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Metal Chastity Cage with Leather Strapping


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Take ownership of your partner/sub/slave's manhood to a whole new level with this Metal Chastity Cage with Leather Strapping. Under lock 'n' key, he will be inescapably caged-up where he wants it least; trust us, once the novelty wears off and he realises he's strapped in tight for the long-haul he will be chaste physically and mentally and be under no illusions who wears the trousers. He'll love it.

A superb starter-set for those looking to explore chastity-play. More experienced players may find the polycarbonate, silicone or all-metal chastity sets (also available at Pulse & Cocktails) are more suited to their advanced needs.

Don't let the amount of flesh on display fool you into thinking this chastity device is too lightweight or vanilla for beginner to intermediate-use. In fact, we advise you to use this to devilish effect: the occasional kiss, a tantalising lash of the tongue, knowing full well the cage will suppress any natural urge to become erect, also making masturbation futile should he dare sneak off in an attempt to relieve himself.

The enclosure part of this cage consists of two same-size metal cock rings and a slightly smaller metal cock-cage compartment that gradually reduces in girth. Can be worn under trousers with a relative amount of discreteness and in the interest of hygiene features a generously sized pee-hole for when nature calls.

Made from genuine leather, straps travelling up and down the enclosure (both on its inside and outside) ensures its shape remains phallic. Also made from leather is the adjustable ball-strap, designed to be worn behind the balls, fastening via padlock (supplied) thus completing your chastity contraption.

Note: only the leather ball-strap is adjustable, the metal cock rings and cock cage portions of this chastity cage are non-adjustable (please check the relevant size information below before making this purchase).

The leather ball-strap is adjustable to fit most sizes, stays fastened via padlock (supplied).

For maximum pleasure always use with lubricant and don't forget to clean up afterwards with Pulse & Cocktails' specially formulated toy cleaner.

This chastity cage is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.

Important: due to the 0.3cm thick leather strapping wrapped round both sides of the cock rings and cock cage, the inner diameters are slightly smaller than the above measurements that only measure metal-to-metal. As stated in the above product description, this chastity cage is not designed to accommodate erect penis's, it's designed to suppress them.

Product SKU: 32810
  • Not suitable for bondage beginners.
  • BDSM style design.
  • Padlock and key included.


Total length (from tip of the cage to the leather ball-strap): 5.39 Inches / 13.7 cm Approx.


Inner diameter of ball-strap: (widest) 2.75 Inches / 7 cm Approx. (smallest) 1.7 Inches / 4.5 cm – 1.96 Inches / 5 cm Approx.

(if fastened to 4.5 ? 5cm it might be best suited to functioning as a strap tightly worn round the base of the shaft rather than behind the wearer’s testicles, certainly for those who are well-endowed all over ? not a strict rule, more a suggestion to accommodate men of all sizes)

Inner diameter of the two metal cock rings: 1.5 Inches / 3.8 cm / 38 mm Approx.

Inner diameter of the metal cock cage: (starter hole) 1.33 Inches / 3.4 cm / 34 mm Approx. (end hole) 0.98 Inches / 2.5 cm / 25 mm Approx.

Product SKU: 32810

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