Luxurious Dating Ideas

Looking to give your special someone a taste of the 5-Star/7-Star high-life? Fancy experiencing a bit of the ol’ Jay & Beyonce treatment (only without the hassle of fevered fans chasing after your limo)? Or perhaps you would prefer to live it up like a Sheik for the day, to hell with a budget!

Well, if you’re in the cash-spending mood, have a read through our Top 10 luxurious dating ideas; the ultimate way to spoil your partner.

Being in love is all about making memories together, here at Pulse & Cocktails’ we believe that dating plays a very important part of the story, regardless of how long you’ve been a couple.

So why not peruse our Top 10 list together, have fun choosing your favourites, dropping hints, making mental notes for your next special occasion; anniversary, birthday, engagement, next week when the kids are gone all weekend.

You may already be familiar with the company motto, ‘Couple’s who play together, stay together’, which as you will already know is how many great dates conclude: with the pair of you between the sheets answering the ‘call-of-the-wild’.

Our Top 10:

1. Hire a limo

From £99.

Give your date a great night, celebrity style. Rent a stretch limo and cruise through the city streets whilst sipping champagne like a 1980s Wall Street high-flyer.

Naturally you’ll both be sticking your head out of the sunroof at every traffic light. Class.

Luxurious Dating Ideas - Food

2. Michelin Star Restaurant

From £20.

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (although women are no strangers to shovelling down a plate load of good food in record time either).

No one ever regretted tasting good food! As we all know, Michelin-Star chefs are the culinary masters of this universe. With 11 course tasting menus, inspired combinations and a level of dining that will blow your palette, find a Michelin restaurant near you.

After winning some brownie points as well as ticking-off something from your bucket list, why not carry on the date late into the night with some Aphrodisiaics?

  Luxurious Dating Ideas - Massage

3. A dual massage

From £60.

Pamper yourself and your special someone with an hour or two of exotic massage and body treatment. Why not extend it and make it a spa weekend? Do it right; 5* service, fluffy robes and all the fancy en-suite Jacuzzi baths you can handle!

Afterwards you can put into practice your new massage skills with something from our superb aromatic massage oils & candles range.

4. A sky-high dinner

From £40.

Look for a restaurant in your area that has a wonderful view of the city from their roof top terraces.

  Luxurious Dating Ideas - Disneyland

5. Disneyland

From £120.

Everyone princess deserves a fairy tale so why not become her prince charming by taking her to meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and the whole gang. Go on all the roller-coasters (you know you’ll love them even more than her) and enjoy pure wonderment coming to life in the magic castle.

6. A weekend in Paris

From £89.

Have lunch at the top of the Eifel Tower, take a look at the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, stroll down the Champs Elysees as the sun sets over Paris. Discover why its reputation for being the romance capital of the world is well deserved.

Treat her to some new sexy underwear and pack them as a surprise for once you have finished sightseeing.

  Luxurious Dating Ideas - Boat

7. Hire a private yacht

From £60.

Wherever there’s water, you’ll find a yacht you can hire. Take an evening cruise around the harbour, or splash out and hire the yacht for the whole weekend. You can hire them fully crewed with all the food and drink needed for the ultimate indulgent weekend!

Why not live out a fantasy whilst on-board, live out being a captain or act-out some pirate fantasy! Just don’t be too convincing, don’t alarm the coast guard.

8. Sushi Class

From £30.

Looking for something a little more unique? Why not try a hands-on cooking class? The sophisticated way to get your hands dirty!

We offer a sexy recipe book for lovers if you’re looking to continue with your cooking classes at home!

Luxurious Dating Ideas - Helicopter

9. Helicopter Ride

From £79.

You can thank Christian Grey for this one! If you have a lot of money to spend, why not rent a helicopter and take your date around the city as you look around from a birds eye view? Obviously if your date is afraid of heights or suffers from travel sickness, might be best to avoid this one!

  Luxurious Dating Ideas - Private Island

10. Rent a private island

From £60,000.

The biggie! We did say luxury.

This will give you luxury and tranquillity. Rent your own island. You’ll need a lot of £50 notes for this one, a night for two on Necker Island (located in the Virgin Islands) will set you back a cool £60,000.

Hey, you wanted memorable, right?

Finally …

If you’re looking for something else to make your date night special, why not take a look at our couple’s toys? We’re certain your date, or ‘after-date’, will be one for the memory-bank by exploring each others carnal desires with one of our luxury toys!