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Using Lube With Anal Sex Toys

Lubricant is the sex essential to use during intercourse or when playing with sex toys. Lubricant makes sex more pleasurable by reducing friction and making intercourse easier. Anal Lubricants provide the same benefits but are more tailored for use with anal toys such as Butt Plugs. Our range of Anal Lubricants are perfect for enhancing the pleasure of using prostate stimulators, butt plugs, anal beads, and other anal sex toys. Designed to increase your comfort and sensitivity, our range of lubes has something to suit everyone. If you're not sure which lube is best - take a look at our guide to lube!
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Anal-ese Strawberry Flavoured


Fist It - Anal Relaxer 500 ml


Fist It - Anal Relaxer 500 ml Pump


Fist it - Butter Lubricant 500 ml


Fist It - Hybrid Lubricant 500 ml


Love Lube All Play Premium Thick Lubricant 200ml


Love Lube Anal Play Extra Thick Lubricant 200ml


Love Lube Anal Water Based Lubricant 150ml


Love Lube Anal Water Based Lubricant 75ml


Lubricating BUTTER Fists 500ml


Lubricating Gel Fists 500ml


MALE Anal Relax Lubricant 250ml


MALE Butter Lubricant 250ml


MALE Lubricant Extra Thick 250ml


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