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Metal Butt Plug and Thick Urethral Probe 3.5 Inch


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Made from body-safe metal; this Metal Butt Plug & Urethral Probe combi-toy is a weighted, medium-size butt plug that's hiding a kinky secret, concealed inside the plug is a thick urethral probe (contender for the girthiest urethra toy we sell).

At the base of the plug is an eyelet-handle, twist it a few times and the urethral probe detaches from the plug. Converting it from a butt plug to a urethral probe (and visa versa) is that simple.

Play safe:

When used as a butt plug, we recommend fully screwing in the urethral probe until all you can see is the eyelet at the plug's base. The probe's rounded tip poking out the top of the plug is what creates the plug's tapered tip, reducing the chances of causing injury to rectal-tissue.

This toy is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant.

Product SKU: 36919
  • Two metal toys rolled into one: a butt plug that becomes a urethral probe (or visa versa).
  • A medium size butt plug with an eyelet at the base that unscrews and detaches from the plug’s main body to reveal an extremely girthy urethral probe.
  • Butt plug: blunt-but-tapered tip with a flared shaft and a smooth surface ? no dotted or ribbed textures.
  • Butt plug: the blunt, rounded and tapered tip allows for safe and easy insertion.
  • Butt plug: the eyelet at the base also makes a useful handle.
  • Butt plug: insertable length of 9. 2cm approx, with a diameter (at widest point) of 3. 6cm approx.
  • Urethral probe: girthy probe, the user’s urethra will be subjected to one hell of a stretch.
  • Urethral probe: like the plug, this urethral probe also has a smooth finish.
  • Urethral probe: from tip to base this probe has the same girth. No tapered or flared contours.
  • Urethral probe: the blunt and rounded tip allows for a safe and easy insertion.
  • Urethral probe: insertable length of 9. 2cm approx, with a diameter of 1. 1cm approx.
  • Best suited to experienced anal players + experienced sounders who enjoy their urethra being stretched to an extreme degree.

As a butt plug

Insertable length: 3.6 Inches / 9.2 cm Approx.

Total length: 5.27 Inches / 13.4 cm Approx.

Diameter (at widest point): 1.4 Inches / 3.6 cm Approx.

As a urethral probe

Insertable length: 3.6 Inches / 9.2 cm Approx.

Total length: 5.27 Inches / 13.4 cm Approx.

Diameter: 0.4 Inches / 1.1 cm Approx.


Weight: 160 g Approx. (with the urethral probe fitted into the plug, as recommended when using this item for anal penetration).

Material: Body-safe metal.

Product SKU: 36919

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