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Metal Enema Attachment Kit


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Designed for home-use, this Metal Enema Attachment Kit equips you with the tools needed to make your anal sex just as clean and magical as the anal that keeps your porn consumption in rude health. Partake in the same pre-scene ritual as the pros and your anal will also be film-worthy.

All the parts in this enema attachment kit are made from body-safe metal (apart from 3 small rubber rings), furnished with a shiny chrome polish finish.

The 3 nozzle-heads put the fun in functional by being snack-size anal toys in their own right. Two of the heads are bulb (or plug) shaped, the other has ribbed features on its middle-section. 'Pleasure' might not be these nozzles main purpose but who says sex-prep can't also be pleasurable ? your partner's stuck in traffic anyway, start without them.

Attaches easily to most domestic showers, works even better with this metal enema kit (convenience and performance-wise).

Prior to lubing the nozzle-head (+ your anus), adjust your shower to a lukewarm temperature, anal-tissue is highly sensitive so if the water is hot you risk causing serious injury to a very delicate part of your body.

After you have successfully enemised your lower bowel, the next step is "what goes up must come down", so be near a toilet.

This enema attachment kit includes:

Connective piping x 1.

Nozzle-heads x 3 (classic plug/bulb x 1, bulbous plug/double bulbed x 1, ridged middle x 1).

Rubber washers x 3.

Note: if you plan on using the nozzle-heads for 'pleasure', a secondary purpose, do not use them unless they are attached to the connective piping. When described as 'snack-sized' we weren't joking and there is a risk they could get temporarily lost if used without the pipe.

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner.

This toy is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.

Product SKU: 35936
  • Metal enema attachment kit, suitable for home-use.
  • Attractive chrome-polished finish, turning the pragmatic into something glamorous and sexy.
  • Easy to set-up and use.
  • 3 enema heads; all different styles, plus connective piping allowing A to link to B, ensuring problem-free deep-cleaning.
  • Connect it to your shower hose, or ideally this metal enema kit.
  • On average, enemas are not only more durable than douches, they provide a more thorough clean.
  • Clean bum = happy anal experience. “Anal just like it is in the porno’s”.
  • We still strongly recommend using condoms for anal, even if they don’t in porn.
  • Can also be used in BDSM and surgical/medical fantasies where anal interrogation is the order of the day.
  • The heads are all bulb/plug shaped, why not use them for pleasure as well as hygiene reas

Connective pipe:

Length: 7 Inches / 18 cm Approx.

Diameter: 0.7 Inches / 1.8 cm Approx.



Head 1 (classic plug/bulb)

Length (inc. screw-in thread): 1.96 Inches / 5 cm Approx.

Diameter (at widest point): 0.98 Inches / 2.5 cm Approx.

Head 2 (bulbous plug/double bulbed)

Length (inc. screw-in thread): 1.96 Inches / 5 cm Approx.

Diameter (at widest point, bottom bulbous contour): 0.94 Inches / 2.4 cm Approx.

Head 3 (ribbed middle)

Length (inc. screw-in thread): 1.96 Inches / 5 cm Approx.

Diameter: 1 Inch / 2.7 cm Approx.

Rubber washers x 3.

Material: pipe + all three enema heads are made from body-safe metal.

Material: washers are made from body-safe/safe to touch rubber.

Product SKU: 35936

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