Discover our range of luxurious, one-piece full head wigs. Whether you're looking to try a new hairstyle, long or short, or see what new hair colour looks like on you, our wide range of wigs are adjustable to fit most head sizes. Why not become a brunette temptress with long flowing curls, or break their heart wearing a blonde / white wig to exaggerate your facial features.
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Alexia Black


Auburn Khloe Wig


Auburn Tanja Wig


Black Amber Wig


Black Khloe Wig


Black/Cherry Sienna Wig


Blonde Amber Wig


Blonde Elise Wig


Blonde Isabelle Wig


Blonde Jessica Wig


Blonde Khloe Wig


Mia Blonde


Nicole Brown Wig


Nicole Long Auburn Wig


Red Khloe Wig


Red Lola Wig


Sienna Brown Wig


Tanja Blonde


The Material Of Our Wigs

All our wigs are adjustable to fit most head sizes and are made from a silky soft synthetic material, which is stylable and heat resistant up to 120 C.

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