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Penis Plug with Coiled Glans Ring


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Arguably the most intense form of penile stimulation becomes even more spectacular by enhancing the sensitivity levels of the penile nerves with this 2-in-1 combo.

Made from body-safe metal, the imaginative design of this Penis Plug with Coiled Glans Ring certainly sets it apart from other plug/glans ring combos we stock, but we think that's one of its main virtues.

The plug's shaft is one of extremes; the tip is wide and provides the biggest challenge, flaring out like a butt plug before tapering-in. The main-shaft is very skinny and merges (or snakes) into the coiled glans ring, completing this exciting cock-pleaser.

Designed to be worn just under the tip of the penis (foreskin, frenulum area), by compressing the penile nerves in that area of the penis the sensitivity levels of these nerves are enhanced, making every touch, kiss, etc feel extra special. When combined with urethral probing, you can imagine the results.

Stimulating the penile nerves internally is often viewed by sounders to be more pleasurable than some forms of external penile stimulation, including regular masturbation, with the actual sensation feeling near-identical to how it feels when you ejaculate ? just playing with your urethra isn't over in seconds.

When urethral stimulation is combined with masturbation (or oral) the result is something more body-quivering than both forms of pleasure enjoyed solo. Even your toes will be standing to attention!

Tip: when and how do I insert urethral toys? Best to do it while you're still soft, hold your penis 90 degrees away from your body (so if you're laying down your penis should be pointing towards the ceiling), go extremely slow and work with gravity - you'll find gravity and lubrication do a lot of the work for you.

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner.

This toy is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.

Important: if the user is unable to fit their penis inside the non-removable coiled metal ring then unfortunately they will not be able to use this item as they are ill-suited to use this plug (size-wise) and we do not recommend they purchase it for their own personal use. The pre-attached metal ring is non-removable, or even movable, and due to the placement of the ring the user probably won't get much satisfaction from this item - even if they ignore the ring and use it for urethral stroking only. Please refer to "Spec" below for this plug/ring combo's measurements and then measure yourself before purchasing.

Product SKU: 35881
  • Attached to the probe is a coiled/snake metal glans ring (inner diameter 30mm); positioned roughly halfway along the shaft.
  • Glans rings: worn just under the head (glans); foreskin/frenulum area. Compresses sensitive nerves in that part of the penis to make them even more sensitive, heightening their response to stimulation.
  • With a glans ring the user is able to wear the plug for extended periods, preventing it from slipping out (many kinkily wear theirs as they work and socialise for a constant turn-on).
  • The glans ring also prevents the plug from slipping in (after the urethra is stretched out), providing a valuable safety net should you wish to go hands-free.
  • Suitable for intermediate and experienced urethra toy users.

Length (tip to ring): 2.3 Inches / 6 cm / 60 mm Approx.

Total length (tip to u-bend): 3.7 Inches / 9.5 cm / 95 mm Approx.

Diameter of tip: 0.1 Inches / 0.3 cm / 3mm Approx.

Diameter of tip at widest point (mid-section): 0.3 Inches / 0.8 cm / 8mm Approx.

Diameter of shaft beneath flared plug: 0.1 Inches / 0.3 cm / 3mm Approx.

Inner diameter of glans ring: 1.2 Inches / 3 cm / 3 mm Approx.

Material: Body-safe metal.

Weight: 30 g Approx.

Product SKU: 35881

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