New! Pleasure Enhancers – for him!

We have a new range of pleasure enhancers for men! They also enhance performance too! We know that sex comes down to chemistry but sometimes you could do with a little help! Try our pheromone spray or sexual enhancer potions. Spray it on or rub it in – our new enhancers are just what the love doctor orders and are 100 times more exciting than perfume from the chemist or a multivitamin!

Command performance gel - pleasure enhancers

Performance Gel

A couple squirts of this will take your lovemaking to a new level, for the times when you want to perform like Mo Farah rather than Usain Bolt! This fast acting gel-like serum will heighten your sexual performance by increasing blood flow to heighten sexual libido, penile firmness and girth.

prolong spray - pleasure enhancers

Male Sex Prolong Spray or Gel

This ejaculation delay spray or gel is a fast acting desensitizing agent – which will help extend erections and prolong performance. It’s okay – there’s no minimum waiting time and sexual stimulation will still be experienced – it just means that it’s a longer experience! It’s unscented – so no one needs to know!

male sex pleasure gel

Male Sex Pleasure Gel

This gel is applied just before you get jiggy with it to enhance sexual arousal and male libido. Within moments of this being applied a warm stimulating feeling takes hold. It also helps to increase the blood flow for stronger erections.

stimulating anal gel - pleasure enhancers

Stimulating Anal Gel

This is a fast acting anal play gel which is designed to heighten stimulation for the receiver during penetration by releasing a pleasurable tingle-like sensation. Applied just before anal play. Useful for anal sex lovers of all experience levels but of particular interest to beginners who are still getting used to the unique sensation of anal penetration.

calming anal gel - pleasure enhancers

Calming Anal Gel

This is a fast-acting gel, which is applied shortly before anal play to allow for a more pleasurable experience during penetration. It works by calming the anal sphincter, with a mix of soothing aloe vera and benzocaine to gently desensitize.

Our pleasure enhancers range helps with male libido and also enhances performance meaning a more pleasurable experience for everyone involved!