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Men’s Metal Chastity Cage (with Mesh-Net Penis Enclosure)


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Like most instruments of subjugation, this cock cage is made from metal; not only doing an effective job at physically preventing the wearer's desire to stimulate their genitals but shackling them mentally with the centuries-old historic link between metal and its use for barbaric torture and imprisonment.

Once his cock is trapped inside the cage not only is masturbation off-limits but erections are denied the freedom to exist and are quickly suppressed by the cage's structure.

As the hours go by with no scheduled release date, the wearer's urges will get stronger with frustration also on the rise as their helplessness to free themselves of this predicament is reinforced every time they futilely attempt to escape.

As hours become days their desperation to be un-caged could turn them into a raging beast, literally rattling the bars like a frenzied prisoner frothing at the mouth. Combined with moments where he's sobbing, begging for mercy, willing to do anything to bring this now unbearable disposition to an end.

Whether the almighty key-holder decides this is the moment to declare their plaything has suffered enough is obviously up to them, who are we to question their authority?

This chastity device is in the form of a slightly curved, phallic-shaped (flaccid) cage. The penis-enclosure itself consists of two parts (permanently joined together). The first part houses the tip via prison bars, standard stuff in the world of chastity-play. The remainder of the cage offers something different, thin mesh caging akin to the style you find on many rabbit hutches and small farm-animal dwellings. In other words, you put his manhood on par with poorly treated livestock. Ouch.

Making the wearer's chaste state complete is the cuff ring, worn behind the balls and connects to the cage via the brass padlock (supplied).

Made from body-safe metal, burnished with that timeless chrome sheen. Both the bars and squared-mesh allow for ample ventilation and also has a pee-hole at the end for when nature calls.

Metal chastity cages are naturally heavier than silicone and polycarbonate cages but for many metalheads and chastity players this is a virtue as it serves as a constant reminder of the bind they cannot escape from.

This Metal Chastity Cage with Mesh-Net Penis Enclosure includes:

1 x Chastity cage (90mm in length - pee hole to centre of cage's base ring, 35mm inner diameter).

1 x Base/testicles cuff ring (49mm inner diameter).

1 x Brass padlock.

Product SKU: 35941
  • Treat you partner to a spell of enforced abstinence.
  • Squared-mesh cage to resemble a domestic animal dwelling, only much sturdier than the cheap metal on your average rabbit hutch.
  • Without the key, escape for him is but a utopian dream; metal doesn’t budge, nor do you!
  • Denied all sexual pleasures (even masturbation), his frustration reaches fever pitch.
  • Tease him wickedly, not just by flaunting the key.
  • If you think he’s grovelled (and suffered) enough, free willy.
  • Once released, there is only one thing on his mind (naturally).
  • Pee hole and ample ventilation for hygiene reasons. <

Chastity Cage

Length: 3.5 Inches / 9 cm Approx.

Inner diameter: 1.377 Inches / 3.5 cm Approx.

Material: Body-safe metal.

Cuff Ring

Inner diameter: 1.92 Inches / 4.9 cm Approx.

Material: Body-safe metal.

Weight (cage + cuff ring + supplied padlock): 170 g Approx.

Product SKU: 35941

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