struggle to achieve erections without the assistance of a pump to hoover more blood into that part of the body. You don't struggle to achieve erections but want your erection to benefit from all the temporary enhancing qualities you gain from a short pumping session; firmer, increased thickness (girth) with the veins more pumped-up than usual, culminating in a more emboldened appearance. Long-term growth is the goal and this penis pump can be incorporated into your lifestyle to achieve growth over time. At the base of the cylinder is where you fit the vaginal sleeve/O-ring; yes it's a small hole but it will stretch to fit the average size UK male and for your session to be successful it needs to be an air-tight fit, generating the vacuum pressure that's necessary for the pump to bolster your erection. (not airtight = no pressure = no growth) At the top-end of the pump is the traditional hand-held pump with its connective tubing, featuring a quick-release button that instantly kills the pressure when your session ends (or if you've been too eager, pumped more than you should have and wish the acute discomfort to stop). Top tip: you've pumped-up your penis so it looks the business (pre-sex), immediately put a cock ring on (worn at the base of the shaft, don't forget to use lube!) to prolong these stud-like benefits. Basically, if a pump sucks as much blood into your penis as is possible (making it as big as it can possibly be), a cock ring doesn't let it leave. Top tip: to secure the O-ring to the cylinder we recommend applying a small dash of lubricant to both the ring and the cylinder's rim, otherwise you risk the friction damaging your O-ring before natural wear-n-tear. We at Pulse & Cocktails always advise using lubrication with every toy but we STRONGLY ADVISE using lube when using a penis pump, not only will this preserve the lifespan of your O-ring but more importantly it will stop your experience being a painful one. Don't forget to clean up afterward with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner. We advise you to only use water based lubricant with this toy.

Product SKU: 35834
  • Cock pump with naughty vaginal insert/sleeve serving as the o-ring.
  • Traditional design (bar the vagina!) with manual hand-held pump.
  • Don’t let the unconventional insert fool you, this pump is still an effective sex-aid to assist men who struggle to achieve regular erections, with just a few pumps it enables the user to achieve a satisfactory erection, and/or ?
  • ? Users who don’t normally struggle to obtain erections can still benefit from this pump; correct usage will make erections temporarily bigger and thicker than standard erections, all inside a few minutes.
  • Prolong the life-span of this enhanced erection by wearing a cock ring immediately after pumping.
  • Include pumping sessions into your weekly lifestyle routine if longer-lasting growth is the goal.
  • All parts (vaginal insert, pump, etc) disassemble from the cylinder making cleaning easier.
  • Features a quick-release button; instantly kills the pressure should you get carried away (and experience acute discomfort).
  • Doubles as a male masturbator; when not pumping your penis, use the insert (when attached to the cylinder) to stroke your penis. Happy times.

Insertable length: 8 Inches / 20.5 cm Approx.
Total length (of the cylinder, excluding pump): 9.6 Inches / 24.5 cm Approx.
The inner diameter (of the cylinder): 2.36 Inches / 6 cm Approx.
The inner diameter (of rubber vaginal insert/sleeve/o-ring): first-time tightness, but will stretch to accommodate the average size UK male.
Material: body-safe plastic (cylinder), body-safe rubber (sleeve/o-ring with penis hole).

Product SKU: 35834

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